More ME

Hello! Thank you so much for reading.  I know most of you have a lot going on in your life and stopping to read about me, my life, and my kids' shenanigans and all the emotions they elicit from me (frustration) is a HUGE honor. 

To make your life easier, and because I am so super nice, here's a little more background info on the key players that show up on the blog here.

ME:  I'm Leslie.  I'm a stay at home Mom to four kids, three boys and a girl.  I thought I was just having three kids then God had other plans and now I have an adorable baby boy that has turned my world upside down. I love being a Mom, but it is really challenging, unglamorous work and I have found that to be more than a little uncomfortable for me from time to time.  I wouldn't trade it for the world, but I do honestly express how rough this stuff is so brace yourself, it's not always pretty.

Back in the old days I worked for an insurance education company, managing people that planned educational seminars.  It was as glamorous as it sounds, and I worked really hard. No one ever once peed on me or hit me or ruined any of my possessions AND I showered each and every day.  Life of luxury for sure.   

I grew up in Indiana and romanticize the idea of being able to move there again and basically recreate my childhood for my children.  My parents recently moved to Texas to live near us and it's a dream come true to see my children able to have my parents as part of their everyday lives.  They call my Mom, Grandma because it's proper and my Dad, Tractor because my oldest named him.  I never claimed we were normal.

My likes include going out to eat, old people, John Steinbeck novels, tennis, walks, a good love story, dresses, fancy active wear, my girlfriends, good grammar, dogs, Arbonne, rap music, all white furniture, pretending I can dance to rap music, fake eyelashes, pretending I can rap to rap music, Starbucks chai tea lattes, painted nails, cooking dinner while drinking wine and listening to music rather than kids, personal growth books, and the idea of traveling....though right now it's a pain with kids or causes a TON of anxiety to leave my kids because of all the logistics.

I dislike, rude people, coffee, mussels, cats, dirty sheets, hyper/destructive children, having zero plans, whining (unless I am doing it,) waking up really early, waking up really late (I'm complicated,) long car rides, watching ballet, getting a manicure, watching the news, disorganization, unmade beds, and martinis....but I really want to like them because they seem so cool.

If you just can't get enough of me, well here is a post about some random things about me

ALEX: My amazing, attractive and supportive husband. We've been married for almost 14 years and can't imagine taking this wonderful and horrible ride called parenting with anyone else.  He works for a home building company and works almost as hard as I do.

I find him pretty awesome, but apparently he is most attractive to gay men and women over 50.  Not sure what is going on, but these two groups of people just adore him. He's a wonderful father and I'm grateful for him.  Really grateful for him.

His likes movies, our backyard, live music, having no plans, news programs on PBS, really pricey scotch, beer, grilling, John Irving novels, music of all kinds, his guitar, sleeping in late, wrestling with the boys, taking Stella on dates, anything that can be purchased at Costco, Sonos speakers, ice cream, organizing things, his label maker, sound systems, the idea of surfing, and 5'4'' brunettes with four kids named Leslie.

He dislikes laziness, whining (even if it's coming from me,) talking on the phone, random background noises like the vibration of a can in a car cup holder - seriously drives him nuts, exercising, extended social situations, excuses, jeans that cost more than $30, and Monday mornings.

AIDEN:  My oldest, particular, funny, ten year old boy.  He likes to asks very detailed questions about how everything works and why it works that way.  He is super social and loves all sorts of different kids, which makes me very happy.

He loves bossing around his siblings, his iPad, camping, vanilla ice cream or treats of any kind, his pretty hair, books, being right, making his own toast, soccer, electric circuits, gum, high socks, wrestling, any variety of weapon, finding fire ants, pillow fights, his bike, rollerblades, sarcasm, jumping on furniture, anything that sounds too old for him, and proper grammar.

He dislikes being disciplined in any manner, chocolate milk, new situations, not winning, messes, turning off this iPad, his sister's singing, losing, practicing piano, and school days.

COLE: My middle, creative, hilarious, loving, cuddly, eight year old boy.  He is usually in his own world which is frustrating and entertaining.  He can play by himself for hours and would be happy if he could eat snacks and play on his iPad or Legos all day.

He likes Minecraft, his iPad, Legos, reading, chocolate milk, playing with a few select people, riding his new bike, playing with his baby brother, building shelter outside, campouts, joke books, starting fires, being wooed, silly voices, writing stories, climbing trees, and being tickled.

He dislikes wrestling with Aiden, getting off his iPad, sleepovers, the wooden spoon, showers, swings, tightening his braces, hunting, protein shakes, practicing piano, not understanding a math problem, and putting away laundry.

STELLA:  My other middle, sweet, smiling, sassy five year old girl.  She has a lot of independence around here since she is surrounded by so many boys, but she finds ways to entertain herself.

She likes watching Netflix shows that I hate, Barbie, school, her bike, attention, playdates with friends, makeup, singing loudly, watching herself in the mirror while she sings loudly, Shopkins, chocolate milk, painting and drawing, gum, creatively twisting the truth, exploring, having a water bottle,

She dislikes brushing her hair, jeans or any kind of structured pant, spinning, changing her earrings, fruits and vegetables, cleaning her room, throwing away trash of any kind that could be saved in a random box in her room (Lord help me!) and being teased by Aiden.

MAX: My youngest, almost one year old boy.  He is pure joy around here with a quick smile and readiness to play.

He likes frozen blueberries, going outside, riding with Tractor on the tractor, toilet paper rolls, snuggling, silly faces, peek-a-boo, toes, beer bottles, chocolate protein shakes, anything with wheels, his big brothers and sister, breaking things, and opening every cabinet around.

He dislikes diaper changes, new teeth, scrambled eggs, not being picked up, naps, multiple car rides, and having his face wiped.

Thanks for reading all that. You must be in love with all of us now!