Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Dragon Fruit Dreams

You might see this dragon fruit at your local grocery store for $5.25 EACH. 

You might feel like it'd be a fun, educational family moment to buy that $5 piece of fruit and have a tasting party with all four of your kids. 

You'll leave the grocery store feeling confident.  You are KILLING this Mom gig.

You probably envision all of them gathering around the kitchen island, maybe the toddler sitting on the counter with a giddy smile that mirrors his older siblings' enthusiasm to learn and experience something out of the norm, grateful that once again Mom has come through with a small moment that builds them in to phenomenal people. 

The oldest will grab the computer, search for dragon fruit and read aloud about the dragon fruit's origin, ideal growing location, and share a few fun facts.  Everyone, even the two year old will engage with every word read.  

The 10 year old will find geographic origin and growth locations for it on the globe to show everyone.  You'll see everyone begging to know where it is in relation to Texas, Greece, D.C. and Australia...because they all listen when you talk about your time 20 years ago studying there, they've been intrigued by the country ever since. 

Everyone will lean closer to see the mysterious fruit as you slice in to it and the 7 year old will squeal with delight at the fun, unique looking center. 

The discussion will lead to how seeds are distributed, the role we all play, and the magic of nature...and a few giggles will erupt when you describe that poop plays a part. 

Those silly kids.

This will remind all your kids of a book about seeds you used to lovingly read to them that you purchased through the Scholastic book fair, because you love to support your kids' school.  Your kids will all beg for you to read it right then and there but you tell them you'll have family story time after the dragon fruit, like usual, and it can be added to the stack they have already selected for that day's reading. 

You'll see yourself cutting the fruit in to small squares for each family member to try at the same time so everyone can marvel at one another's reactions.  You assume some will like it, some won't,  but everyone will laugh a little and linger to help finish it off or clean up any untidy spots created during the fun.  

A few kids will probably ask for a vegetable to get that interesting taste out of their mouth and the others will join in, because nutrition matters to them as much as it does to you.  

You're raising healthy kids.

Everyone will leave the dragon fruit educational tasting party a little more complete, a little more worldly, a little more grateful for such a great Mom. 

You'll go to sleep that night grateful that somehow you just knew that spending an insane amount of money for one piece of fruit would pay off a million times over in joy.

Unfortunately I'm here to tell you, that shit will never, ever happen. 

Half your kids won't even go near it because it looks "weird" and the other half agree to try it if you just don't talk anymore about where a dragon fruit grows (Central America! Southeast Asia!) and the joy of learning. 

The two that do try it will spit it out before you can cut a piece for yourself and you will feel annoyed at their immature and judgmental pallet.

Then you will try it and have to spit it out too because it's seriously gross. It will taste like a moldy basement smells.

Your husband will try it and think it's not bad at all and for some reason this will make you question your entire relationship and the life you have built.  You will have to walk away from the kitchen with easy access to all those knives.  

You'll come home several hours later and still find the dragon fruit as you left it with your husband and once again feel disappointment and general annoyance at your family, and fruit in general.  

You'll be ok.  

You'll be stronger for the experience.  

You will probably make a similar mistake in the future, but moving forward you will never, ever touch another dragon fruit as long as you live. 


Meagan Ireland said...

Hahaha! This is seriously amazing! I totally did that! We went to the local store and grabbed some unique looking fruit! We even found an ugly fruit .... it seriously was called ugly fruit! (Obviously it was spelled a bit different though lol).

So we went home and the same thing happened! The entire time I read this I was nodding and saying .... yep! Well except for in the beginning when I though "why can't my kids be like this!"

Great post! Too true!

If you have a minute wander on over to .... would love to see you there!

Forum said...

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