Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Stop Planning Your Disney Vacation, Just Pack Your Stuff Already

A few years ago my parents won Grandparents of the Year in a fictitious contest where all the grandparents of the world compete. My Dad sealed this by orchestrating a Disney vacation for our whole family.

It was glorious.

We had a fantastic time.

Little kids go crazy for Disney and I admit, as an adult I thought I might feel like I wasn't on vacation, but it was actually really enjoyable.

We even had cocktails by the pool!

The thing is, my Dad used a travel agent.

This woman took care of our hotel, booked our flights, got our park passes, gave us a suggested plan for our days, made all our dinner reservations, sent us our luggage tags and other such nonsense that none of us really have the time or energy to take on given all the children with all their needs.

Yes, we answered some questions and my Dad gave her a budget, but otherwise she did the rest.

Thank the Lord.

I constantly see people post on FB all their Disney questions. There is a desperation to their information seeking, which is understandable because it is a giant vacation with a million potential details.

I am baffled though...why aren't any of you using a travel agent?

Perhaps you don't think they exist anymore?

Did they all go away with the internet and the belief that Diet soda is good for us?

Are they all wearing shoulder pads and a telephone headset somewhere just waiting for someone to book a cruise?

I'm here to tell you they EXIST!

My friend Stephanie is a travel agent and she actually specializes in Disney.

Now, she isn't paying me anything to write this or tell you this, I just feel like it's my social responsibility to share this information with you because you all are killing yourself and you don't have to do that for your Disney trip.

Packing for your family and all sleeping in the same room is going to cause you enough strife, let someone else do the rest of it.

Maybe you guys think that it costs more?

You know you don't pay them, right?

Maybe you assume travel agents are dealing drugs at Disney to actually earn money?

That really doesn't make sense, you are crazy.

I asked Stephanie to give me some quick reasons why you should stop making this so damn hard.

Please for the love of all the dollars you are spending, read this and think about using someone, preferably my amazing friend because she obviously is so smart and beautiful because we are friends.

You are welcome.

Emotional and time drain for you Disney vacation planning GONE.

 Why use an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner? 

This is a question so many people ask… My answer – Why Not?  

Top reasons to use a Disney Vacation Planner:

·       It’s already included in the price so why not use the service?
         Whether you book on your own or book with a planner, you are paying the exact same amount! I know this doesn’t seem possible but feel free to put it to the test. I guarantee my cost is, to the penny, equal to what you will find online.    
·       You have someone that knows you and your family.
         If you need to call the 800 number to discuss your reservation for any reason, you always speak to a different person and you are known by a reservation number. If you work with a me, you always have the same person to talk to and I know your individual hopes for your vacation. Feel free to call, text, or email me at any time!                        
·      Once your vacation is booked, I am always scanning for new promotions… If your reservation falls under the promotion, I will apply it to your reservation. Yes, you can do this on your own but typically I know when they are about to release and am booking as soon as the call center opens because these rooms are limited. Once you hear about the promotion, there is a good chance it will no longer be available. 
·       Hi Ho Vacations is a company with many wonderful agents, all with a huge love for Disney! Because of this, we have been able to compile many tips and tricks to make your vacation as easy and extra special as possible. I am able to pass these hints onto you! You don’t need to post 20 questions on your Facebook wall in a panic to figure it all out!        
·       Dining reservations are available 180 days before your date of arrival… Not only will I make recommendations for you, I will actually make the reservations based on your preferences as soon as we hit the 180-day mark.
·       Disney has rolled out the new FastPass + service over the past few years. This is fabulous!  It gives you the ability to quickly get on rides, have character greetings, or prime locations for fireworks/parades. You receive at least 3 FastPasses per day. FastPasses can be selected 60 days in advance and do require a little planning. Again, I will help you every step of the way!        
·       You will receive a personalized, fun travel packet prior to your travel with everything you need to prep you for your trip. It’s loaded with everything from packing tips to park maps and even has some fun goodies!

I know many of you have been to Disney, some of you more times than you can count! You might know the parks like the back of your hand and are set on the way you “do Disney”. I get it, that was me! I am here for you to do as much or as little as you want. Even if you don’t want me to book your dining, it will benefit you to have me scanning for promotions and providing personalized service. Disney World is never the same as it constantly has improvements and it continually makes changes to the parks and resorts. Consequently my tips and tricks can also be very helpful and current.

Finally, booking a Disney World vacation is easy.  It only takes a $200 deposit with the final payment being due 30 days before you travel.  I am happy to apply payments at any time to break it up. I don’t just book Walt Disney World, I can help you book all things Disney – Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, and Aulani.

You can follow me on Facebook where I post lots of tips and tricks along with promotions and much more – facebook.com/disneyvacationplanningwithStephanie and contact me by email or phone, I would love to help!   

Phone: 317-506-0392
Email: stephanie@hihovacations.com



Jamie Canter said...

We used a travel agent for our Disney trip and it saved us so much money! We booked in November for a trip in May. New deals came out in January and my travel agent called and got us those applied to our trip. It saved us $1000!! I used it to upgrade our dining plan.

Stephanie Mansell said...

Thank you Leslie!!! I would love to help plan your magical family vacation! Contact me anytime at 317-506-0392 or stephanie@hihovacations.com.