Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Justin Bieber Should Sing A Mojo Song For Me

While getting my eyelashes done yesterday, my sweet lash lady, Christina, asked me how my organization goals were progressing.

I assume she had taken a look around the house and was sort of scared.

Surely she was thinking I had possibly just given up on my goals.

Or my entire existence.

Except for my eyelashes of course.


It looks worse than it is.

Actually, it's worse than it looks.

There is shit EVERYWHERE is my house right now. I'm still on page 46 of that Magic of Tidying Up book and I can't even remember where I put it.  I remember I'm supposed to pull everything out and we are firmly stuck on that task.

But without any direction toward sorting or removing.

Or trying.

Or anything to help me just pick up.


You know what we're doing?


I've lost my New Year mojo.

There was the science fair and the cub scouting and the "about me" project and dance and gymnastics and piano and all the exploring baby-ness.

I have taken exactly ZERO walks since bragging about a whopping two in seven days....over two weeks ago.

Even Max couldn't remember how we had decided to only be amazing at the grocery store and lost it multiple times at HEB yesterday.

Here he is screaming because he had already wiped all the chai tea foam out of my cup and licked it and smeared it everywhere.  I had literally chugged my hot drink and thrown the "mostly" empty cup at him in hopes that he would find it so joyful and entertaining that he would be happy forever.

It didn't work.

He's congested and annoyed at me on a regular basis the last few days.

I don't think he's telling anyone I'm dead yet, but he's clearly just not that in to me right now.

The good news is that I've started eating Girl Scout cookies immediately after I eat breakfast.

What the hell is happening?

The genuine good news is that we are having our closets "done" tomorrow.  All three kids' rooms will have fancy shelving and pull-out basket drawers and appropriately spaced everything so we can put all the stuff I've pulled out, back in to a spot.

Everything will have a spot.

For one to three weeks.

At least.

I hope.

I haven't totally lost my New Year mojo though because I'm still writing.  Twice a week, only during the morning nap, and I am publishing what happens during that time without edits.

Can you tell?

So maybe we are just surviving this week, and I'm not walking or organizing anything, but at least I'm writing about it.  Right?

It's almost a new month and that's almost like a new year so I'm just going to assume I'll resume my organizing and walking vigor next week.

Assume with me.  Next week I will be AMAZING again.

P.S.  I can't stop playing that Justin Bieber song, "Love Yourself."

P.P.S. I have a sudden, very deep love for the Biebs. I know he is a bit young, was violent (egg throwing?) and unclothed for a bit, but dammit if he isn't cute and talented.  His songs are catchy and I just think he could change my whole world.  He could give me my mojo back.

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Lynn Nolte said...

I am SO glad you're writing again regularly. These last few posts have been hilarious, and the non-proofreading trick is working for you!