Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hart of Leslie

No, I did not spell heart incorrectly. 

"Hart" will make sense soon, I promise.

Remember when Google tried to take over my domain and keep me from writing?

Some of you might have encountered this captivating site for a few weeks when trying to hop on themommytherapy.

It's mostly my fault, but that's not important right now.  What's important is that shortly after I reclaimed my domain, I became sick.

***Moment of silence for Mom being sick.***

My stuffy, snotty head cold very conveniently coincided with the return of my domain ownership and a lot of emails from "Google Enterprise."  I'm not saying Google made me sick because they were so desperate to hold on to my domain, I'm just saying it's an interesting "coincidence." 

Very interesting.

(I realize the misspelling of "hart" still doesn't make sense.  Bear with me.)

During my time of illness I was forced to watch an obscene amount of Netflix.

Well, really I should have been working to call to book my January calendar for my business, but because Google gave me this head cold, my voice is all sorts of sexy raspy.  I would never want to be accused of sexually harassing people to make them invite people over for an Arbonne presentation for me. 

Unless you think that would work.  Wait...would that work?

Either way, the Netflix was flowing for at least four days.  As you would expect, I stuck strictly to very cool independent films and documentaries that educated, scared, and inspired me. 

That's a total lie. 

I may, or may not have chosen to watch the first two seasons of the giant CW hit, Hart of Dixie.

(Makes sense now, right?)

First, I realize that your immediate reaction is probably to pass judgment, but please remember I was in a severely depleted state.  I had a fever off and on and breathing was tough at times, proper oxygen to my brain was probably an issue. 

I never saw Hart of Dixie coming, so don't think it couldn't happen to you too. 

About a year ago I found myself flipping channels and landed on Hart of Dixie, most likely because I was interrupted while scrolling through my options.  I watched about 30 minutes of one show, I sent a text to a friend to confess, was forgiven, and immediately forgot that the entire situation occurred. 

Not this time.

I can't even explain how I ended up firing up the Netflix, selected this show, and started watching, but watch I did.  I stayed up past midnight to watch.  I watched on my iPhone when I felt I had to walk around the house and do things like cook or check in on my children. Stella watched one Dora after another Dora while I stayed in bed and tried to figure out what was going to happen with that zany Zoe Hart. 

If you have some taste and aren't familiar with the basic story of the show....Zoe Hart, played by the beloved Rachel Bilson from the The OC, is a young doctor who inherits a general practice in Bluebell, Alabama.

(Bluebell, unfortunately has nothing to do with the amazing ice cream we purchase here in Texas.)

She moves from NYC to this small town and struggles to fit in, find love, and navigate her way through the crazy shenanigans of these small Southern town folks.

It's like Sweet Home Alabama, but not as good.

If you don't know how Rachel Bilson is, find that out fast.  To say she's not the best actor is probably a giant understatement, but she is adorable. 

She also has excellent fashion sense and amazing eye makeup. What's not to like?

When the last of the 44, yes 44 episodes played, I literally found myself searching online for episodes from season 3, which is currently airing on The CW.  I felt so desperate to discover what had happened to the love story in this show I was reading blogs and websites devoted to giving spoilers. 

(This seems like a good time to point out that I am reading Pillars of The Earth by Ken Follet.  It's a very thick book.  Lots of words and thoughts and complex plots.)

While scrambling for Hart of Dixie information, I have also spent a lot of time wondering why I care about this show.  For obvious reasons I feel it's important to figure this out. 

Here is what I have determined. 

The show romanticizes a whole slew of things I also romanticize, and often think that if I could have them in my life....things would be magical. 

Small towns, where everyone knows everyone else, no one has a really high stress job, and the whole town is constantly working on festival, parade, or celebration of some sort which will inevitably have an important life lesson discovered immediately following the big shindig. 

Rachel Bilson is able to wear a see through shirt with a fancy bra and not look slutty off and on through the whole series.  How is that?  I know very few people that can pull that off, and I am definitely not one of them.  At least not while carting my kids around in my minivan. Maybe I need a new car?

The thing that speaks to most women...the love story where the emotionally unavailable man falls hard for one special lady.  There's a playboy bartender who is totally smitten for Zoe Hart and it is perfect. They fight and make up and he wants to be a better man for her and it's awesome. 

Cheesy? Yes 100%, but awesome.

There are also all sorts of country sayings through the whole thing.  Expressions like, "I'm as busy as a one-legged cat in a sandbox," or "slicker than pig snot on a radiator."  I mean, if I could talk like that for one day.  Fantastic.

Finally, I am determined to figure out Rachel Bilson's eye makeup. She can wear things like green eye liner and look 100% appropriate.  I need to uncover that secret.

I can't decide if I feel more pathetic for laying out all the facts or if I feel validated for watching 44 episodes of such a show.  Surely this isn't the lamest show I have ever devoted a portion of my life to, right?

What's your guilty show? 

Anyone else watching Hart of Dixie?

I'm going to spend my next illness watching Roots, or Woody Allen movies, or maybe a documentary on Nelson Mandela.