Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Detox: Day Ten...Beyond The Detox

Forget the detox.

Did you all see the trend I have started? 

Remember way back in June when I went from this....

to this....


(I'm from Indiana but I've lived in Texas for 13 years now so I say y'all a lot.)

Jennifer Lawrence AND Jennifer Aniston are apparently following me on Instagram and basing their decisions to chop off all their hair on MY HAIR!  My hair is even shorter now than it is in the photo above.

More like (sort of since this was a bad hair day) this....

Which is more like THIS....

As if it weren't difficult enough to tell the difference between Jennifer Lawrence/Katniss and myself. 

It's just difficult when I'm trying to be an individual.

I know there are all sorts of people doing the pixie cut right now, but I feel confident in saying that I am leading these women to hair perfection. Who wants to take a bet that all of Hollywood will soon be interested in an Arbonne detox? 

It's a good thing you guys know me now.  Congratulations.

You know what else will probably soon be on the Yahoo homepage?

First tooth LOST!

Cole was elated to finally be part of the "loosing baby teeth" group. 

Geez, he is so cute when his just being himself and not fake brushing his teeth and lying about it or crying about video games.  So fun to watch his excitement.

Remember not too long ago when my parents mailed me this box of all my baby teeth?

I feel inspired to start putting all my kids teeth in a little box so I can creep them out in thirty years and have them delivered to their doors too.  It just seems like good parenting.

OK, since you are dying to know the latest detox news.

I feel good!

I am definitely still sick of the food limitations and I would probably stab someone for a Starbucks....a really yummy Malbec, but I feel good.

(I might not stab anyone, but it sounds really, really good to me right now.)

(It doesn't sound good to stab anyone.  Starbucks and a Malbec sound really good.)

Back to feeling good...

Still no headaches since the first few days.  That's a HUGE deal.  I chronically have headaches so to not have one for multiple days, especially since it has been raining here which is often a trigger for me, is amazing.

I am permanently converted to a protein shake for breakfast.  I am full for hours and feel so much better than my normal handful of granola or English muffin.

Even Stella loves the protein shake. Makes it with me and drinks one for breakfast every morning too!

18 more days. 



momnextdoor said...

OMG that video! Way to be a sneaky bitch about the spinach! I love when they are young enough to be tricked by saying things in an excited voice!

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you for doing the detox! I probably would be stabbing people by now. Okay maybe not stabbing, but poking them really hard when they get annoying. When I'm done being preggo with crazy hormones and cravings I plan on trying something like this too.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Indeed, you DID start a trend. I've tried to detox, but it turns out I am all detoxed already, and need all the toxins currently residing in my body. Medical mystery here folks.
I used to do protein shakes for breakfast and fell out of the habit...need to get back into it!