Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Detox: Day 15 Wednesday Wonderful

If you feel confused about the fact that day 15 on your detox tracker is a Tuesday, feel comfortable in knowing you are right.  Day 15 is totally a Tuesday, but I spent a lot of time today thinking it was Wednesday and about church. 

Now are you confused?

You should be....bear with me.

When I was growing up my church had something called Wednesday Wonderful.  It was a potluck dinner where everyone could gather and hang out and have fellowship.

Or, it's possible I just made that up and maybe that's something my current church does.  Or maybe it doesn't exist at all and Wednesday and Wonderful just sound good together and I should start a potluck dinner.  It's just so confusing.

I really feel like something in my youth was called Wednesday Wonderful so if this is a lie, it's totally done with the best of intentions.  I decided it would be a good idea to whip up a little Wednesday Wonderful list. 

A list of some things I currently find wonderful. 


Fine, just a couple things that are on my mind.

I haven't had Advil in two weeks.  TWO WEEKS.  The detox may be tough at times, but it is awesome to not be pumping my body with toxic painkillers. 

Now, you might not exactly consider Advil a toxic painkiller, but I am actually pretty wimpy with medication so Advil is about as intense as I can get.  After delivering each child I couldn't take the pain meds or I'd get loopy and pass out, much like after I had my wisdom teeth removed and couldn't function enough on the meds to eat a Frosty.

I know I talk a big meth game, but....big confession:  I would be a horrible drug user.

Try not to be disappointed in me.

I love getting this in the mail.

I have a discount code if you are interested.  Healthy, yummy snacks. 

Made my Wednesday/Tuesday that much better.

I've purchased a lot of Katy Perry lately.  I don't really know that this has to do with anything, but I have really wanted to confess that to someone because it feels wrong. I sort of fear that the government is keeping track of my iTunes account along with my phone calls and I'll be labeled as someone with poor choice in music. 

That Roar song really gets me going though.  I think I might even be a good singer when I sing along.

You think?

My daughter is an adorable ballerina in black, until she's throwing a fit about not being able to find the perfect pair of shoes.

This one has been full of tantrums for the smallest of reasons.  I'm quite over it, to say that least.

Around 1:30 today though Stella cried and screamed because her Uggs didn't fit her feet anymore, (which I totally get but can not condone,) and decided to go put herself down for a nap.

She slept for a glorious 2.5 hours.

I'm joining the social committee.  My neighborhood has a social committee made up of a few women that have been working this scene for a while and I was contacted to be new blood.  That sounds weird, but I am totally flattered. 

I feel as if I have been chosen.

I wonder if I get a t-shirt?  Or a shiny jacket?  Will this be like The Pink Ladies in Grease? 

Could I turn it in to that?

I know I've mentioned this before, but in case you are new here, I was the president of my junior class.  I'm used to being a part of the governing body of my people.  Oak Bluff clearly needs me and I am stepping up to the challenge. 

Quick brainstorming: Block party, wine tasting, adult scavenger hunts....I'm going to kill it at that meeting tomorrow night.  I will now be accepting suggestions from the crowd.

My search keywords for this blog frighten and amuse me.  I can review the words searched to find my blog and today's favorite is, "is everyone just stupid." 

That's just fantastic.

Other searches are mostly related to red testicles and peeing one's pants...of course.

Wednesday's Wonderful.

Or Tuesday.


momnextdoor said...

Kudos on the no Advil! That's wonderful!!

I just downloaded a bunch of Sublime on iTunes. I think I'm trying to re-live my youth or something. But, if you know anything about Sublime, you'll know I cannot listen to it when my kids are around. I don't really want to have to explain that we don't normally use the term "motherf*&%er" in everyday conversation. What I'm saying here is, we all have poor music choices, you are not alone.

And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get shiny jackets made for your social committee! PLEASE!!!!!!!

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