Saturday, October 26, 2013

Let's Catch Up

Alex finally came home!  After nine long days and  nights away he finally returned last night.

Then he left again today.

Thankfully this time he didn't leave for another extraordinarily long boys hunting trip where he looks a bit like a serial killer in all the photos.  Today he left for cub scout camping with the boys because he's a really good dad, and I bet he barely resembles a serial killer in any photos from this trip....well maybe after he spends the night in a tent with Aiden and Cole.

As happy as I am about the good dad stuff, I must admit I'm feeling a bit neglected.

I am used to sharing my nightly babble with Alex and while he was walking around with the elk and climbing mountains, probably singing most of the Sound of Music soundtrack, he couldn't chat.

He needs to know that I feel like I really could have been a dancer when I am in my barre class in first position while listening to Kanye West.

I started reading Pillars of the Earth and I can't decide if I like it or not yet.

I haven't had a chance to talk to him about how I decided I MUST giveaway my favorite pair of jeans which no longer fit me and that I don't have a single pair of black shoes that I like. 


I bet Alex doesn't even know I'm wearing natural deodorant yet.  He probably was wondering why I started smelling during the brief hours we were around one another before he departed again.  

Now I bet you feel totally confused. I hadn't even bothered to tell all of you that I'm using natural deodorant unless you are friends with me on Facebook and have been my multiple posts about this which case you probably are sort of annoyed that I'm even mentioning it again.

Do you feel like you are reading the words of a stranger? 

Time to play catch up. Let's hit the highlights from my time away from here....

We went to Disney.  It was a hot, sweaty five days of joy and exhaustion.  We went with my whole family so Grandma and Tractor were in the mix so you know it was a blast. 

These kids were HAPPY. 

And their parents thought it was pretty fantastic as well.

We did a LOT of this at home.

I started an Arbonne business.  I thought I had such a good deal with my previous business, but there is just no comparing.  The current income, the potential, the support, the products.  I NEVER thought I would be doing this, but it's been a surprisingly perfect fit.

We drove in the minivan to Indiana as we always do...but this time we stopped in Missouri to visit Nanny and frolic with farm animals.

The boys did the majority of the frolicking. I mainly watched and played on my phone., but loved admiring from afar.

I got to see my kids run around my childhood home with my parents and my heart was so very full.

I got to see my girls and feel the love of my favorite people.

For some reason I do not have any photos with Julie and Sara from that trip...but almost all my girls came to see me in September...

Love these ladies.  Seriously love.

When we came home from Indiana, suddenly the boys were heading to school....on the bus, and I had free time again. Free time happens to come with a heaping serving of sanity.

I like sanity.

And Stella discovered ballet classes and has basically not stopped singing and dancing since we purchased her tap and ballet shoes at Payless...where she performed for twenty minutes straight for strangers and then bowed when they clapped.

See post performance photo below.

First class was pure bliss.
It's awesome.
You know what I'm trying to think of as awesome?  Our new dog.  Yep, I have two dogs now.
Two dogs, both less than 10 pounds, both pee when excited, and this new one thinks the dining table is cozy for naps and such.
Oh and his name is Chuckles.  We didn't name him, and Alex is furiously trying to change his name to Chuck, but no one is buying it.
Everyone will be happy to know that I am starting a clean eating detox Monday morning.  It's a 28 day detox boot camp. where you eliminate certain foods, focus on others, and eat real food. 
I realize you probably aren't overly concerned with my eating habits, but I can only imagine the commentary I will have during this process. 
(If you want to do the detox with me, message me.)
I consider myself a pretty healthy eater, but I'm already planning to feel deprived so I'm loading up on things I normally would never consume.  Soda, bacon, key lime pie, mac and cheese, a pulled pork sandwich covered in fried onion rings, and this.....


I have seriously stocked up on toxins to get rid of come Monday.  I'm going to kill this.

I'll keep you more long breaks.

So what's up with you?


Jo-Anne Meadows said...

I hope he has a great time on the cub scout camping trip with the boys bet the boys will love it.

I hate camping so there is no way I would be going on a camping trip but then I don't have boys either although one daughter has always been a bit of a tomboy

Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Sweet to have the Tiniest Little to yourself for a few days while getting a much-needed break at the same time. Hey, it's like a two-fer !~!

We've been busy ramping up for the new school year and teaching Burp to walk and cut teeth. It's been loads of fun to see him gain balance and skills-he's one end of Nov so lots of new stuff happening right now. A veritable ExPlosion of baby-growth.

Happy Fall, I'm so glad for you that you saw all your peeps while you were in Indiana; there's nothing quite like the old girlfriends in the old home places. Makes neurons hum like nothing else will.

momnextdoor said...

I don't think guys appreciate what they are missing when they go away for so long. It's a wonder that Alex even survived without that info to sustain him! But you are a good wife and now he can just read about it on your blog! That was very considerate of you!

I have no desire to do a detox...but can't wait to live vicariously through you!