Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Detox: Day Three

I almost didn't write tonight.  I had a slammed day of errands, birthday party, Martial Arts, and soccer practice.  Now Alex and I have two Sons of Anarchy episodes to watch. 

You can see what a serious and stressful life I have.

After my, dare I say dramatic, blog post yesterday about my detox I didn't feel like I could leave you hanging.  I assume most of you are now assuming I spent a good portion of today weeping about my lack of fun food, possibly even turning to drugs....or gluten.

I did not.

Today I felt good.  I would almost say normal.  Almost.

I had my tired moments, but nothing too rough to push through.  I drank a chocolate peppermint protein shake for breakfast, turkey chili for lunch, and a random assortment of things for dinner (all detox approved.) 

My only moment of torture was while I was distributing pizza at my neighbor's daughter's birthday party.  It was rough to see that pizza and not even be able to eat my the leftovers from my kids.  I REALLY wanted a piece of that pizza.

But then Cole kicked me with his skate because I wouldn't untie his shoe instead of Stella's, Stella wanted me to pour her more punch, Aiden wanted to know if he could eat his 10th lollipop, and I had to pee.  Sometimes not eating pizza is just not my biggest issue.

This detox is not lasting forever, 28 days is not that long.

It isn't like I hate the food I'm eating, I just can't have a lot of things that I enjoy. 

I am back to keeping my eye on the prize.  I really want to see if I can get all the toxins out of my body, see how I feel.  I'm fascinated by this process and genuinely curious about seeing how I feel.

25 more days?  No problem.

Though I must say....there is a serious thunderstorm raging right now and a glass of wine and some chocolate sound AMAZING. 

Staying strong.

I'm going to leave you with a photo of back when I could have dairy, gluten, AND sugar.  

Milk and cinnamon roll.



Samantha said...

Cole had a motive for kicking you. He knew you were wanting the pizza so he kicked you. End of story.

Also-I heart you.

momnextdoor said...

Stay strong lady! You can do it! Good attitude today! And you are right, 28 days ain't that long in the scheme of things!