Monday, October 28, 2013

Detox: Day One

As I mentioned in my previous post, I started a 28 day detox diet today.

Ever since I posted, have been flooded with questions about what type of detox this is, where people can get more information, and an overwhelming desire to participate with me.

(Please read the above sentence for it's hidden meaning, which is "one person emailed me to say that is sounds awful, but it might be fun to watch my pain from afar.") 

I feel it's important to give you all the facts though so you know what I'm doing. 

Well, some of the facts. 

All of the facts would be sort of boring and I haven't eaten sugar all day so I have a lot of pent up babble to get out because I love sugar....or I might fall asleep.  I don't even know anymore. 

As I also mentioned in my previous post, I started an Arbonne business in July and it has been awesome.  I have been focusing on the skincare side of things, but there is a whole wellness side that I don't usually explore except to talk about my deep, deep love of the vegan protein shakes.

The 28 day detox is something I'd heard about off and on for the last year through Arbonne friends so I decided I should try it.  I get headaches quite often, like almost daily, and I feel like I am often tired.  I heard that after this detox everyone feels more energetic, and just better overall.

So in a nutshell:  In a mere 27 days I will be the most amazing person EVER. 

No exaggeration.

Basically I can't have gluten, sugar, dairy, most fruits except for green apples, berries, lemons and limes.  I need to eat organic, no caffeine, no JOY.

Kidding, sort of.

It really isn't that bad.  Today I genuinely didn't feel restricted until this evening when I started to prep dinner.  Every day, I think about that moment when I can start cooking dinner and pour my glass of wine.  I look forward to that drink. I love it. LOVE it.


I did a quick scan through my phone and along with adorable photos of my kids, there is another frequently featured subject of my pictures.


It's possible that based on this collection of photos I could have a drinking problem.
It's also possible that my use of ice cubes in my chardonnay is AWESOME and very classy, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
I am not able to even have one glass of wine during the evening time....and that sort of blows.
Breakfast I had a protein shake and some detox tea...perfect.
Snack I had a green apple.
Lunch I had brown rice, beans, tomatoes, and avocado....delicious.
Snack I had a fizz stick (b vitamin energy drink of sorts, Arbonne approved.)
Dinner I had NO FREAKIN' WINE, roasted chicken, asparagus, cauliflower, and some raspberries. 
Now I really want a chocolate caramel macadamia nut cluster. I really, really do.
But I'm not going to give in.  I am determined to see if I can feel differently after doing this detox for the full 28 days.  I am excited about the challenge, but very, very angry about the alcohol thing right now.
You know what I can have right now? 
More detox tea.
Without honey.
I know what you're thinking, "Leslie, that sounds amazing, why are you complaining?" 
Off  to fix my hot water...I'll report in tomorrow.


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

It will be interesting to watch you and see what actually happens. I sincerely hope that you get the results you are looking for and that your health doesn't suffer for it. Are you looking to become thinner ?~! You look about a size three now-what are you looking to get from this adventure ?~!

I've never done a "detox" per say, altho fasting for about six weeks and losing fifty pounds in the process may count for some damn thing...probably stupidity to the nth degree.

Fingers crossed for you - cheers.

momnextdoor said...

I eat gluten free (celiac sucks!) so I'm sort of doing the detox diet too! Except for the whole no sugar thing. I'm currently staring at the canister of skittles on my desk. Yes, a whole canister. That's how I roll. That's also WHY I roll. But whatever. I'll just eat your share of sugar and be happier for it. :-)

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

I have never tried a detox, don't think I ever will either because well I am so not a detox person, but that said I think those who do detox are bloody marvelous