Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer, You're Getting On My Nerves

Summer rocks.

And summer blows.

Then it rocks again.

Then I want to jump in my pool and never surface.

(That may be an exaggeration, sort-of.)

It's really confusing.

I think I was especially confused coming off of a weekend away from the kids with Alex.  We had an awesome getaway, with some awesome people, the perfect mix of doing nothing and doing something.

We were on a boat.


Then we weren't on a boat.

Both on and off the boat was fantastic due to the absence of our children.

This week started off really well though.  I was revived and ready to cherish them again...for approximately 20-30 minutes at a time, without whining.

We went to the gym, we roamed, we went to the library and were very intelligent, then we swam and swam and watched movies and I pretended things were wonderful.

We are happy and enjoying being out and about with our awesome Mom.

She made up a whole story for me while we were at the library. It involved a lot of weather.  It was sort of boring in an adorable sort of way.

Yesterday we hung around the pool all day and it rocked.

As my friend Sabra noted, I have a nice knee.

Then this morning we lingered and didn't get out to the gym and I realized my life needs to involve more than exercise, donuts, and lying by my pool.  We had no plans for fun, only errands, and that just wasn't cool with the kids anymore.  Not cool at all.

I did Tae Bo (circa 1996) amongst much whining and general distress.  I begged, honestly begged, my children to go with me to the Apple store to fix my shattered iPad, even offering Starbucks and lollipops.  They weren't having it. 

They trapped me in my own home. 

It was really mean.

They aren't doing it to me again tomorrow though. I have a plan.  I feel armed and ready. 

It's going to be wonderful, in an overly structured, really up-tight sort of way. 

Stay tuned.

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Jo-Anne Meadows said...

I find Summer to be so bloody cute and adorable, oh well you are not talking about Summer the baby but summer the season........