Monday, June 17, 2013

More Summer Babble, It's All I Have Right Now

Sometimes, when I haven't written for a few days, I feel overwhelmed by the random things in my head.  I apologize in advance for where this post goes.

First things first, it's important that you know that this happened.

If you follow me on Instagram though, you already know this. If you don't, what's up?

Not sure why this hair chopping equally terrified and thrilled me, but it did. I still feel a little shocked when I walk by the mirror, but mostly I keep thinking that it is so much easier to "fix."

(I also feel very feisty.  Are people with short hair supposed be more aggressive? Don't mess with me right now.)

Another perk?  I have to get my hair cut more often, giving me more opportunities to leave my house.

I bet that is exactly how Jennifer Connelly has felt this past weekend. 

I wonder why there wasn't an article like this about me getting my hair cut?

In addition to cutting off all my hair, I also figured out the secret to a happy summer with my children.....

The perfect balance between activities, some rest time, babysitters, and plenty of wine.

No problem, right? 

Ok, so it's slightly challenging to maintain any sort of balance of these things.  Last week we were slammed with social commitments, Pampered Chef stuff, swim lessons, and normal life.  We were all exhausted and a little bit on the cranky side. 

Note Stella's exhaustion below:

She literally passed out during The Little Mermaid.  Can you imagine how tired you would have to be to abandon Ariel like that?

(For the record, I wasn't cranky, just everyone else in my family. I was just "feisty," and that was the hair's fault.)

This week, I'm totally ready.  We have VBS every morning from 9-12, then nothing but naps, movies, and swimming leisurely into the evenings. Much better plan for some sanity.

I also have found myself sneaking away most days to do this for at least 15 minutes before someone comes to me with a tragedy related to Minecraft, iTouch charge, starvation (first world style,) a raging dispute about rocket fuel/vans/circles/calculators/etc., or a Dora emergency, such as the fact that the show ended. 

I think the 15 minutes helps.

It also helps that I'm reading something like this.

I'm not sure how this came to be on my bookshelf, but it was, so now I'm almost done reading it and loving it.  It isn't heavy, but it isn't terribly mindless either.  It makes me question important things like whether or not I could be a travel writer, or marry someone after six weeks of knowing them, or if I should watch Roman Holiday. 

I'm pretty sure it's important for me to have my answers to these sorts of questions ready in case of an emergency.

It reminded me of books like Good Grief or Everyone is Beautiful, love them.  Read them. Now.

Also joining the team of making things more pleasant around here this summer?

My crockpot. 

The crockpot, along with my grill press and pan, are making things much, MUCH easier for dinner around here.  If you aren't using a crockpot, you are out of your mind.

You know what has surprisingly not made anything better?

Playtex trying to set my period to music. 

I don't understand why this is happening or why it bothers me so much?

I told you I had no control over where this goes.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer, You're Getting On My Nerves

Summer rocks.

And summer blows.

Then it rocks again.

Then I want to jump in my pool and never surface.

(That may be an exaggeration, sort-of.)

It's really confusing.

I think I was especially confused coming off of a weekend away from the kids with Alex.  We had an awesome getaway, with some awesome people, the perfect mix of doing nothing and doing something.

We were on a boat.


Then we weren't on a boat.

Both on and off the boat was fantastic due to the absence of our children.

This week started off really well though.  I was revived and ready to cherish them again...for approximately 20-30 minutes at a time, without whining.

We went to the gym, we roamed, we went to the library and were very intelligent, then we swam and swam and watched movies and I pretended things were wonderful.

We are happy and enjoying being out and about with our awesome Mom.

She made up a whole story for me while we were at the library. It involved a lot of weather.  It was sort of boring in an adorable sort of way.

Yesterday we hung around the pool all day and it rocked.

As my friend Sabra noted, I have a nice knee.

Then this morning we lingered and didn't get out to the gym and I realized my life needs to involve more than exercise, donuts, and lying by my pool.  We had no plans for fun, only errands, and that just wasn't cool with the kids anymore.  Not cool at all.

I did Tae Bo (circa 1996) amongst much whining and general distress.  I begged, honestly begged, my children to go with me to the Apple store to fix my shattered iPad, even offering Starbucks and lollipops.  They weren't having it. 

They trapped me in my own home. 

It was really mean.

They aren't doing it to me again tomorrow though. I have a plan.  I feel armed and ready. 

It's going to be wonderful, in an overly structured, really up-tight sort of way. 

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

And Then There Was ANOTHER Day Of Summer

In case you hadn't heard, summer is still one has decided this isn't a good idea.  I haven't heard so much as a rumbling about it being cut short to preserve some of the sanity of us Moms, so day two went ahead and happened....and it wasn't horrible.

I was more prepared today, waking up already armed with low expectations for productivity.

I can't stress enough how much this changes my entire day.  When I go in to the day knowing I'm not going to get anything done, we all win.

(Well, expect for all the people waiting for me to pay them, or answer their questions, or process their Pampered Chef orders, or you know, return their phone call.  But, let's ignore them right now.)

Around 4:00 pm though I realized I might have over shot my low productivity when Cole said, "Mommy, we never ate lunch."


I did manage to get the kids to the gym today.  I am convinced that this activity is nearly as important as that 5:00 pm glass of Chardonnay (mine, not theirs, just to be clear,) to our daily routine.  Without either of these things, Mommy might find herself rocking in the closet and singing Bare Naked Ladies or Bjork.*

Other than the gym though, we didn't leave the house.  Amity came over, we had swim lessons here, Stella napped, and then I was a really crazy good Mom. 

We played with beads.

It doesn't sound all that impressive, but we created bracelets and rings and necklaces and were joyful together.  We were also sipping smoothies with actual vegetables in them while we did it.  Some might venture to say best Mom ever, right?

Check out their joy.

I have no clue what Stella was doing.  You would think the only girl is going to dig the jewelry aspect, but she mostly just moved beads around and ate pretzels.  Lame.
After beads we swam, then had dinner and a movie night....much more my idea of summer than crying over Dora all day and whining about not having enough iTouch time.
I think I'll lower my expectations again tomorrow.
Except maybe I'll try to expect to feed them meals tomorrow. 
Maybe not though. I mean, it worked out really well today.  Maybe that's the key?  I don't want to screw anything up.
And per Mindy, I've been slacking in sharing Stella as a swimmer this summer. 
My apologies.

Better Mindy?

I'm assuming day three happens tomorrow.  We'll be in touch.

*Bjork would actually never happen.  Can anyone sing her songs without them playing?  Or with them playing?  Is she still alive?

Monday, June 3, 2013

This Is Summer, Day One

My cleaning woman yelled at me today. 

That sounds odd, and possibly mean, but I swear it wasn't. 

She's pretty direct and after being at our house for an hour this morning she felt it was important to say, "Leslie you need to relax.  Stop shouting and giving those kids rules and let it be summer.  This is day one, you'll never make it for the whole summer."

Oh San Juana. 

I don't pay you to talk to me like that.

Just kidding, I love San Juana.

I handled her input with grace and maturity.  "You need to tell them to start cooperating and then I'll stop shouting."

I think we can all agree that this was a shining moment for me, and that San Juana probably has a really good point. 

You know who else might unfortunately have a point? 

Aiden and his damn Red poem.

Though I may scream from time to time, I stand firm in the fact that I do not ever wear a high side pony tail.

I have limits.

After my reprimand from San Juana, I decided I really needed to regroup.

The truth is, most of this is Dora's fault. 

Dora the freakin' Explorer.

I really don't like her. I would use the word hate, but it feels mean because she's a child, she always seems happy, and she's also, well, fictional.

This chick is inspiring all sorts of crazy melt downs in my daughter though and honestly I want to punch her in the face.

(Dora, not Stella.) 

We can't work our way through 15 minutes at home without a begging turned freak out for Dora.

When Stella shattered our iPad earlier today, wait.....didn't I mention Stella was watching Dora on the iPad without my permission and then dropped and shattered it? 

It was a moment. It was a moment for sure. 

It really rounded out my joy for the day.

I want to be clear that I did not yell.  I did not yell at all.

I'm hanging on to the fact that there might be more moments like this through the summer.

There might be more inspiration from Cole, like this.

There might also be some needed time away. I found and booked a sitter named Bidi today and she is straight up adorable.  Not only is her name Bidi, which makes her already sound like a Disney character that we all would love, but she was open for every date I asked her about for the month of June. 

Maybe summer will be OK.

Stay tuned.