Monday, May 6, 2013

Ten Things, Seven Days Late, Two Hours After I Should Have Been In Bed, Stupid Numbers

I'm behind on things lately.  I'm so uncomfortably behind. 

I can't figure out dinner or laundry or teacher appreciation week if my life depended on it.  I'll be impressed if I make it to all my Mother's Day Teas this week without losing my mind.

There's a monthly blog post "party" in which I love to participate on Emmy's blog.  You can check out the meme here.  It's titled 10 Things to Smile About.

I think I like it because it forces me to think about things I'm enjoying in my life rather than my more regular venting.  Don't misunderstand, I love my venting.  I call it The Mommy Therapy for a reason. I truly feel I can work through some things because I have this outlet. It's nice to highlight the absurd though. Everyone should do that every now and then.

So, I'm a week late, but here it is, Ten Things to Smile About.

1. My fruit stand.

I know that sounds confusing, like perhaps I opened an actual fruit stand on the side of the road where I can sell all the produce I grow at my house.  Unfortunately I don't grow any produce at my house so my fruit stand would be all store bought fruit, or fake fruit. 

This might not work out so well since I'd have to really up charge for a box of raisins to cover all my expenses.  Those fruit stands don't just pay for themselves.  Or they might normally, but mine wouldn't.

So, I'll just be happy about this fruit stand (pictured below.) 

I used to have multiple fruit bowls on the counter and it was really, really annoying.  Now I have this and life is so much better.

At least in the fruit department.
2. My children creating together.
All three of my kids decided to make treasure maps tonight, and it was adorable to watch them all work. 
3.  Homemade Donuts
I made homemade, pumpkin donuts last Sunday.  Despite Cole's cheerful expression below, moments later he was in tears due to a fierce hatred of these donuts.  
I loved them though and that's pretty much all that matters when it comes to preparing food in this house.  I ate five of them. 
Five donuts.
They were pumpkin though, that's five vegetables.  Or is a pumpkin a fruit? 
Crap, my fruit stand would totally fail.
4. New Girl
I've mentioned it before, but I can't begin to describe how much I love this show.  It is hilarious and simply awesome.  If you aren't watching New Girl then you are off your rocker.
Do it.
Do it now.
5. Does the photo below look like a small box of teeth?
At Christmas time, my parents brought this small wooden box of nasty to my house to share all of my saved childhood teeth. Because that's not weird at all.
My parents have saved everything over the years and it continues to be the source of so much amusement and joy.  I wish I were a saver so I could give my kids the excitement of receiving all their former teeth.
Cole currently thinks this is the coolest thing EVER.
If that's surprising to you, you haven't been reading long enough.
6. The Pampered Chef
I'm still loving my Pampered Chef business, and especially going to people's houses and doing cooking shows, but I honestly don't know where I would be without these two awesome essentials.  
The first has given me so many FAST weeknight meals.
This has made dicing onions or any other vegetables, as well as preparing salsa, pesto, etc., crazy easy.  Love it. 

I'm a nerd.
7.  My Dog Isn't A Total Piece of Crap Anymore
While our pool has been under construction, our dog, Bea, has been the source of much, much pain for me. 
She escaped out of the fence since it was mostly gone and then peed and pooped inside because we never wanted to let her outside since she would run away.
It was a vicious, disgusting cycle that forced me to loathe my dog.
Now that the fence is back up and we have resurrected putting her in her kennel when we are gone, I sort of like my dog again.  Her freshly groomed self can be checked out below where Cole is choking her.
He's not really choking her, it just looks like it because he's forcing her to turn her head toward me. 
It's really sweet, disguised as pretty annoying. 
8. Nora Roberts
I don't know her personally, or really think she's that amazing of an author, but she's easily accessible on my Kindle to fill my mind with a mindless story that very closely resembles a chick-flick.  I am really loving how mindless her books are right now. 
No offense Nora.
I have read a book and a half in the last week and despite feeling slightly less intelligent, I'm extraordinarily entertained....and I appreciate that.
9. Rugs!
Since having a dog whom regularly peed and pooped inside over the course of the last few months, I am elated to have a few new rugs to make our house smell less and less like urine. 
You might think that sounds like a bad thing, but then you might be nuts. 
Here they are....first one has the fabric for our future sofa draped next to it. (Despite Cindy Crawford's awesome commercials, we decided to not go with the denim sofa she expertly crafted for her new line at Rooms to Go.  Who is buying the denim couch these days?  Who?)
Don't tell me if you think these two look awful together, I can't change it now and I would just have to feel all sorts of grumpy toward you.  Who wants that?
Do I like grey and yellow? 
Absolutely not. How trendy.  I'm WAY more original than that.
Or not.
It was all over Target, what choice did I have?
10.  It's ALMOST done
Longest pool project in the history of pool projects.  We have dragged this thing out since February, but the end is in sight and I am over the freakin' moon when I think about it being done and being able to use this with my family this summer.  Wa-hoo!
Thanks for indulging me, despite being a whole week late on joining this meme.
What are you happy about?
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