Sunday, April 14, 2013

Emails From The Past

I love technology. 

A few days ago my parents' (yes, they share,) email account sent me a reply to an email I sent out almost five years ago. 

Here was the message I received:

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I assume that neither of my parents typed up this heartfelt message last week.  It seems unlikely that they were finally catching up on their inbox from five years ago.
I did receive this message at 8:15 PM though, so perhaps the Chardonnay and light beer were flowing during dinner and they decided to work on their correspondence.  Emails can get overwhelming to keep up with over time.
Intoxicated emailing parents or messed up email system, either way it was fun to read what I had emailed about Aiden and Cole's first day of "school" from 2008 and thought I would share. 
Hi everyone. I thought I would send a quick synopsis of Aiden and Cole's first day at Mother's Day Out and save a few phone calls. 
I am WAY too busy to call you all individually, obviously. 
We all started the day around 4:30 am with Cole's screams, so it was a little rough at the beginning of the day.
I dropped Aiden off without any problems and he was excited to see that the cars he had played with during Meet The Teacher Night were still there for him. He was also very excited to see Jackson and Henry from his class last year, but they were definitely second place to the cars.
His teachers were pretty busy when I picked him up but his account of the day revolves primarily around his teachers saying it was time to stop playing with the toys, he put a toy in the basket and then he cried and cried and cried and the tears came down....I couldn't get any other details.  I'm assuming he LOVED it because that feels best.
I also dropped Cole off without any problems, primarily because I don't think he really knew what was going on and was distracted by a cooler, fresher version of one of his favorite toys at home.
Apparently Cole is the youngest child in his class and the only one that isn't walking and eating solely finger food. Oh, and he is the only boy with seven girls. They sleep on nap mats and sit in chairs for meals....this is not Cole's current level of living. 
So when I picked him up his paper said that he had a "sad day and cried off and on all day." He did sleep on a mat but oddly enough wouldn't eat much of anything. He did take two more steps when we got home so maybe all the girls are teaching him to walk? He was VERY excited to see me when I picked him up so we'll see what happens when I drop him off on Friday now that he's on to the fact that he stays and I do not. 
Oh, both teachers separately mentioned that Cole has the loudest scream they have ever heard in a child his age....quite a compliment coming from a 60 year old lady that has worked in childcare her whole life. I'm so proud...and validated in my complaints. 
I'm not sure Cole will be learning much grammar while attending Hyde Park this year though. The comments on his report sheet were, "cry but done real good after music," and "I rock him sleep."  
We'll just have to work on grammar and sentence structure at home. 
Hope everyone is doing well.
love, Leslie
So basically nothing has changed.
Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!


Lynda Halliger Otvos (Lynda M O) said...

Your humor appeals to me, Leslie. I love this one. I have experienced the old email surfaces and gets answered and recipient wonders if mind has been lost phenomenon. Weird and strangely evocative.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Okay, that was cute, thinking of his loud scream. They could say the same about my youngest. He is LOUD