Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's A Lot Like Beauty And The Beast

...except it's nothing like that. 

I just have that "Be Our Guest," song in my mind and it seemed important to work it in to this post and the title seemed like the logical location.

Why do I have "Be Our Guest," in my mind? 

I am the GUEST BLOGGER on The Mommy Mess in right now.

I think this means I have reached a certain level of fame, so hopefully I won't turn into another cautionary tale like Lindsey Lohan and Amanda Bynes.  I could totally be stealing stuff and wearing a shirt on my head tomorrow, please help me overcome this!

It's best just to head on over and read my ramblings of enjoying these young years, shedding guilt, how to stop and smell the roses, and basically become a better person...seriously, it's all in one simple blog post where I also discuss new underwear and dead rabbits.

You can click on the button below...or right here.

  The Mommy Mess

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Adrienne said...

I love you, Leslie! I'm laughing so hard at this intro. Dead bunnies. Who could ask for more in a guest blogger?? I know! It's more than I deserve.