Thursday, March 28, 2013

It's A Lot Like Beauty And The Beast

...except it's nothing like that. 

I just have that "Be Our Guest," song in my mind and it seemed important to work it in to this post and the title seemed like the logical location.

Why do I have "Be Our Guest," in my mind? 

I am the GUEST BLOGGER on The Mommy Mess in right now.

I think this means I have reached a certain level of fame, so hopefully I won't turn into another cautionary tale like Lindsey Lohan and Amanda Bynes.  I could totally be stealing stuff and wearing a shirt on my head tomorrow, please help me overcome this!

It's best just to head on over and read my ramblings of enjoying these young years, shedding guilt, how to stop and smell the roses, and basically become a better person...seriously, it's all in one simple blog post where I also discuss new underwear and dead rabbits.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Something To Sit On

Many moons ago we put together this adorable playroom for our children.

We enclosed an area in our house and lovingly placed all their crap in cute drawers and baskets within it. We felt it was necessary to trap them and all their multi-pieced sources of entertainment in a space with doors.

This changed our lives dramatically. 

Unfortunately, since our children are so tricky, they keep growing and changing, making it nearly impossible to adequately accomodate their most current needs.

(I was SURE that was going to end after the first year, but as it turns out I am very clearly wrong.)

It turns out that the kids aren't using all that many "toys" recently, going totally against the idea of giving them a whole room to play with toys.

Aiden and Cole mostly care about running around outside, arguing about the existence of both imaginary and real things with unexplicable passion, Lego building, torture of all kinds, and their iTouch games. Stella cares about riding her scooter, digging and tracking in sand, whining, purse carrying, and "art" of all forms and fashions.

I didn't think this would happen until at least the age of 10, but they simply don't need a whole bunch of plastic toys that they can attempt to destroy anymore.  So I purged.  I purged a LOT.

I have two giant boxes of books, a giant box and two bags of random toys and stuffed animals, two tubs of the "nice" toys to put in the attic for the potential someday, and an obsence amount of trash. 

(Does it seem alarming to anyone else that I literally could walk through my children's rooms and playroom on any given day and fill a grocery bag with trash?  Where is all this coming from?)

It felt wonderful. 

I left only the building blocks/Lincoln Logs/Legos, musical instruments, arts, and dress up.

What they all really needed was a room to "hang out" in during the down times and watch a movie or show so they would get out of my living room with all their stickiness, lingering, and awful TV choices.

(Not that I EVER let my children watch TV.)

(Total lie.  My kids watch so much PBS.)

(Fine, they also watch Disney Junior.)

(FINE, and Cartoon Network.  I can't fight all of them!)

Problem solved!

Our kids are now the proud owners of a redish-pink Ikea love-seat (with washable cover) that fits all of them comfortably and keeps them far, far away from me for extended periods of time. Ikea is the most wonderful store on Earth.

We are all delighted!

Now if we could just put a mini-fridge in there and a hot plate, I think they could basically fend for themselves! 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

We're Back!

I have a confession.

I trimmed my bangs.

I don't think I'm strong enough for the growing out process.  It's messy and uncomfortable and awkward.  I don't do any of those things well. 

Maybe I should buy stock in some sort of headband company?

Maybe I have to have bangs forever now?

Do you think this is how Zooey Deshchanel feels? 

The kids and I just returned from a week in balmy Indianapolis.  I'm fairly confident that I used any strength I do have to enjoy being cold for seven days.  I forgot the type of endurance you have to have to remain sane while living through your fifth month of cold and gray weather.  I have been weakened by my Texas living.  Forgive me Indiana, I'm confused.

We did have a great time visiting with Grandma and Tractor, hanging with good friends, and just enjoying the luxury of being "home."  It never gets old. 

It gets very, uncomfortably cold, but never old.

It even snowed one day.

The boys LOVED it.

Stella thought it was AWFUL.

The truth is that cold or not, Indiana has my heart, but coming home to temperatures in the high 80s makes me think my heart may be divided. 

Turns out Texas has some high points too, like sunshine.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bang Updates, Illness, and Kurt Loder

Remember how tired I was from being awesome?

Apparently being awesome is even more dangerous than I first thought.  My jaunt in to the "fun" life has left me sick, beat down, and speechless.

You might think I mean speechless as in unable to find the appropriate words for how challenging all my fun was for me to endure, but you would be wrong. 

I literally can not talk.

I have been sick with a fierce head cold since Tuesday.  I have an over abundance of mucous, sore throat, cough, and body aches.  Surely this isn't normal after having a lot of fun?  Is this what's happening to everyone else that gets frequent babysitters and leaves their houses after dark?

I am concerned for everyone now.

On top of everything, there's my bangs.  I know this is something weighing heavy on all of you without my frequent updates. Well, rest easy because things are going well. 

I had my hair magician, Faith, cut and color my hair on Tuesday and she's got the whole thing under control. 

Photo taken post DayQuil

I don't really remember what she said she was doing to them, but somehow they are cut differently to grow out more easily.  Or be shoved to the side.  Or never grow again.  I went on day one of the head cold, she really could have said anything to me, I have no idea.  I trust her and her tricky skills that make my hair look pretty-ish.

In other news, Stella threw up for the first time yesterday. This might seem like a gross thing to point out, but that's just sort of life right now. It's pretty gross.

I guess I should skip talking about my over-use of the netti pot right now, along with my immense joy at it's ability to flush "stuff" out.  Amazing.

When thinking about my illness and Stella's vomit, which is inevitable after reading this post, imagine the worst thing I would have to do during this time.  Grocery shop? That's not a big thing. Get new shoes?  That's crazy, there's never a bad time for that.  Travel?

Oh yes, travel with the three kids by myself, that would be bad.  Though that is exactly what is happening.

On Monday morning I will jump on a plane with my three children, by myself, and travel to the spring break mecca...Indianapolis. 

Yep, my children and I will join much of today's youth on a journey to wild and crazy Indianapolis for a week of spring break mayhem. You're probably concerned about wet t-shirt contests, booze cruises, and sunburns, but fear not, I hear things have really calmed down recently in Indy. 

I bet Kurt Loder doesn't even care what's happening there now.

(Does that make sense to you or are you too young? Too old?  Jenny McCarthy?  Anyone?)

I am confident that we can keep things calm and G-rated, mostly.  It's hard to make any promises where Indianapolis and spring break are concerned though, it can be so unpredictable.

I am positive that I will have children writing adorable things during the entire this "poem" Cole wrote for the dog.

That's "Bea, I love you in the afternoon," as the last line.

Or this note Aiden presented to me tonight after dinner.

Damn silent 'e' makes spelling so tricky!
I think this last one proves that all my complaining to my kids about how they should starting feeling badly for me and stop asking me to do so much for them, since I don't feel well, is really working.

I feel as though I'm finally doing something right as a mom.

Oh, and I bought a new Noonday bracelet today....which did momentarily make my whole head, and wrist, feel better.

Be on the lookout for crazy spring break photos soon....or tragic tales of airport travels with three children that made me cry, but you laugh.  You're so mean.