Monday, January 14, 2013

Take It From Me, You Should Check In On Your Friends' Uteruses

On Saturday I found out that one of my best friends was pregnant....and due in a few weeks.

I can't describe how odd it was to hear news like that about one of the people that I perceive to be one of the true loves of my life....seriously in my top ten of favorite people walking the planet. 

Obviously I'm doing a piss poor job of keeping in touch if one of my best friends could be 38 weeks pregnant without me knowing.


Epic fail.

There's a lot involved, but basically, for me, it just boils down to the fact that I was given a giant slap in the face about needing to step up my managing of friends, husband, kids, life.  I don't want to be someone that lets a relationship slide because I am busy.  I am lost without my good girlfriends. 

Totally lost. 

Since we haven't talked in nine months I thought I should put together a quick list of the important things I should be sharing with her to get back to really knowing one another.

1. We spent a long summer going to day camps and the pool.  Overall it was far better than I could have imagined....since I almost always imagine it's going to be hell.  The only truly awful part was the Texas heat, which is a serious form of punishment for moving here.

2.  Aiden started first grade and loves it. He's inquisitive, far too concerned with the concept of fair and who did what to whom, he's excelling at math, he's slower but catching up in reading, he's taller and lankier than I feel like he should be, he's losing an alarming amount of teeth, and he still begs me to sleep next to him...which is adorable and I totally would if he didn't grind his teeth so damn loudly.

3. Cole is in a kindergarten ready program for kids eligible but not ready to go to full-time kindergarten...which really begs the question, why did they name the program kindergarten ready if no one is ready?  I'm so confused.  Taking him off dairy and trying to be more patient with him when he has a challenge verbalizing what is bothering him has made a HUGE difference in being able to handle him well. He's still my most loving and most creative...and my most challenging, most days.

4. Stella pretty much is the cutest thing on the planet, except when she has decided she would like things to be one way and that isn't the way it's working.  She pronouces smoothie, "pootie" and recently discovered that everyone has nipples.  She jumps on her brothers in the middle of a wrestling match, she is obsessed with pink and the fact that she's a girl, and she makes me so grateful to have the chance to raise a girl.  It's different, it's the same, it's awesome.

5. Since the weather turned cold, I no longer feel the need to shave my legs every day, which has led to some amazing discoveries.  Periodically I find just one really long hair behind my knee or on my ankle, and I wonder how it could have missed the razor blade EVERY time for weeks to reach that length.  That's been on my mind for a while so this seemed like a good time to share it.

6. I started a Pampered Chef business and it's GREAT.  I didn't have any expectations, but it's been wonderful.  It gets me out, it gives me "business" to take care of in the perfect amount of time, on my terms.  Most importantly, it gives me a lot more money than I expected, which is fun.  I'm still grateful to not have to feed my family with it, but for now I'm happy to have it as part of my life.  Do you need a garlic press?

7. Alex and I have decided to put a pool in our backyard.  This gives me much concern, excitement, fear, joy, and terror...mostly that I will have to so frequently be in a swimsuit and I have not been sticking to my workout plan. 

8. I am currently reading The Night Circus and I don't get it.  I think I like it, but I don't know what the hell is happening. Is this just about magic?  Is this all illusion?  Am I accidentally reading another teen vampire novel and the story is focusing on the vampires with a gift to change things around them? 

Sidenote:  I did read The Fault Of Our Stars and LOVED it.  I think it might be a teen novel also but I thought it was fantastic.  Shout out to my friend Jenny Campbell (whom doesn't call herself that anymore, but will forever be Jenny Campbell to me so I don't accept her Jen Maximer status...if that's even right,) for recommending such a good book.  I am now looking to her for future reads once I figure out this circus thing.

9. I cut full bangs. It's been fairly life altering.  I truly am resurrecting my 9th grade Brenda Walsh roots and finding it quite wonderful.  I think they make me a better person.  Or not, but the change is fun.

10. I am still bananas for Alex and I think we are as blissfully married as two trapped and enslaved individuals can be at the mercy of small people who force us to be involved in every aspect of their lives, and whom feel comfortable intruding on every aspect of ours, including any and all trips to the bathroom and shower.  We find ourselves quoting Cliff Huxtible lines far more often than we would like, and it's substantially less funny, but we're grateful for the wisdom.  We're working on an escape plan, but currently just over the moon happy that we enjoy one another and have found great fulfillment from such Netflix options as Sons of Anarchy, Downton Abbey, and Breaking Bad.

I can't think of any other major insights to my current life.

Hug your friends.  Call your friends.  Ask them if they are with child, because it's going to really suck if you find out you were so out of touch that they had time to grow a person since you last spoke.

That isn't even Cliff Huxtible wisdom, that's all me. 


Scott said...

I can't help you with the uteruses, but I can say: don't give up on The Night Circus! It gets a lot easier to follow. I liked it more and more as it went on.

Missy at Its Almost Naptime said...

Are you sure it's not uteresi?

lcarp51 said...

Oh, I've missed you.

Lynda Otvos said...

You are so on target with this Alex. Years will get by and the kids are grown and you all are talking grandbabies before you know it. Our youngest is 27 and it hasn't been ten years since she was in diapers; I swear to it...

and yet the chick owns a home of her own so i guess she's been potty trained longer than i remember.

Mel said...

Thanks for the awesome reminder. Also, you can look however you want in your own pool - if people don't like it, they can leave! Also, have you posted pics of the full bangs yet? I've missed a few posts. Also, can we schedule across nation catalogue parties? Love me some PC.

Samantha said...

I love the list and I love your bangs. :)

Suburban Correspondent said...

I'm thinking it might be your friend's fault for not complaining enough about being pregnant.