Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year's Resolution FAIL

It's been a while. 

Do I start this blog like that too often these days? 

I used to feel a gigantic sense of failure if I didn't post at least four times a week here.  I would force myself to stay up late to write.  I would put on movies to occupy my kids so I could ignore them long enough to write something amusing, or heartfelt, or therapeutic...then I would experience guilt about my exhaustion and my lack of motherly connection.  

Intense and useless guilt.

Being a Mom is fun.

I don't feel the pressure anymore, thank God.  

I do miss writing though.

So I came up with a 2013 plan, you know New Year's resolution and all that.  The plan was for me to write something, anything at all for the entire month of January.  Even if it was just a picture of part of my day, or a video clip I found interesting.  

It was going to be a good January.

So what happened?

This is the part where I would like to write about a deeply meaningful task I have been devoted to over the last week which has prevented me from writing.  Some manner of volunteer work involving the homeless, or the hungry, or people that don't understand how to wear leggings. 

I would like to explain how I have spent countless hours bonding with my children and husband and creating powerful memories.

I can't lie though.

Here's the truth...on New Year's Day I discovered season six of Army Wives had been released on Netflix.  I've sepnt the last eight days watching 23 episodes of Army Wives during every child-free moment.

I'm so ashamed.

(I may have also been watching one episode of New Girl on repeat that I find so hilarious that I keep trying to find ways to work the funny lines in to normal conversations, and sounding like a total idiot.  I'm not proud.)

(Seriously though, Army Wives isn't that great, but if you have thirty minutes to watch the Katie episode of New Girl, you will not regret it.)

I'm turning over a new leaf today though folks.  My challenge is on! 

Every day for the next thirty days. Something WILL be posted.

I think.

I mean, there's a lot of enticing TV out there.  Pray for my strength to fight it.


Samantha said...

Yay for a post. I'm onto you for the next 30 days...

Anna See said...

Yay! Good for you!

Kmama said...

Good luck! You're way more ambitious than me!