Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bags of Too Much Money And Other First World Complaints of My Children Today - PYHO

I don't remember what day it is in in this self-imposed challenge, but here I am.

And I'm sick. 

I have pumped my body full of all sorts of drugs which young Jesse Pinkman would have been paying his smurfs a pretty penny for back in the day, and I think it's helping a bit.  A mere nine hours later, I feel slightly better, but exhausted.

There is nothing worse than being sick as a Mom.  Despite the fact that both Aiden and Cole were extraordinarily loving and kind to me this morning, by this afternoon they were over me being down and back to their selfish ways, angered by my slow pace in getting their snack and making their pancakes. 

A slave Mom's work is never done.

Despite my patient and carefully worded speech about showing grace and respect to me, my kids were still having difficulty with the concept that I didn't feel like running around for them tonight.  My illness didn't even register with Stella and she proceeded to shout commands at me until she was placed in her room for a time out. 

If only it didn't take so damn long to catch her and put her there in my state of fatigue.

I expect to have a somewhat daily battle with my children's selfishness and lack of perspective.  I've made a certain peace with that at this point.  They're kids, I'm fairly certain this is simply the way many of them are at this stage in the game.  It will probably take the full 18 years to mold them in to respectable humans, and even then it's probably some sort of slow sink-in of all the things we've spent years working with them on all this time.

I even remember complaining to my Dad about having to manually roll down the windows in the car he paid for and allowed me to drive all through high school.

(I like to think I had other fantastically redeeming qualities that showed him I had a chance of eventually turning in to a good person, otherwise he should have definitely taken action against me, thought I'm grateful he did not.)

When I am under the weather, I can't handle even a moment of their spoiled complaints. 

Here's my list of top annoyances of my children's First World problems from today.*

1. Stella keeps dumping her new purse full of money in random locations around the house.

This is possibly the worst photo quality ever posted in a blog, but you get the idea, and remember, I'm sick.

2.  When asked to help put away his basket of clean, folded, mostly new clothes, Cole threw himself on the floor and fake cried about the injustice of his life, how he's over worked and I make him do everything.

This was the point in the afternoon that I feared for Cole's life.

3. Aiden, having recently lost privileges to use his new iTouch due to disrespectful behavior, was whining about his lack of quick access to whichever song he would like to listen to at any moment.  He is currently forced to pick out one of the hundred or so CDs we have in the house.

Then he can play it on his own CD player.

In his very own bedroom. 

I understand if you need to shed a tear for him.

4. After a meal of pancakes, my children's favorite dinner, Cole actually complained that I had "forced" him to eat too much food. 

(To be clear, I never requested he eat any amount of food.) 

When I mentioned that some  children don't even have access to an unlimited amount of food, he replied, "I wish we didn't have food." 

Right, because that would be awesome child.

5. After finishing his homework I caught Aiden staring out in to the backyard looking perplexed.  When I asked him what was wrong he said he just didn't understand why we had to get rid of a tree he likes to climb, just so we can put the new pool where Daddy and I want it. 

The phrase, "it's not fair," was actually used.

I simply walked away.  I can't even explain to him why that is so messed up.

6.  Stella cried for 15 minutes because her favorite Doc McStuffin's (or as she calls it, "Tuffins") nightgown was in the washing machine tonight when she was ready to put on pajamas.  Despite the fact that she has a drawer of pajamas, literally so full it is often difficult to open and close, she didn't understand why her nightgown had to be all wet.

Stella and the "Tuffins" gown during less tumultuous times.

In fairness to her on this one, she does look crazy adorable in the nightgown, it is her only gown, and she is 2....but geeez.

It was just one of those days.  I know they will eventually work it out and in all likelihood will turn out just fine, but it's days like this when my patience is weak that I fear I will be forced to strip them of any and all advantages, such as giving them food and clothing. 

Are there still cars with manual windows? 

I definitely need to get them cars with manual windows, it clearly worked for me.

*Mom, I promise I usually would just take things away, talk to them about their lack of respect or sense of gratitude but that's rough when your head is pounding and you fear you might vomit on your newly cleaned floors....knowing you would be the only one to clean it up.  I require zero advice or friendly input on how to remedy these problems, I'm on it once I can stand upright for more than 10 minutes.

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Twingle Mommy said...

I swear kids know when we are sick and act up accordingly. If only moms could call in sick!

Stopping by from PYHO

yippiemom said...

When asked to turn off the light at bedtime, Cosmo said "Why do I have to do everything? It isn't your birthday anymore." He was nice to me for approximately 5 minutes on my birthday 2 days ago. How could I expect him to do something as strenuous as reaching out his arm and flipping a switch???

Shell said...

Our poor kids, right? They have it SO hard. LOL

Keri said...

There should seriously be a program for moms to get vacation, or at least sick days!

My children also think that being forced to put away their own laundry after I have gathered it, washed it, and laid it in a neat pile on their beds is extreme torture. Threats to not wash clothing until they must go to school naked are largely ignored.

lcarp51 said...

I just found out my Indian Princess will put the dishes in the dishwasher away if she's bored. Does this mean she will stop doing that soon??

Awn said...

What I took away from this post, you ask? The fact that you watch Breaking Bad.

Oh, and that my unborn children may need cars with manual windows later in life.

Heather said...

Yes Yes and Yes! And the complaint about too much food that is so my 6 year old. Everything is always my fault!