Monday, January 21, 2013

A List...Just Like Martin Would Have Made

Since we're all so close, let's just pretend the 30 days in a row of writing thing never happened.

Surely this wouldn't be the worst thing we all pretend didn't exist. 

In honor of Martin Luther King Junior Day, I decided to just make you a list of the random recent happenings around here....because I am 78% sure that making lists is how MLK managed to get so much done with the whole racial equality thing.  

God bless him.

1.  Last week we had a very large tree removed from our backyard in order to start the whole pool building process.  There was a backhoe and everything. 

It entertained my children for hours, which makes me wonder how much it would cost to have a backhoe just rip stuff up in my backyard for the next few years in comparison to installing a pool? 

This might be worth exploration.


2. In my quest to take over the world with my Pampered Chef business,  I have earned all sorts of free Pampered Chef products.  On a whim I ordered this white ceramic skillet...and discovered that I should make more decisions on a whim. 
I am in love....with a skillet.
I feel ashamed and proud. 
It's making everything so easy and fun to cook right now.  I'm also having professional photos taken in the near future of myself with the skillet since this one was such a hit on Facebook and Instagram...mostly for being sort of scary, but I also like to think it's because everyone wants to love this skillet like I do.
3. The return of the sun has brought new hope for my life as a stay at home mom. My kids have started going outside again and it is glorious.
The Sandbox is back in rotation, which is 90% good news.  It does get them outside and away from me, but it also brings sand back inside. 
Best photo EVER?  Probably.
The vacuum is my friend.
The boys also were finally allowed to spend some of their 2012 savings and they both purchased outdoor riding toys which has led to endless hours of them riding away from me. 
4.  Meal planing blows lately.  Nothing sounds good. I basically just want to cook eggs and quesadillas in that skillet and wing it every night, but that is sort of awful in reality.  So I hunkered down on Pinterest and decided to try a week of recipes that look delicious.  
Last night I tried the crockpot pesto ranch chicken and every person in my family devoured it.
Do it tonight people.
2 pounds-ish of chicken thighs
6 oz jar of pesto
1 pack of ranch seasoning
some chicken broth
Here's a link to the magic. 
5. The cutest thing around here lately is Stella's mastery of our very long last name.
Just to be clear, Alex doesn't usually talk like that. 
I don't want confusion like that. 


lcarp51 said...

I read mullet instead of skillet. Where's that eyeglasses prescription....?

Emmy said...

Oh I have never seen a white skillet before- I want one so pretty!

And yea I am trying the whole menu planning thing this year. So far have been good at it actually but for some reason I still go to the store and buy things not on my list and spend too much.

Samantha said...

I need Stella to teach me a thing or two about your last name because I just have you in my phone as "Leslie Dad" and clearly you aren't a dad.

Mel said...

That skillet looks amazing. It's hard for me to focus on that, however, due to my bitter jealousy over your warm weather "finally" returning. Remember us here in the Midwest? It will never be warm again.

Lynda Otvos said...

Skillet Love is an ok thing. I had a crush on my electric frying pan for a period of about four years once while living with this guy from Norristown. We cooked Every.Single.Meal. in that electric skillet. I have one now, decades later, that i use occasionally-your white one looks like it would fit that same mold for me. I would use it for stroganoff, french toast, and spaghetti sauce. Oh and Chili.