Sunday, November 4, 2012

Six Things Since Last Week, I'm Out Of Control

Since it's been a week, and the last time I wrote I told you all about how I'm going to take over the world selling pots and pans, you probably assume I had no time to write because I was wildly filling orders for pizza cutters and salad spinners. 

Not so.

Fear not folks, my move to The Pampered Chef world has not tamed my wild side.  Not that Pampered Chef isn't wild, I mean, they have an herb keeper and everything.  Bad. Ass.

Let's run through some of the highlights of my time away from the blog in the last seven days.

1. A ROCK Concert...On a TUESDAY Night

That's right.  I'm out of control. 

My friends Michele and Sommer invited me to an Allanis Morissette concert almost two months ago.  Since it was all the way near the end of October, I said yes! I love Michele and Sommer so the idea of spending a night on the town with them sounded great...until a few weeks before the concert.

I still loved the idea of seeing Sommer and Michele, but I think I started getting nervous about the logistics and the exhaustion of being out on a Tuesday night approximately two weeks ahead of actually going out. 

I'm cool like that.

As it turns out though, I totally rallied.  I threw on some tight black jeans, big earrings, and dark lipstick and attempted to perform all the hits from Jagged Little Pill for my children before I left.

Turns out I don't sing them very well, and Aiden was just confused about why someone would have to remind another person about them loving them?  He's deep, but he just doesn't get Allanis like 1996 me did.

Sommer, Me, and Michele Rockin' It

I would like to officially say that Allanis is still every bit of the rocker with an amazing voice that she was through the speakers in my dorm room at Purdue.  She was awesome.  I am fairly confident that I would have fallen over if I had to throw around my body in leather pants like she did, maybe not if I were properly's really difficult to tell until I'm in the situation. 

(I'll follow up on this later with you.)

I did get to see Allanis VERY close up when I made my way to the ladies room.  She smiled at me and said she wants me to be her Pampered Chef rep for life.  We were seriously connected.

I spent a majority of the show trying to figure out what the story was on the man in the blue bandanna, sort-of pictured below.

I loved him.  He had awful dreds out the top of that bandanna, a moustache, glasses, and a light up shirt.  He knew every word to every song and had the coolest head shake while dancing to all the hits.  He was just great.  I never got the courage to go talk to him though.  I mean really, what could I have said to someone like that? 

He was awesome.

I was awesome for attending a concert on a Tuesday, but not as awesome has he was.

2. Halloween

Let's start by saying that Halloween blows.

I mean, it's fun and all, but not when you've had a regular day of school, with a regular day of school to come the next day.  If Obama or Romney would just take a stand on changing Halloween to the last Friday of October or something spectacular like that, they would win by a landslide. 

I should be in politics.

It was fun to see the kids dress up and be so excited about going around the neighborhood.  I have one picture of Cole.

And zero pictures of Aiden because he couldn't be bothered to stop and pose for photos when there was candy to be had.  He basically looked like a taller, darker version of Cole though since they were both ninjas.

(When is the ninja phase going to end by the way?  I am beyond over it.) 

This year was Stella's first year of understanding trick-or-treating and was beyond adorable as a bumble bee. 
Cole was the sweetest big brother, waiting for her to walk to the door with him, holding her hand, and making sure she was OK at the door.  He must have endured countless adults cooing over his little sister while he waited patiently for it to be over so he could walk her back. 

That kid is sweet.  So sweet.

Halloween still blows though because the next day was ROUGH.

3. Arbonne

People, am I the only person that didn't know how great this stuff is?  I'm a little obsessed with their protein shakes, detox powder, and energy fizz drink now. 

(Fairly certain I didn't give you the appropriate names for any of that stuff.)

I went to a party last Thursday night for Arbonne.

Pause and take note that this would be night THREE of me leaving my house for something.  I am unstoppable.

For some reason I had it in my head that Arbonne was some sort of healthy makeup and skincare cult.  I was fully prepared with my safe word and exit strategy should things start to feel awkward or weird mid-party.  Turns out though, it was really fun, informative and delicious.  I'm sure I'll tell you more than you ever wanted to know about the protein shake once it arrives at my door.

Something to look forward to, right?

4.  Pampered Chef

Saturday I had my first official Pampered Chef event, courtesy of Samantha, reader of this blog! 

It was fun to pack up all my kitchen goods and get out of the house, but it was awesome to meet Samantha and feel connected to someone that reads this in real life.  So, so cool!

You can check out Samantha's blog here.

You can check us out here.

5.  Grocery

Yeah, the grocery store was as exciting as it got today. 

Oh, we did get frozen yogurt too.

My wild streak continues.

It feels weird to end the post on that lame of a note though, so how about you check out Stella's explanation of how she didn't actually eat the candy I told her she couldn't have.

See what I'm up against? 

Have a good week everyone!


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

You haven't got a chance against that my dear. Would you like to run off to the Bahamas for the weekend with me instead ?~!

lcarp51 said...

I foresee law school in her future. Better sell a LOT of Pampered Chef. :)

Kmama said...

Allanis Morisette still tours? Does she have a new album?

I remember being really into her about the time that a dumbass ex boyfriend broke up with me the day after I had my tonsils out. Nice timing. So, yeah, Allanis reminds me of tonsils. Ha.