Sunday, November 18, 2012

Instagram Can Tell You

If you follow me on Instagram, you know there's been a lot going on around here.

First, I decided Stella didn't look French enough.

So cut her hair in to an adorable bob, with bangs.  Yes, bangs like mine.

(I'm going to stand firm that she insisted she have bangs like Mommy, because it feels less narcissistic than admitting it was totally my idea.)

Let me clarify, I did not cut her hair myself.  Wouldn't it be fantastic though if I had a chair like this in my house? 

Or if I could cut hair?

Other than the fact that she should probably close her legs in this particular photo, isn't this haircut the cutest thing in the whole world?  I couldn't handle her hair in her eyes all the time, catching all manner of snot and food from everywhere. 

She's taking her smart new look to a whole new level by being a vet.

We've decided to stop saving for college tuition and just concentrate on her looks for a while.

(I'm just kidding Mom, she's not an actual vet based on her cuteness...yet.)

In addition to making Stella cuter, Alex and I felt it was important to finally enclose our master bathroom toilet.  I think Alex is more happy about this than the birth of any of our children.  He won't stop talking about how life altering it is. 

I have yet to see how it's greatly impacted me, other than the fact that Stella and Cole now have an additional door to play with, mostly while I'm using the restroom. 

Oh, and now the bathroom looks like this.

I fear this is how our bathroom will look for years now, complete with the smell of sawdust and laziness.  Classy.

I spent a lot of time at home this weekend while Stella napped, which led me to this photo.

It was only three years ago, but it feels like another life.  This was me and two of my best friends, Sara and Kathryn pretending to be the band at my Alissa's wedding. 

That was such a fun, amazing night.  I only had two children and I wasn't totally exhausted by the idea of putting on a little dress and being fun.  Am I even fun anymore?

Alex and I had a babysitter last night and we went to Pei Wei and a movie. 

(Argo is awesome by the way. Mom, you would even like it.  They do drop the f-bomb a lot though, so if you see it, you are not aren't allowed to complain to me about this.  I had absolutely nothing to do with the production of this movie, to the best of my knowledge.)

Though both the movie and restaurant were delightful, I didn't even shower before we left.  Maybe the bathroom will be left unfinished forever at my currently level of extra energy I'm exerting to get things done. 

Remember how I got Stella's haircut though?  That took some energy.

We were also too lazy to go to the elementary school movie night, so we stayed in and bribed our children with a fire and a movie at home.  I was ready for complaints, but instead we got cuddling.

See how it pays to be lazy sometimes?

I think we've all learned a lot here.

Have a good week everyone!

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