Sunday, October 28, 2012


Big things are happening.
You should totally be part of it. 
First, on Saturday I let Aiden talk me in to purchasing Jell-O Pudding snacks.  It was a weak moment and I was really done with the entire shopping trip.  In an unexpected turn of events though, these are the most delicious treats ever. 

I thought you should know.

Also, last Friday I sent this email to a lot of my friends and family.  Then it felt odd because I didn't send anything to you.  Yes, YOU. 
In the interest of time and my ability to go prepare fish tacos for my family, I figured I'd just send it to all of you too.  This might seem like I'm just copying what I already did, and I am, but let's just call it effective time management. 
Here you go....
You know how you are always talking about how much you wish you could hang out with me more?
And how cool it would be if I could just come over and make you dinner and just talk because it's just so fun to listen to me babble about food, randomness, and whatever random shiny object is put in front of me?
It can happen, your dreams really can come true.
I've decided to become an in-home drug dealer.
But instead of drugs, I'm going to sell Pampered Chef goods.
And instead of giving you gateway drug samples, I'm going to lure you in with quality kitchen goods you actually want and need. My gateway drugs will be pizza cutters and garlic presses and then soon you'll think that you too need to have a party so you can get a free covered baker or chopper. I'm going to be the best kitchen supply and food/menu assistant you ever had.
In all seriousness, not too long ago I attended a Pampered Chef party and discovered that I needed to buy the entire catalog. Since Alex is super uptight with money I instead chose to host a party. I was really surprised by how much people loved their products, and how much fun it was to have the party...and I didn't even get to talk all that much. I ended up paying $30 for a boatload of goods and romanticizing me being in charge of that cooking demonstration, possibly choreographed to some of my favorite rap and/or classic rock hits, I haven't figured out all the details, and I allowed myself to think about working with Pampered Chef.
This is something totally new for me, but I am excited to try it and see where the journey takes me.
Sidenote: That phrase feels exceedingly cheesy, however there really isn't any better way to describe my decision to do this.
I know your primary question is, "But Leslie, I thought you were running Noonday?"
Yes, it's true, I am an integral party of the Noonday machine, those earrings don't ship themselves, and will continue to be until my Pampered Chef empire takes over the world and I can supply batter bowls to every artisan in need.
I know your second question is, "Leslie, how can I support you?"
Obviously, you could hop on my website, which should be active in the next few days, and buy four of everything. That would be super. Thank you!
If you feel that's asking too much, I'd ask you to consider letting me come over and cook for some of your friends in the near future and let you earn boatloads of all the stuff you couldn't afford on my website because you didn't feel it was important to buy kitchen supplies instead of eating. Why must you be like that?
Fine, I'll come cook for you and help you get free stuff.
What I really need is some practice in these early days to figure out my mojo, perfect my "routine", make sure my unitard fits*, and try out a bunch of recipes. Let's not pretend that we wouldn't have fun. We're too good for that. If you think you can help me, please email me and let's figure this out.
I'll also be hosting a few parties at my house and need some honest people to come and tell me where I sort of need some practice. Fine, you can eat and drink here too, so let me know if you want to be on the rolling list of invitees to watch me try to figure this out.
If you don't live in the area or you're a hoarder who can't have me in your home (know I would love you regardless of your potential to be on a reality show,) there are online shows, Facebook shows, and simply contacting me the next time you need a recipe idea and/or cooking supply for you or someone else.
If you hate cooking or don't believe in food then just pray for me and be nice to me because this is so new for me to try. I'm excited, but I'm nervous that this is ridiculous and maybe I'll cook too much.
Ok, that's not really a thing, but it's the most dangerous thing I could think of in the moment.
Thank you for your support!
*there isn't actually a unitard, but there could be a unicorn.**
**that's a lie, unicorns aren't real, but if you believed me I think you are extra fantastic

The big reveal though is that as of 15 minutes ago my site is up!  I don't know how it all exactly works, but I promise I'll figure it out.  You can check my personal Pampered Chef site out here.
I'd love to host a Facebook show or online show for you, or whatever you may need.
Fear not though folks....I'll still be here mostly talking about life and parenting and being a wife and babbling about meth.  How could I possibly give that up?  I have a feeling this might include a return of the Recipe-Ish.  Remember those?

If you don't, you can read one here, or here, or here, or here.
Thanks for letting me share!


Samantha said...

I want to be on the email list to come to one of your parties and then when I get my shit together, I'll host a party myself! :)
Add me

Emmy said...

Oh yes please please do your recipe-ishes - now that is hard to say again. I love loved them! I have the pampered chef chopper it is like crack :)