Tuesday, October 23, 2012

False Alarm, Mothering Skills Still On The Rocks - PYHO

Remember the new found peace with my poor mothering I discovered at the end of yesterday's blog post?  No? 

Read it here.

It was profound.  I was elated to realize, some might say, rationalize, that all my mistakes and forgetfulness might actually be turning my kids in to better people.  An example for how to move past mis-steps, forgive, and grow.  I was making the best people ever. 

Yeah me! 

Then yesterday I spaced what time I was supposed to pick up Aiden and he had to sit in the school office until my friend Jenn called me and offered to grab him.  Not in a mean way, like pinch him or anything, she's really pretty nice.  Well, unless you're playing a game.  Or, making a craft.  She's sort of competitive.  I'm pretty sure she wouldn't assault my child though. 

Pretty sure.

At least in this instance, she brought Aiden home.  Thank God for good friends.

Aiden didn't even talk to me when he first got home.  I don't really blame him. I think I would be sort of peeved to be abandoned too.

To be clear though, it's not like I left him in an alley or something.  I mean, he goes to a nice school.  I think there might even be candy in the office.  It's more like I let him sit in a candy room, what kid wouldn't love that?

I was able to blow off my mistake in picking him up, but a few hours later there was a knock at my door while I was preparing dinner.  It was a neighbor informing me that Stella had walked down to his house a few minutes ago.


I could have sworn she was washing her hands in the bathroom.  I had just been yelling for her to hurry....not that I would ever rush one of my children's quest for sanitary hands.  Unfortunately, as with many things these days I was way off. 

Apparently my two year old daughter left out the garage door and sauntered down to the neighbors. She ran to my friend, told her I was cooking, and then shouted greetings at her "friends" on bikes.


Maybe my mistakes and flakes aren't so helpful.  Could I be turning my children in to better people by losing them?  I don't think even I could spin that.

The good news is that I trimmed my own bangs and they don't look completely awful. 

I know that doesn't really tie in to how I'm going to stop making these mistakes, but it was about all I could think of at the moment.  I'm too lazy to go have them trimmed and it's important I don't look even more insane than I'm acting. 

Surely I'll sort all this out soon.  High bolted locks will be installed soon and I have a dry erase board on the fridge to track the week's events. 

Dry erase board people.

Nothing can get by me now.

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Tiffany said...

Too funny! I'm forever losing one of my kids so don't feel bad. We have a dry-erase calendar on the fridge and it's a life saver. Seriously, I wouldn't even know what day it is without it. It will change your life.

I found you through the "Pour your heart out" link-up.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Brings to mind the afternoon we were listening to (Chicago) NPR and didn't realize the time diff was causing our Kindergartner to be left at After School an hour past when they closed !~! We lived offshore and this was Long Long before cell phones were invented. I guess they left us keep her cuz at 27, she lives around the corner, but yeah, we felt Really sToo-pid there for a few days.

That said, I had only one and cannot imagine being responsible for three young lives; I tip my hat to you moms with kids-two or twelve.

Wayne W Smith said...

Kids wander off sometimes... It is scary but...

Judy Susan said...

No worries, I forgot to pick one of my kids up in 1st grade. Did not realize it until I got a graduation announcement from them.. So glad the little turd remembered to invite me.

Samantha said...


Keri said...

Aww. Everyone loses a kid at some point. I had a terrifying time when my daughter was about 2. We were living in an apartment and I had gone downstairs (outside) to the laundry room. She followed me but I didn't see her. I went back up and she was gone. Super panic!

Shell said...

My middle son is such a wanderer. Thankfully, most of the time, he just goes to our neighbor's and plays.

Katie said...

You need a security system. Every door in the house beeps 3 times when it's opened. At first it was really annoying, but now I appreciate that I know when anyone is coming or going!

hilljean said...

Scary! thank God for good friends and good neighbors. My little dude wanders away a lot. Fortunately I have a bunch of neighbors that know this about him and usher him back to my house whenever he escapes.

Makes me feel like I'm losing my marbles most days of the week.

Missy Bedell said...

You truly crack me up. Truly. "Thankfully I cut my bangs . . . "

I need to mother more like you, I think!

BNM said...

Im so glad Im not the only one that goes through things like this. When my son was 2 he pushed a chair up to the door unlocked the deadbolt and was wondering the neighborhood..yeah police brought him home MOM FAIL