Monday, September 10, 2012

Lunch Packing Is Evil

Two songs are on repeat on my iPod right now.  Lady Gaga's You and I and Adele's One and Only. 

Even if you have no love for these songs, I am confident you would be moved by the soul I pour in to singing these songs while driving to and from work without ANY children in the car.  I have highly complicated emotions which are best expressed though singing. 

I also might be frightening nearby drivers, but that's OK with me. 

I just thought you should know this.

Last week was strange, maybe exhausting is more like it. 

I work approximately 8 hours a week in a relaxed, enjoyable environment and I'm spent.  I am clearly not cut out for the high level of organization required by full-time working Moms.

(Shout out of serious admiration for all you working Moms out there.)

I literally felt ill last Thursday from exhaustion.

I also felt that I might just feel better if someone would give me a pedicure, redo my makeup and fix my hair... so maybe I was just feeling unattractive, which might be the same as ill? 

I don't have all the answers people.

Stella and Cole started school on Tuesday, and they were almost as happy as I was at drop off.  Cole's four times a week schedule has been sent straight from heaven.  We're all better people with something to do and Cole simply isn't cool with going to the gym, the grocery, and watching me prep dinners while his two year old sister wanders around screaming and singing only the first 6 letters of the alphabet over and over again.

Even my five year old finds my stay at home mom tasks unbearable.

Stella is still elated at being able to be part of the entire school day routine, perhaps mostly for her backpack.  She sleeps in her backpack and takes it on any and all excursions, school related or not.

She goes in to her class without looking back, loving her independence. Her teacher claims that she is cooperative and even falls asleep easily on her nap mat.  I assume they might be drugging her since that is really different than what I experiencing here, but I'm OK with that. 

The two days of no kids is AMAZING and the fact that everyone wants to go is icing on the cake.

You know what isn't anything like cake, or the icing on it? 

Making lunches. 

Why is packing a lunch for four people so difficult?  I think lunches combined with as 6:15 wake up is wearing on me a bit.  If I were employed somewhere which required me to think critically or use quick reflexes, I'd be in trouble.  I don't get it, it's not as if I'm diving deep in to my culinary options, we're taking turkey and cheese or peanut butter and honey.  I also have to pack snacks for Aiden and it about drives me over the edge. 

To further complicate my food lunch/snack time, Aiden is not allowed to bring any items containing any nuts to school. Naturally, all the sandwiches and snacks I come up with are packed with nuts of all kinds.  Trail mix, Nutella and bread, seasoned almonds, cashews, etc., it never ends.

I blame lunches and early wake up time for my recent confusion about Cole's schedule.  Last Wednesday his teacher mentioned Cole's show and tell day would be Fridays, which I found odd since I believed he was only to be at school Monday through Thursday.  When I asked her about the mix-up, she literally cocked her head, gave me a sympathetic grin, and patted my arm while explaining to me the way school was going to work.

"Oh you poor thing.  See, Cole has school Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday every week.  You must be so overwhelmed."

I appreciated her being so sweet to me, but I did find her need to state each day individually a bit over the top.  I assume she wasn't sure if I would understand what to do with Cole on Wednesday or Thursday if she just told me school was Tuesday through Friday. 

Maybe she thought I looked as if I had been making too many lunches  too.

Rest easy though everyone, help is coming.  I have already set up tomorrow to ditch out of work and take the day to get my appearance in order.  I mean, I've worked a whole two days.  Well, actually just under 8 hours, but I think we can all agree some Leslie time is due.  I'll be back to my high stress job at Noonday on Thursday.

I'm getting my toenails fixed up and my hair under control, all without children tomorrow.  Essentially there will be an entirely new woman writing this blog tomorrow....should I happen to have time to write a blog tomorrow after I finish all those damn lunches.

Hope everyone's back to school is going as well as ours!

Don't forget to double check the actual days of the week your kids' teachers will be there. 

Just a thought.

P.S. Cutest nap mat ever? 

I guess she can stop carrying her brother's spider and frog one.


Melissa Bedell said...

I truly cannot stand packing lunches. Total bane of my existence. The good thing is, I only have potentially 12 more years to have to do it! Hurray!

momnextdoor said...

My mom packed my lunch every day growing up. I'm going to recommend her for sainthood. I take the easy way out and make Bud buy lunch at school. He would prefer that I make his lunch but I feel my mental health is more important than bag lunch. Thank you public school for affordable lunch!