Monday, September 24, 2012

Aiden's Art

Let's start with this.

First, this photo really shows off the level of my phone photography skills.  I know you are impressed, there's a good chance I'll be doing a photography "tips" blog soon. 
That's a lie.
Second, Aiden drew this, actually scary accurate, picture of my Father, including his cigarette.   Aiden finds the two most important facts about his Grandfather to be that he lives in Indiana and "smocs" (also known as smokes.) 
I'm mostly concerned about the fact that the cigarette seems to resemble a candy cane.  Christmas time might be filled with lots of pretend smoking. I just hope my meth conversations with the boys this weekend don't lead to pictures of anyone stealing cold medicine or smoking a glass pipe....not that he ever sees either of those things of course, just conversations about it.  He's only 6. 

Now, I know last night I was a bit Debbie Downer about Army Wives' lack of a solid drug plot to make up for my lack of Breaking Bad, but apparently the Netflix Gods were listening.  As I watched the 25th episode (I should be embarrassed about this,) this afternoon while Cole "rested," Lt. LeBlanc developed a tragic addiction to pain killers.  It's been really rough for Roxy.

(I know a lot of you probably know a dog named Roxy, but this Roxy is a spunky woman with a sorted past just trying to make things right with her new husband.)

We'll see how it all shakes out tonight, but I'm really pulling for them.

The important lesson learned though is that I completely left painkillers out of my addiction discussion yesterday.  This parenting stuff is tough.

On another note....Alex, I assume sensing that I took the time to blog about how much I miss him, though mostly talked about meth because that's just sort of more fun, called this morning on Facetime.  It was wonderful to see him and Stella.  Unfortunately Stella's apparently in rare form and making things challenging. 

They could really use a shout out of some prayer for the rest of their trip.  So this is my formal request.  It made me super sad to see that things are difficult. It also made me super sad that Stella didn't care at all about seeing me and only commented on seeing the dog. 

She's obviously not ready to talk about drugs yet.

Oh, P.S., with Alex out of town I have decided to start dating. 

I think it's going to work out really well.


Kmama said...

The inclusion of the cigarette is hilarious.

I used to watch Army Wives, but got behind this past season and then my DVR broke and I lost all the episodes and I was too lazy to watch them online, so yeah, I guess I don't watch it anymore.

momnextdoor said...

If you could give me your notes on meth so I can teach all about it to my 6 yo I'd really appreciate it. It's never to young to learn the perils of drugs! (We are good on the cigarettes, he already knows those are yucky.)

Emmy said...

Oh the cigarette! I bet his teacher had a good laugh about that. And don't worry i am sure Stella misses you