Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Please Start Singing That "Back To School" Song From Grease Before Reading This Post, It Will Be More Fun

It's back to school week and this year it's a really big deal for this house.  It's HUGE. 

Aiden, Cole, and Stella will all be attending some form of "school" for all or part of the week. 


(Well, actually I'm going to work more at Noonday, but that's just fun...and kid-free.)

Stella will be attending a preschool/mother's day out program two days a week.  Since this is her first time going anywhere other than the gym or church without me, I assumed we would have some separation issues when I dropped her off for her meet the teacher time, while I attended a parent orientation.

Fortunately, it turns out Stella couldn't care less about me or my proximity to her.  Not only did she run in to the classroom, she screamed bloody murder for me to go away when I returned to pick her up.  Clearly, I'm doing something right with this one.

She's totally sneaking out to meet up with her friends soon.

Instead of sending Cole to kindergarten this year to scream and avoid dairy in a public school, Cole will be attending an awesome four day a week private kindergarten ready program.  It's a small class of twelve students, two awesome teachers, and essentially a kindergarten environment.  I am so excited for me...I mean him.

All summer he talked about how he was going to kindergarten ready and he was going to be so big, and then when I dropped him off for meet the teacher...massive tantrum.  I don't really know what to say about it other than the fact that he had only slept about six hours the night before and did I mention he's going to be there four days a week!?!?!

I do think he'll do awesome and end up loving it.  All prayers are currently being accepted that this actually happens.

Surely someone this cute though is going to end up just fine.

See how he's consuming dairy here? I blame everything he does on the cow.  Freakin' cows.

Aiden is a full blown FIRST GRADER.  There's no more messing around with words for his year of school, it's numbers from here on out and that means business. 

Aiden woke and left Monday morning filled with all the first grade ambition you can imagine.

He also is the cutest thing on Earth in this picture.
He enthusiastically jumped out of bed, only casually mentioning that it seemed early.  After school he jumped off the bus, full of joy to be back in the swing of things.  Day two was much the same, even commenting that, "he had a lot of fun," at school.  I was fully ready to settle in to a life of school induced joy and a burning desire to learn more, while keeping my children at a safe distance for the majority of the day.

My dreams were, however, shattered today, day three.  Aiden was completely zapped of all hints of happiness and enthusiasm for life in general, much less eight hours of school.

I'm fairly certain we mainly have a sleep deprivation problem, but he might just hate school, which would really be unfortunate since he's sort of involved in it for the next sixteen or so years.  He cried hysterically when woken up this morning, immediately falling into the depths of despair about the torture of wanting to ride the bus, but being unable to bear the cruelty of the seven am pick-up time. 

Alex generously offered to call the bus driver and see if he could just swing by later to pick Aiden up, but Aiden was not amused by this. There was all manner of wailing and thrashing in tortured sadness about any and all things school related, primarily the early start. 

After school there was no end to the drama about how challenging school is, how he'll never to be able to finish his work and write as much as his teacher is requested.  I gave him my best "practice makes perfect" and "try, try again," and "Oprah would never quit like this," speeches but he wasn't moved in the slightest.  

He's obviously unreasonable if he can't even be swayed by the example of persistence and hard work Oprah has given him.

We did have one moment of giggling when he relayed the shenanigans of the playground girls chasing he and his friends.  He smiled and explained that one of his friends has so many girls chasing him, because he's really fast....which I, of course, agreed could be the only reason all those girls are chasing him. 

And so it begins, my Aiden has moved on from sweet little boy to disgruntled child.  He wants to sleep, is too lazy to try too hard, and only feels excited when discussing girls. 

First grade is totally different than kindergarten.

I am beyond excited and optimistic about the year though, regardless of my daughter's apathy toward me, Cole's behavior issues, or Aiden's attitude. 

The truth is, this won't be happening all day long, five days a week in my house anymore....

And that sort of rocks.  I like the chaos in small doses, but school is this mama's best friend.


Missy | Literal Mom said...

Ah, yes. School age and it's "I LOVE IT" honeymoon period followed by "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" when the newness wears off.

It's been happening every year in our house since 1st grade. I don't get my hopes up anymore. When people say, "how's school?" I say, "great - honeymoon period. It'll all change next week." It helps me be less surprised and annoyed when it does change. :)

BecauseMyFamily said...

Oh yes, school is a mama's best friend. I only have one in school and I skipped out of school on the first day. I can ony imagine how excited I would be if all three went to school.

Shell said...

Already had one of mine try to fake sick to stay home. :/

Starting next week, I will have kids in school five days a week! The youngest just half days but OMG, the kid-free time. :)

Emmy said...

I love school too- just not the homework part of it. Seriously why is there so much?? Hopefully he starts to get the enthusiasm back again, that really is hard, sorry.

I want to see more of your house-- the little part in the video it looks very beautiful!

Enjoy your kid free time.

WhisperingWriter said...

I agree. I so love school.