Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Want To Say It's Gone Fast, But....

This seems like forever ago.

There is this SAME photo for all our kids' births.  This is Stella though, I swear.
I know everyone says it flies by, and in some ways it does, but in other ways, each phase feels like a lifetime.  The nursing, the sleepless nights, the way a child is in and out of a million phases the first few years of life, strategically changing their tactic as soon as the parents have nailed down how to handle the challenge, can be joyfully exhausting and excruciatingly frustrating.

I feel like the Stella I celebrated turning TWO yesterday can hardly be the same person as this.

Though she clearly was ready to punch either of her brothers if needed, mere days after her arrival and that hasn't changed.

I cried tears of joy when I learned we would be having a girl.  Alex and I both were elated at the opportunity to experience raising boys and a girl.  I was over the moon at the chance to buy things like tights and bows.  I still get more excited about some of her clothes than I do mine, probably because she is infinitely more cute than I am, and my outfits are rarely covered in pictures of baked goods and cuddly animals. 

You might remember my post about the wonder of being able to say I have a daughter and the surprise at how it really did feel different to me than the boys.  You can read that here. I have the same amount of love for the boys as her, but this little girl has a different piece of my heart. 

When I see photos like this...

I definitely feel nostalgic about that rolly little baby, so sweet and happy. 

Mostly though, I am crazy in love with the Stella of now. The Stella of now is still sweet and happy, but has all sorts of personality and isn't afraid to show it.  Obviously...

So this weekend we had cousins and cupcakes and lots of balloons and we celebrated  Stella.  She now has a My Little Pony and a Barbie, but mostly only cares about the two zippered cosmetic bags her aunt got  her, even clutching one in each hand as she fell asleep after her party. 

This is an awful picture, but I love seeing how huge the balloons were compared to her.  She LOVED them.

She didn't even want the cupcake.  We're having the witch doctor look at her, there must be something wrong.

"Cheese" complete with licorice bite in the mouth.
My feelings for Stella have held true to everything I experienced with Aiden and Cole, she just keeps getter better and better.  Sure she was cute and tiny when she was first born, but there is nothing like being able to talk to her and then hear the amazing things she has to say back.  Seeing her think through a problem or  enjoy a new experience is pure bliss. Anyone that thinks all the sweet and wonderful times are in the baby years hasn't watched my daughter walk around in Popsicle covered underpants, no shirt, and her brother's cowboy boots, trying to pin down our dog to make him ride in her shopping cart through the yard.  There is no joy like that, I honestly feel like my heart might burst while watching her sometimes.

(Dog lovers, she is nowhere near capable of doing this and I wouldn't let her play with our dog like that, but watching her try to figure it out is worth that chance that she might momentarily be successful one day.  Sorry Bea.)

Much like her brothers, I am sure Stella will have no shortage of joy and wonder to deliver to me for years to come....and I  absolutely can not wait.

Happy second birthday to my sweet, spunky, smart, and sensible (was out of 's' adjectives, she was applying chapstick to her ear tonight so sensible is a straight up lie,) Stella! 

We love you! 


Cynthia Meents said...
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Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Oh sweet! And the chapstick on the ear is an epic nugget of a memory to treasure for EVAH :)

Cynthia Meents said...

She is pretty adorable.

Except for when she's 13, you can expect to have a wonderful, ever-changing relationship with her, much different from what you have with your boys. Just remember not to kill her when she's 13.

Amanda @ Life, Experience Needed said...

That last picture just made my day. Such a sweet photo!! Frame it!

lcarp51 said...

Happy Birthday, Stella!!

Mel said...

Such a sweetie! Happy birthday, girlfriend.
Also? I refuse to believe that pic is from merely two years ago with the newborn. You look like your 16! Both such pretty girls:)

momnextdoor said...

Happy Birthday Stella!!

Great pictures!!

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Happy Happy Stella, Two Already !~!

Hard to believe the years trip by at this speed-it gets faster as they get older, Leslie.

I remember Iris at two and the littles we look after are two usually for at least a year or so !~! I think it is the Perfect age as they stretch their little brain cells and body muscles into a true "kid". Send that baby to Aunt Lynda for a week or two and I'll show her the Biggest Trees she'll ever see; oceans, bridges, animals and waterfalls that make you weep at their magnificence. (mmmkay, maybe it's just me that cries at nature's stunning gifts~!)

Thinking of you with smiles,
Lynda in NoCal

Adrienne said...

Oh my!! How could you not be in love with the Stella of NOW. She's adorable!! Happy birthday to her!