Monday, June 4, 2012

Confession Time

I've been holding out on you.  I've been concealing a huge secret and it's time for me confess.

The truth is, I've become famous.

This might confuse you, but hang on, I have evidence.

First, my quote was used on the back cover of an actual book.  This is not a homemade book like the one I "published" and "illustrated" in the third grade entitled Karen, which probably should be in print now but I simply haven't had time to pursue it. 

I'm sure you understand.

The book is From Margaritas to Mac n' Cheese by Deborah Stumm.  It really is a fun, quick read for any Mom.  Here's what my quote looks like on the back of a BOOK!

Second, I am essentially a spokes model for my new place of employment, Noonday Collection.  I think I'm doing a really good job shipping packages of jewelry. 

I think I might be a better jewelry shipper than a Mother, well maybe.

Click on the link below to go to the website, then watch the video on the right side entitled, Watch Our Story.  You hear my voice talking about having friends over to my house before you actually see me so pay attention to the whole thing...don't worry it's short, I realize your limitations.

Leslie's Famous Video Link

I realize there was a mistake in the editing where I am simply listed as "Leslie, Noonday Trunk Show Hostess,"  not Noonday Spokes model. 

It's probably implied.

Finally, I started getting my nails done...because that is what famous people do.

Do you think I look a little bit like JLo in this photo?


Mel said...

So this is how it begins. Soon you'll be big-timing all of us lowly little followers to hang out with pals like Gwyneth and Drew. *sigh* It was fun while it lasted...

momnextdoor said...

Oh my goodness! That WAS you on the red carpet last week wasn't it! I KNEW it!! Please don't forget us as you continue to catapult to fame and riches!

You're awesome!