Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day, It's Not Just For Lovers - PYHO

I like Valentine's Day.  I like being told I should take the day to celebrate something.  I work well with clear direction.  I do not excel in the "find joy in your everyday life,"  having a holiday is a fun excuse to step it up a notch.  Yes, I should remember to celebrate everyone I love, everyday, but that gets challenging with three kids and all sorts of life. 

Having a day to be conscious and aware of it is perfect, though the onslaught of Pinterest  projects coming home with my kids from their Valentine's parties when I just sent a Star Wars card with a pencil is a bit rough on the Mom ego.

My husband also deals best with very specific instructions. So this morning, I cornered Alex and demanded to know his plans for us.  OK, I simply asked if he wanted to do anything special, but the point is, he had nothing.

I took this to mean that he wanted me to take the lead. Here's the quick run down of the itinerary that first came to mind. First, vegetarian dinner with white wine, because I think he secretly really likes the nights I make a "lighter" meal.  Over dinner we'd make pros and cons lists about all the major decisions we have on our minds for the near future like colors for the new couch throw pillows, soap or shower gel, buy Stella more or less patterned tights, and do we think Cole is eating too much corn?

After dinner we'd have a staring contest, followed by a very in depth discussion about all feelings and emotions and thoughts and concerns about our relationship.  He's been waiting for this, I'm sure.  Next, we'd look through the scrapbook I made him to give a visual image to our love.  I couldn't wait to talk about each and every picture!

Finally, we'd put on the Notebook, cry, snuggle and fall asleep in our flannel pajamas while we cuddle the night away.  How could he not love it?  I'm a love machine, clearly.

I had the whole day to work on it, but as it turned out I decided to seize the holiday and actually enjoy my time with my other love.  No, not Target, the kids......putting all my Alex plans on hold.

It was a good day.

I contemplated taking Stella and Cole to a jumping place, but that sounded really, really awful.  I knew I would soon hate life, Valentines day, inflated houses, and kids in general, so we went to the park around the corner.  It was 65 and sunny and all around fun.

Even for me.

Well, except for when an evil two year old demanded his ball back, not even caring about Stella's adorableness factor.

Not even the slide could make her forget that she was not getting her way.

I was feeling so optimistic that I decided to break all the rules and actually pay for my children to eat out in public, and they were awesome.

Maybe Valentine's Day is magical for the mother-child relationship? 

It's not just for lovers anymore.

It's a good thing I didn't spend the day planning my onslaught of love for Alex though, because not only could I have not fit it in with all the fun kid times and heart shape pizza for dinner getting, but he turned out to have a little plan of his own.

Sushi and flowers, and the best part? Assistance with bed time.  I swooned.  I allowed us to skip the entire itinerary, and make up our own.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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momnextdoor said...

Stella is the best! All of her brother's friends are going to want to come over to hang out just to catch a glimpse of her! :-)

Rhenee Berger said...

I too had a detailed...er...derailed itinerary for Vday (w/freakin outfits to boot!). But seriously...I think you should give yours another try next year ;)
LOVE Stella's smile...what a CUTE face!!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Perfect. Evil two year old who took the ball away. What is up with that? Mean.
Now, unplanned days are the best, especially if they involve smoked pizza. (or just heart pizza...)

Shell said...

Help with the kids at bedtime is the best!

Christy H. said...

So cute! I loved spending the day with my children and being able to see that love trancends all that we think it is.

Missy said...

I love your itinerary! What every man dreams of!

And I love, love, love sushi. Did I mention I love it?

January Dawn said...

So very sweet!

Sara S said...


Mel said...

Oh, the injustice of having someone else's toys taken away when you are just little and cute!

Looks like a lovely St. Valentine's Day.