Monday, February 27, 2012

I'm Smiling About Balls, Scholastic Books, and Old Lady Shoes, It's Been A Good Month

I really needed his today.  Sometimes it's good to look back and find all the good, or some of the more absurd and random good, from a month. 

Emmy over at Emmy Mom, One Day At A Time has a monthly meme to find ten things to smile about.  It always amuses me immensely to write these posts. 

I am pretty easily amused though.

I'm also linking up to Dandelion Wishes My Happy List. Check it out too.


1. Scholastic Book Club
For years and years I have had a deep and very real love for all the brochures Scholastic has passed to my children and me.  There are few moments in life that can compare to the day your book order arrives at school. Possibly the birth of my children, but I knew approximately when they were coming and they totally jacked up my sleep. Scholastic is always a joyful surprise and has never once cost me a moment of shut eye.

This month I have reconnected with Scholastic in the form of books on CD that I can play in my minivan, creating....silence. Have you heard of this? It's where all your children are simultaneously not making any noise at all, not even a moment of fighting over the addition of two numbers, who saw or did not see a firetruck, or crying of any kind.

Thank you Scholastic. I love you.

2. Energy balls
Do not be alarmed.  This has nothing to do with testicles.  I swear. 
These are small rounded balls of deliciousness (see, nothing to do with testicles,) I found on Pinterest....and then actually made because I am totally conquering Pinterest.  Possibly only in the food category, but it's still rewarding. These are fantastic, do not require baking, and are perfect for snacking. 

My children even like them, probably because I call them cookies.  Find the recipe here.

3. Bows on Ponytails
We've reached a critical hair point at our house.  Today, I pulled Stella's hair back with a rubber band and then put a bow on the ponytail....and it was adorable. 

4. The Young and The Restless
I used to watch Guiding Light, before the world turned upside down and daytime dramas started dropping left and right.  It was difficult to move on after that.  I had recorded the show for years, and watched it for years with my Grandmother.  It's been a few years now though and just this month I have decided to watch Young and The Restless.  It's not the same, but it has brought back all the joy I missed of daytime drama.  People in jail, confessing things on their deathbeds, affairs, fake marriages, and very attractive crazy people.  It feels good to allow myself 30 minutes a day (fast forwarded on the DVR,) of over the top ridiculous. 

5. Bird Earrings
I try to harass you as often as possible about how great my friend Amity is.  I think it's important that everyone have someone close by that they know is honest, supportive, funny, and just enjoyable to be around.  If you live in the Austin area I would highly recommend Amity, but I fear  she isn't accepting any new friends right now.

This might be a lie, but I don't see her enough already, I can't have a bunch of people trying to occupy her time in an effort to get free earrings and stimulating converstation.

She does make some amazing earrings, and she gave me these a few weeks ago and I find that they make me really happy whenever I put them on.

She makes these and that's insane to me.
You can order them here.  She also is giving all my readers a discount of 25%, just enter the code Mommytherapy25 and it's magic.  Seriously, magic.

6. "Cheeeessseeee"

Both of my boys were saying several words by 18 months.  Cole could even repeat complicated words and speak with two or three word phrases.  I, of course, assumed all my children would be verbally gifted and go on to find some way to earn a zillion dollars (a million simply isn't what it used to be) using their robust vocabulary.   So, imagine my surprise when Stella is barely saying anything at almost 21 months.  She says Mama and Dada, and usually says da for yes and nein for mine because there is a lot of German on my side, but that's about it. 

I was pretty overjoyed though to hear her master "cheese" when posing for the camera.

I am seriously fearful of how dangerously cute she is these days.

7. Downton Abbey
I have been hearing so much about it lately that I decided to suck it up and watch it once I discovered season one on Netflix.  (Alex actually discovered it, but I'm not sure he wants everyone to know that he's watching English period pieces with me...wait, oops.)   I had to see what the hype was about and I'm totally hooked.  It's a nice change of pace. 

It's like adult Anne of Green Gables.  Or maybe not, but it feels the same to me for some reason.
Please though, do not tell my Mom that I am watching this.  I've been making fun of her love of all things English and PBS for years now, this is going to tarnish one of my key areas of teasing.  We might even have to watch it together in the future.  I dare say she probably even knows more than I do about what is going on...I can't wait to discuss cousins marrying cousins with her.

Oh, important sidenote though for those new to the show.  It isn't Downtown, it's Downton.  I had been thinking it was weird to have such an urban name for an English show, I stand corrected.

8. Girls Weekends
I have two in the works in May and I basically want to pee my pants with joy  when I think of these days away with amazing women. 

One weekend is with my best friends from elementary school, the people I crave most outside my family.  They are my family.  They are the ones that took me to Vegas last year where I was able to do insane things like drink a large glass of milk and eat a cinnamon roll at 5:30 PM....before dinner.

I can only imagine what we'll do this year at a private lake house.  Eat zero vegetables?  Drink after brushing  my teeth?  I'll keep you updated.

9. College Algebra
In college, I earned the highest grade in my college algebra class.  It was such a thrill to have grades printed and posted in order from best (me) to not-best (everyone else.) You see, I sucked at trigonometry and calculus in high school, and analytical geometry made my tummy hurt, but algebra  was totally my zone.  I understood and liked it.   So when Aiden had this question, the last one on the page in the picture, on his KINDERGARTEN homework, though shocked that my six year old was starting on stuff I felt such pride over when I was 19, I chose to simply be happy that I could help him.  

In case you can't see it reads, "I had some rocks.  I found 4 more rocks.  Now I have 9 rocks.  How many rocks did I start with?
Surprisingly, he could not have cared less about my high grade achievement in college, though I tried to work it in approximately six times.  I'll keep trying. 

Sidenote:  He also didn't care about my questions about why this person has so many rocks.  Do they work at a mining quarry?  Are they in to geology?

10. Sexy Old Lady Tap Shoes
I bought these shoes right after Christmas and they have been bringing me so much joy this month.  They are so fun with my skinny jeans.  I feel a little sexy, a little old lady, and a little bit like I should be could that not be a huge success?


What are you happy about from this month?


Emmy said...

Love your list!! So perfect! Those scholastic book orders always get me too. My mom always watched General Hospital - I never got into the soaps very much.

I got my earrings that I won, love them!

Thanks so much for playing along

Cynthia Meents said...

Those pictures of Stella are indeed adorable! This is a great list. I may have to emulate you. That just sounds so much classier than copy, don't you think?

Emmy said...

Oh and I forgot to say- with the talking thing, totally going through the same thing with Ryder. But then I just got an email the other day saying kids this age usually only say between 10-50 words-so not to worry.
The just yesterday Ryder said his first sentence- "no mine"-- made me so so proud- not!

RookieMom Whitney said...

Love your list. I thought of you (yes, you, an invisible internet friend) when I watched Modern Family (we are behind) and Claire went to the shooting range. (Whoops, if you are behind, I am sorry.)

Stella in polka dots is just ridiculously cute.

A girlhood friend recently reminded me that I held records for push-ups, sit ups and chin-ups at school for YEARS. I had forgotten, but really wanted to brag to my 7-year old asap.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Great list:) Girls weekends are the best...heck even just a girls night out is okay by me! Those energy balls sound like something I need to check out! I want to conquer pinterest too but I don't think it's going to happen any time soon!

January Dawn said...

I LOVE this list. So much goodness here. I can't wait for Scholastic Books when my son starts school this year (ack - so soon!). And I'm SO making those balls - they sound scrumptious. (that sounded really bad but I'm not changing a thing because I'm a little bit immature). Those earrings are AMAZING and girls nights....I am way overdue for one of those. I miss my girlfriends. Laughing til your tummy hurts - that's what's so awesome about girlfriends. Have FUN!

Mamarazzi said...

fantastic list. your little is seriously cute!! love the heart shades and all of the cuteness!

i have a deep love for all things scholastic too!

thanks for linking up, maybe i will see you again next week, that would make me very HAPPY!