Monday, February 13, 2012

Maybe I AM Too Nice...I'm Giving Away Earrings!

Well, the bad news is that I found myself curled in a ball on the floor next to Cole's bunk bed at 12:30 last night, crying and saying, "you aren't ever going to let me sleep, are you?  I can't handle this, I need to go to bed." 

It's safe to say I'm reaching mental insanity, totally sinking to my children's level due to sleep deprivation.  Tonight I plan on setting my alarm and waking whomever is asleep to ask for a tissue or if they know where my socks are, just because.

On yesterday's post, Jennifer mentioned that perhaps I was just being too nice to my waking children.  There is rarely a chance of that Jennifer...though the approval seeker in me adores that image.  A too generous Mom?  Dare to dream.  You are now my favorite reader though for thinking I could be that kind. 

Unfortunately, despite the seemingly basic cruelty of some of my kids' awakenings, 90% of them are because they are actually not feeling well.  They are having trouble doing little things like, oh say, breathing. I feel like I need to help them do that or this blog might turn in to something really depressing and I'll have to stop bitching about the big issues of getting enough sleep and the fights my kids are having. 

Another little problem?  A few nights ago, Aiden came in because his pillow was wet, which sounds really annoying, until I turned on the light in his room and there was so much blood all over his pillow and bed that it looked like there had been a stabbing.  I feel like it's probably OK to wake me up for a stabbing, or anything creating that much blood.  (Just a nosebleed folks, no stabbings yet.)

It'd be oh so much easier if they really did just suck.

I guess they probably aren't conspiring against me.  Well at least not for the night wakings, but being ill doesn't explain their carefully orchestrated disputes of insanity over things like the conjugation of the verb "do," how to properly sing the months of the year song, and whether Monopoly is pronounced Bonopoly (Cole) or Momopoly (Aiden.)

Sometimes I just want to scream, "You are both WRONG and probably mentally challenged for even engaging in this argument.  Shut your mouths so that no one else hears this insanity!"

But I don't, because like Jennifer says, I'm too nice. 

Wait, did my first sentence make you think there is good news?  Well, in fact there is.

You see, I have this friend named Amity.  She's pretty awesome.  She's supportive, intelligent, creative, and funny. You can read more about her here.

What's important for you to know now though is that she makes earrings. She makes cool earrings.  Not earrings that you might have made at summer camp or in an after school enrichment course in bead design, but earrings you want to wear because it makes you a better person, because you look better.

Now, as much as I think you all should just be excited that Amity exists somewhere in the world making pretty earrings that I get to wear, this actually does apply to your life.  This could change your life.

Two people are going to WIN a pair of her earrings.  You can see her Etsy store here (be sure to look at the bird ones, because I LOVE them,) but here are the two you could win. They are gorgeous, check it out.
Pale turquoise

Silver, similar to what I wear all the time, for those of you stalking me.  I know you're out there.


I know, some of you might be thinking, "Change my life Leslie?  Come on, they are just earrings."

Well, you have small minded, horrible thoughts.

You see, when you put on a pair of her beautiful, leather earrings if makes you feel prettier.  Feeling pretty makes you feel good.  When you feel good you are nicer and probably a better Mom and a better wife. When you are a better Mom and wife, your kids and husband are happier and so they go out in to the world and spread good.  It's really a pay it forward, bring world peace about faster though accessories sort of thing.  It can happen people, I've seen it.

How can you not want to change the world like that?  Don't you care about the world?  What about all the little children? What about the old people?  Don't you like old people?  Don't be ageist, it's horrible, and only you have the power to change it.  Remember Michael Jackson?  Remember Man in the Mirror?  Remember The Time?  He loved old people.

I know, you might feel confused now, but don't be scared.  Here's what you need to do to get those earrings and make world peace AND ageism disappear.

  • Leave a comment on this post stating one good thing about either leather or the elderly...or you can just say you like the earrings, but that just feels a little selfish now, right? One entry.
  • Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment telling me you did, because I'm not getting any sleep, I don't have time to track twitter for all your tweets and other bird related things. One entry.
  • Post about this giveaway to your Facebook page, and then leave me a comment telling me you did, because I'm not in all of your inner circles, even though I try so hard to be nice to you and get you to let me in, why do you fight this? One entry.
  • Go to Amity's Etsy store, hereEtsy, those five comments are going to be annoying enough.  FIVE entries, totally stacking the entire giveaway in your favor.
I'll use to pick a comment number next Monday night at 6:00.  You have a whole week to comment and spread the word! 

That's it.  We can do this!  Let's change the world. 

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Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

I like leather, Leslie. And alliteration.

Rachel said...

The elderly? I'm just glad I married a guy who can get senior citizen discounts while still showing off his guns :)

I'm your newest follower - nice to meet you!

Rachel said...

I love her shop! The third from last silver shimmery ones - yum!

momnextdoor said...

The last pair of earrings I bought was in high school. I deserve those earrings Leslie! I'm not saying you should rig your contest, (Yes I am) but I think you should take things like this into account.

And now I'm going to go to her Etsy store and then come back and leave another comment trying to guilt (I mean you) to pick me.

Awn said...

Leather is wonderful. Leather earrings are probably even more wonderful. Elderly people are pretty cool too.

momnextdoor said...

I like the green ones. I have green eyes. I think it's meant to be.

(I know I said I was going to try to guilt you but now it just seems like too much work and there's candy sitting in my drawer and it seems like I should put my effort into getting that damn plastic wrapper off of the package instead of guilting you. I think we both win. You're welcome.)

Sara Hedlund said...

Leather is great and keeps you warm. I posted to agave, but I don't twitter. You never said what the deal is with all the blood. Is aiden ok?

Kelly said...

I have twittered about the earrings hoping the words "super cute" will get some attention...we'll see.

Kelly said...

I have Facebooked it and told everyone they need to read your blog anyway. I'm sure your traffic will pick up like wildfire...or maybe my grandmother will start following you...we'll see.

Kelly said...

I like leather, but I really like earrings. She was pretty brilliant to combine them, because my earlobe strength is pretty limited. Maybe I should exercise them, at least one body part would be toned.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

My boys are constantly arguing about the dumbest stuff! And every once in a while I do scream "You are both wrong!" Anyway, that is my way of saying I totally sympathize with you:) Oh and those earrings are SUPER cute!

Emmy said...

Oh we have had a few nose bleeds like that in the middle of the night- never fun.

The Elderly- well my parents are elderly and I love them- so that is something loving and good right? :)

laura said...

We had a night last week where my son woke up covered in blood too (nosebleed). Scary!

Old people rule. I miss my grandma.

Leather earrings!?! Awesome!

Mel said...

Does this count: the elderly, with whom I work, are not as leathery as one might think; their skin is actually quite fragile and needs extra care and attention to stay in perfect condition.

The earrings are lovely, though.

Amy in Atlanta said...

Love the earings. I bet they're really light weight as well as beautiful. I hope I win!

Cynthia Meents said...

I like old people. I am an old people! As an old people, I thank you for your concern. And for the chance to win earrings.

Meredith Maczka said...

My grandmother called me twice Monday, three times Tuesday and three times today. Doesn't she understand that I work full time and have two toddlers? I found her persistence annoying at first. Then, I decided to turn that negative into a positive. With the goal of winning earrings.

yippiemom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
yippiemom said...

Dear momnextdoor...If you really haven't purchased yourself a pair of earrings since high school and assuming that you aren't a teen mom that just graduated last May then I am sad for you. If you don't win these earrings I feel compelled to do something special for you just to ease my guilt over my vast collection of earrings. If you end up being a loser (in the context of this giveaway), "convo" me at my etsy store and I'll make you a deal because your story depresses me! Amity Courtois...the maker of the oh so lovely earrings

momnextdoor said...

Amity - I am not a teen mom (although I find that a shame because if I was I could have my own reality show and I bet those girls buy themselves earrings ALL the time!)so if Leslie, I mean, doesn't pick me then you got yourself a deal!

Patricia said...

I went to the and kept hitting random number generator trying to pick the Daytona 500 winner for this coming up weekend. Didn't find a number I liked. And I'm pregnant. And I didn't get enough sleep. And I need caffeine. Can you feel me? Earrings would make my day better :)

Jessica Ahrendt said...

I'm commenting because your reminders are getting a little aggressive and I am kind of afraid not too. And I really LOVE the earrings!

Alyssa said...

Didn't I enter this yet? No? Maybe? I can't remember. I'm entering now. I don't even wear dangly earrings these days because my toddler would pull them out of my ears and then I would end up with blood dripping down my neck which is never a good look unless there are hot vampires involved.

But I still want these earrings.

craigdearing said...

I like your earrings!