Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just When You Think It's Going To Be Death By Lego Ninjago Talk, Joy Falls From The Sky

Afternoons are rough here sometimes.  Fine, afternoons are almost always rough unless we aren't home. Invariably Stella has been awoken from her nap too soon, Cole and Aiden have declared war over something as important as Lego design, and my patience has already been through the ringer and wearing thin.

There are lots of tears.

From all of us.
Since Cole was diagnosed with strep throat we were hanging out here today, our only outing a quick trip to stockpile Emergen-C for the entire family. I listened to countless hours of Lego Ninjago fight descriptions, excitement over pretend strategies for a fictitious Star Wars fight against Count Dooku, and heard, "Mommy, Mommy, watch this!" no less than six thousand times.  It would be safe to say that we were bored and had a bit of cabin fever. 

It would also be safe to say that I resurrected my fascination with meth addiction just for amusement.  Do people do this to cure boredom as well as stay up for unreasonable amounts of time?  I would get it.  I would. 

By the time Aiden got home, Cole was ready to hang out with a more interesting companion and I was interested in feeling like a real person again.  Why do I ever feel that the addition of Aiden will make things more entertaining?  Or, why do I ever feel that the addition of Aiden will make things more entertaining in a happy way?

After a mere 15 minutes inside, I mandated everyone outside in hopes of peace. My kids, like many, tend to be happier outside. Unfortunately there were sticks stolen, one threw a child-size broom at someone else, and there was an incessant demand for Star Wars Wii that ended in screaming tears and a repeated slamming of the door from the porch to the garage. (Cole)

Aiden, Stella, and I headed down the street on some bikes and I spent a few minutes praying for some relief, some peace.  These are the sort of days that make me question everything about myself and my current position.  I feel defeated because of the chaos, the tantrums, the monotony, and it seems to repeat itself over and over.  I felt desperate.
And wouldn't you know...relief and peace came pouring from the sky. The slamming and screaming ceased and we all converged on the driveway again for something I think they are calling "fun" these days.
This "fun" stuff is fantastic.  I highly recommend you all run crazy through the rain with your kids.
Particularly with those that don't understand umbrella logic.
Or those willing to fake brotherly peace for a photo opportunity.

And maybe even take your clothes off.*

Feeling washed in gratitude for such a wonderful break in the midst of another routine day.  We all needed it, and we all LOVED it.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! 

*I strongly recommend that everyone able to read this blog post plan on keeping their clothes on at all times while running through the rain in a residential neighborhood.  It only works for Stella because; she escaped while we were trying to strip down to go inside, she's one, and she has a PERFECTLY chiseled body.  If there weren't so many freaks out there I'd show you the video, oh it is cute!


Kimberly said...

I love playing in the rain! And that nakey picture of Stella is too cute! Don't worry, Gabe doesn't understand umbrella logic, either.

Awn said...

Growing up my mom loved when it rained and was warm enough to send us out into the yard. As long as there wasn't lightening, we would beg to go wearing swimsuits and rainboots!

Jamie Bennett said...

I too have had those moments when the thought of being able to stay awake for days with lots of energy made me almost understand meth. However, in those times of weakness, just remember what it does to the teeth. If you're half as vain as I am, it will put things back in perspective! ;-)

Cynthia Meents said...

I'm glad you managed to squeeze some fun in there. Days spent stuck in the house with the little ones do seem endless. They will grow up and quit fighting about legos, but they'll find different ways to drive you crazy.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Great post and a great reminder! It's been so warm here this winter we probably could run around in the rain...except it hasn't rained :-)

At our house, it's Bey Blades... on weekends, when they watch TV, the put it on Netflix and reenact the episodes... it does provide hours of entertainment, but the phrase "3,2,1, Let it rip!" makes me cringe!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

This is why we live in the country. I run like Stella all the time...!

Missy said...

Yes, I definitely have days when I wonder "where has it all gone wrong?" Then I put them to bed (sometimes earlier than usual) and most of the time the next day is, thankfully, better.

Emily said...

Oh, I get this. I totally, *totally* get this. I'm so glad you got some relief. Those rainy-play pictures are PRECIOUS!

Emilio.M said...

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