Sunday, February 26, 2012

I Like My Bagels Toasted and My Men Young

It's Alex's birthday. He's turning 34, while I on the other hand am settling in nicely to a different year. I don't know why I married a man younger than I am. I guess it was all the Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher stuff going to my head. I didn't think I was influenced by her, but what other explanation is there?

He guess he always flushes....and puts the seat down.  That's huge.

He's quite yummy to look at and still makes my stomach flip when he kisses me, which he always does when he walks in the door.  Best part of the day.

He works hard...on everything he does.  He is determined and the complete opposite of lazy when it comes to his job, his kids, or me. He is fiercely dedicated to all those things.

He is passionate and critical in the most productive way.  He is honest, faithful, and loyal.  He is so full of integrity. 

He participates fully in our family dance moments.  He is not a good dancer....but there is a slight chance that I am not either so it actually works out very well.  Neither of us have any problem busting out our moves to Otis or Beyonce on a Friday night with the kids.

He makes me laugh, and laughs with me.  He gets me, and even when he doesn't he attempts to and does so lovingly. 

He will watch The Twilight movies or The Bachelor and only make fun of the things I am making fun of, and will genuinely have a favorite at the final rose ceremony.

He's confident. 

He's capable of fixing almost anything around here and it never ceases to amaze me that he can just fix the a/c or install a new dishwasher like it's no big deal.  These things seem like very big deals.

He is simply awesome.  He is my partner in all of this and I am overjoyed that it has worked out like that because I can't imagine doing any of this  without him.

I suppose I can think of a few things besides Demi Moore's influence that caused me to go nuts for this guy.

Now I know you are wondering what we did to celebrate?

We celebrated his birthday the way every parent dreams, without our children.  We hired a babysitter and got the hell out of our kid chaos house so we could go shoot guns.

No kids and firearms?  It was a dream.

To be honest, I was a bit terrified.  I had only shot a shotgun a few times at a friend's house, so going somewhere to pay to shoot a gun around a lot of other people with guns sounded sort of horrible, but it was Alex's choice of birthday event so we went.

As soon as we got there I felt a bit overwhelmed by all the people. It was a crowded Saturday and apparently everyone wanted to shoot a gun to celebrate the weekend.  I'm fairly confident I was just paranoid, but everyone in there looked like a criminal to me.  It's a good thing I looked so bad ass in my protective eye wear.

Can you believe that I don't wear these all the time?  Alex could barely keep his hands off me.

We shot a 22 and a 9 mm.  I don't really know what either of those mean, but I was OK shooting one of them, fairly confident I could have been part of Charlie's Angels with it, thought the safety guy told me I couldn't pose with it or try to shoot it while turned to the side, lame. The other gun scared the shit out of me and I think I would be a danger to those around me if I was forced to shoot it again.

Alex handled it all much better than I did.  He didn't jump every time someone else shot a gun or complain that his thumb hurt while trying to load the bullets. He's very tough. 
   I'm pretty sure he was the only guy there in a Banana Republic shirt and loafers though.  I mean, I think that's some dangerous apparel, but surprisingly no one else was dressed like that for gun shooting.

After the range we went to an electronics store for Alex to put some wall speakers or woofers or something to do with sound for our stereo.  I was VERY interested.

We then headed out for sushi, a new love of mine and an old love of his that he finally gets to enjoy because I have decided we should go more often.  I still get confused about why things like "whole baby octopus" are on the menu to actually eat, but the other things that I do order are delicious. 

All in all it was a great birthday celebration. Unfortunately, Alex decided today that it would be a good idea to install those speaker things in our ceiling.  He had to actually take a saw to our wood ceiling, which didn't feel very celebratory.

Please note the blanket he placed on the floor to catch all the debris.  It seems like a really nice idea until you see the find coating of dust all over EVERYTHING in this whole room.  It was a lot less fun than shooting a gun to clean it all up. 

Happy birthday to my favorite husband!  I love you Alex!

(I guess honestly he's my only husband, but he is currently also my favorite so let's not get caught up in semantics, OK?)


Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Hope it was a happy one altho with guns--two kinds of guns, Leslie, you may be a shootist if you can remember those numbers after 48 hours !~!

Heather said...

Very sweet. I enjoyed reading it.
My husband and I are also not celebrating the same year...ok..curently not the same decade. :)

Emmy said...

Happy birthday to your husband! Sounds like a great birthday weekend for him. I have only ever held a gun, never shot one. I would be freaking a bit I think. We Love sushi!! So good

January Dawn said...

SO sweet. And funny. Sounds like you had an awesome-ish time (besides the sawing of the ceiling). My husband sounds like your husband - sushi loving, bad dancing and all. Gotta love 'em for trying!

Rhenee Berger said...

Yall are a beautiful couple...or is it handsome?! Whatever - this made me feel like I just watched a feel-good chick flick... :)

momnextdoor said...

(Whoa. The new comment page totally threw me for a loop for a second. I think I'm better now.)

Happy Birthday to your husband! I think my husband would be extremely jealous of how your's got to spend his birthday. A shooting range sounds like his idea of heaven!

Love the eye wear! Do you wear them to bed to spice things up? :-)