Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What Would Chuck Think?

I have purchased four pairs of shoes in the last 24 hours.  I think I'm out of control.

It all started because I had some Christmas money and after long, careful consideration about my greatest needs in the world, properly adorning my feet seemed to be the most frequent, frustrating challenge in my daily dressing life. I have a really hard life.

I love shoes...but I don't often purchase them.  It's a lot of work to pick them out, it seems that the chances of them causing me pain is too high to gamble on, and frankly they cost a lot of money for something I put on the ground.

After a trip to the mall and the almighty DSW though, I committed to four new pairs of shoes.  This feels excessive and I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable about the whole situation.  All the shoes aren't even attractive.  What the hell am I doing?

I fear that despite my carefully thought out decision of shoe need, I am really being swayed by a new, horribly embarrassing obsession I have. Perhaps I don't really need these shoes but rather I have now been brainwashed in to thinking that four new pairs of shoes is reasonable.

The obsession?  I have been watching non-stop episodes of Gossip Girl on Netflix.

I'm so ashamed.

It's so ridiculous but I can't get enough.  I had watched parts of previous shoes in the past when Alex was working late and I happened to land on it, but this is a devotion to the every movement of these characters.  I fear it might be ruining me. 

I find myself carrying the iPad around while I brush my teeth so that I can squeeze in 10 or 15 minutes before having to return to the care of my children. The past few nights I could be found huddling in a cozy chair outside my bedroom so that I won't keep Alex awake with the sound of fake upper class teens fighting about who's a bigger slut. 


I actually dreamt about Serena and Dan the other night.  So sad.

The only thing that I think saves me from believing my new infatuation with Gossip Girl is actually shaping my decisions is that three out of the four pairs of shoes I purchased look a little elderly.  In no way did I go out and buy extravagant shoes by Gucci or Stuart Weizman, and I am confident that Blair and Serena wouldn't be caught dead in my purchases.

Here is the only pair that I feel confident my Grandmother would not have worn:

But these? I mean, I love them, but they are so far from cool.  I actually found myself raving about the "arch support."  I might be more ashamed of this than my Gossip Girl watching.

I bought these because they were on clearance and I needed running shoes. I can't believe how reasonable I was about picking the less attractive, functional pair versus the really adorable pair that cost twice as much.  The good news is that I escaped purchasing the clearanced Reebok Runtones, which were in my giant DSW bag for at least thirty minutes. 

I can not describe how much I love this pair of shoes.  They are my absolute favorite, but I can't help but think of women wearing them on the way to the saloon or to fill their water basin.  (I'm not exactly sure what I mean here, but it does make sense in my head.)  They also slightly resemble adult tap shoes, which should be a negative, but I think that's part of why I love them so much. 

Some day I will take that adult tap class and invite you all to my recital.

Maybe I'll return them all tomorrow? 

Maybe I should just go grab the iPad and try to get a sense of what Blair wants me to do?  When they hell are she and that crazy Chuck just going to figure this all out?  They are meant for each other.


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Cynthia M. said...

First off, you can never own too many shoes. Don't even listen to your husband...or maybe that's my husband. Either way, he's wrong. Secondly, I adore your high-heeled adult tap shoes, and I think you should wear them everywhere. The only way they could be better is if they were red. Umm..let's don't talk about how many pair of red shoes I own. Ok. I think I'm done now....yes. I'm done.

The Random Blogette said...

I may have a slight shoe obsession myself. I haven't purchased any new ones this winter but I know it is inevitable. My black boots are literally starting to crumble. And usually I can't buy just one pair of shoes.

I like to blame everything on Gossip Girl as well. That show is super addicting. I even went off on my husband once because he actually had the nerve to delete it from the DVR.

Mel said...

I am ALL about a supportive shoe. Enjoy your splurge:)

Steph said...

I love love love Gossip Girl. Like one of your other commenters, I have

And shoes. I buy a lot of shoes just because they are on sale. Do I wear them? Sometimes. Do they look pretty in my closet, absolutely. :)

Amanda I said...

I secretly like Gossip Girl too, I don't know why. You definetely have shoes on the brain (you said you have previously watched parts of the shoes - now show - before). That was Perfect!!!!!!

Two Normal Moms said...

They are all cute shoes, for different purposes. At least you didn't pick four pairs of heels or something. These are pretty practical for different things!

However, I wore topsiders the first time they were popular (hello 80's), and feel I can't go there again. But you did almost have me at "arch support".

Two Normal Moms said...

I'm NOT insulting the topsiders - I have friends wearing them. And they are kinda cute. It's just... me.

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