Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nit, Gnat, Note

I received an email from Cole's teacher a little while ago stating that someone in the class had nits in their hair.  She was quick to point out this wasn't eggs or lice, which is good news, but now I'm left wondering what in the hell are nits?

Should I be more concerned? 

Are they akin to gnats?  If so then I think Cole's probably the carrier.  Remember all those half eaten bananas my parents left around?  Nothing draws the gnats like exposed banana. 

I checked Cole's hair and found nothing though, but I didn't really know what I was looking for in the first place, right?  I assume a small bug looking thing?  All I saw were hair and scalp while I was forced to listen to Cole's tale about how he thought bugs really were living in his hair because he heard them talking to him.

Should I be checking my child for multiple personalities or some form of crazy also?  If found would he still be permitted to attend pajama day tomorrow with Mother Goose? It's crucial that I have a break from the chatter all his people are giving me recently.  The child never, ever stops talking.   I listened to a 40 minute story while running errands today about a frog in the forest that had lasers and blew up rocks.  Oh. Dear. Lord.

Wait...could that be caused by nits?

It seems like I have a lot to Google.

One more quick story.

I can't believe I've been holding on to this gem for so long.  This hangs next to my bed, a reminder of what amazing kids I have, and how amazing I want to be for them. (Though I feel I deserve some sort of pass during their arguments over whether or not Cole can jump our six foot fence, or during a long explanation/narrative on the characters of Star Wars.)

While decorating for my birthday party, I became completely overwhelmed by the list of to-do's, the constant interruption my children were providing, and the dwindling clock which was making my stress level soar. Aiden bounced a ball right in to my work space and I completely snapped at him. I couldn't believe how harshly I told him to get away.

I felt awful.  I went to talk to him and apologized for the way I had spoken. He came to see me a few minutes later with this note.

Translation, "I forgive you 35 Mom.  I love you 35 Mom"  Repeat.

They sure do talk a lot and bounce balls at in appropriate times and test my every shred of patience and self control....but geez this sort of stuff is pretty amazing. 

Now, what's a nit?

By the way, if any of you are friends of mine on Facebook, apparently FB hasn't let me post anything other than photos on my wall for the last few weeks.  Would you mind reposting the link to the blog on your page?  I keep getting emails from people asking why I am not blogging anymore.  Spread the word, I do still exist! 

Well, as much as someone unable to share their Facebook status can exist.


Missy said...

Nits are lice eggs. Also knows as gross! We've had an issue with them in both of my children's schools for months, off and on. It's stressful, checking that hair all the time, praying you don't run across a little friend!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Huh, nits? Yuck.
Now, that note? Adorbs!

mama speak said...

Gah! You do NOT want nits! We got hit w/the hellish "super-lice" personally last year. In fact, I'm pretty sure we were patient 0 for the Topeka/Kansas City, KS outbreak in Nov of 2010. (Day before we discovered them, my girls tried on every. single. hat. in the GAP outlet store. Don't say I never gave you anything KS!)
Nits look a lot like dandruff, but are attached to the hair, you can't just pull them off. If you get them, get thy some lice stuff that has the "enzyme/protein thingy" (EPT) in it. (totally scientific word! I swear!) The "super-lice" eat the toxic lice-bomb-nuke shampoo/product for lunch. (Not joking on that actually.) The only way to really get rid of them, is to brush them out. You can only do that if you have the EPT which breaks down the material their exoskeleton is made of, also what they use to attach the nits to the hair. Then you have to wash every towel, sheet, etc.... in hot water & an hour in the dryer. (Make sure you are wearing an apron & latex gloves for this little excursion too.) Strip out of these clothes as soon as done & includ in the washer.) Stuffed animals, bike helmets, etc.. things that can't be washed; put into a ziplock bag in the freezer for 48 hrs. Yes, I'm totally serious about this. I had to do it 3 separate times last year. Lice can't attach as easily to dirty hair, so while you don't want to wash their hair every night, you do need to do checks. Best prevention? thick, nasty aqua-net type hairspray. Seriously! Also helpful, long hair, pulled up in braids! If their jackets, hats, backpacks are all stored together at school, ask the teacher to have them store them individually at their desks. Also, check to see if they're using headphones w/the computers at school. Anything like that needs to be wiped down w/alcohol at the very least. Preferably, not used until outbreak is confirmed over. Yes, I do totally have PTSD over this. It's miserable.
This concludes you local PSA regarding lice. Had this been an actually lice emergency, you would have been instructed on where to shelter & get additional information. (I hope it was just a test for you, I truly do.)