Monday, January 16, 2012

I Might Make Really Good Butter Cookies Dr. King, Seriously, It's a Recipe-ish

Over breakfast I attempted to explain to Aiden and Cole about why they had the day off school.  If you recall, race confuses my children. I wrote about it here

I like to think that they are so confused because they simply don't see skin color, but that's just a load of crap that people say.  Unless your children are blind, they see that people look different from one another.  It's important to talk about and celebrate the differences.

The book Nurtureshock says so....what choice do we have?

Aiden was actually very interested in learning about why his school is closed today and why the man with the gloves has a giant statue in DC, a holiday where things close, and a passion for letting people ride in the front of the bus....despite the fact that it's way more cool to ride in the back. 

Was that guy just confused?

Martin Luther King is definitely worth celebrating, no question, but wouldn't someone like Dr. King really want all the kids in school to celebrate and learn about him rather than partially attempting to listen to their Mom explain the horror of racial inequality while playing the Wii or fighting over who thought of the rule to the new jumping game? 

(Sidenote:  The new jumping game would probably just piss Martin Luther King off.  My boys line up coins they have found around our house and see who can jump to the next line of coins. I'm not sure what the goal is, or if a winner could be determined, even if my boys didn't fight over everything.single.thing.  He's probably shaking his head and wondering why these little while kids don't have any inspiration, wasting all their advantages.  I agree Martin, but I think it might be because they aren't in school today, and who's fault is that?)

Since we do have a holiday though, we should probably make something.  I mean, if the kids were in school there would surely be a party which would required me to sign up to bring some form of snack or, at the very least a 12 pack of juice boxes. I mean, what would Dr. King do? 

Did you say make cookies?  Well, I think you might be right.

I think that's what Ruth from would do too, since she wrote this recipe. She's smart.  I bet she loves all colors of least while she's eating these gems.

Dear Dr. King,

First and foremost, I want you to know that I personally respect and admire you.  Your work is beyond inspirational, it is life altering, humbling, and worthy of the highest form of recognition.  Due to your profound impact on racial equality and the thoughts and lives of millions of people, across many generations past, present, and future, I felt it would only be appropriate to share with you my recipe for low fat butter cookies. 

What higher form of flattery could I possibly offer?

I'm going to disregard the fact that you are no longer alive, it just doesn't seem pivotal in the realm of your impact, or in cookie making.  Agreed? 

First things first though, I am desperate to hear your opinion on the fact that your well deserved National Day of recognition is celebrated by closing schools.  I like to think that this sort of pisses you off, as it does me. I know you had kids, nothing should be celebrated by having more time with them except Christmas and their birthday.

I admit that sleeping until almost 8:00 this morning was something of a miracle, making me feel very celebratory, however is this really giving the most impact to our children's knowledge of who you were?  I did discuss you this morning over breakfast, but I am embarrassed to say that we didn't get much past Aiden's deep set belief that the coolest people ride in the back of the bus so he doesn't understand what all the fuss was about "brown" people riding back there.  Doesn't that just mean they are cool? 

Our conversation did delve slightly deeper than bus seating charts but I'm sorry to say that it was not what I would consider a success. I think at one point I was comparing slaves to blenders and Aiden and Cole couldn't get over the fact that Tractor must have been hanging out with Abraham Lincoln and fighting against Daddy in Texas.  My deepest apologies.

I simply didn't know where to begin to break all that apart, especially since Stella had just taken her diaper off and pooped on the floor of the bathroom, (I count that as almost potty trained.)  I apologize for failing to come even close to delivering your message, but once I am forced to explain times in which different people lived to kids that have yet to grasp exactly what next week means, I'm in way over my head. 

I did clean up the poop with 100% accuracy though, I have some skills.

Do you like low fat butter cookies?

Here's what you need to make the cookies:

1 cup butter, softened - that's right, two whole sticks. This might confuse you given the name "low fat" butter cookies, but really I just added the low fat to make you feel better.  Though, since being assassinated, saturated fat isn't probably high on your list of fears.  It's true though, I could have packed four sticks in rather than two. That's half the fat and people today really care about that....and racial equality of course.

3/4 cup sugar - not even a full cup!
1 egg - they are basically nature cookies
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/4 teaspoon salt

For the frosting:
1/2 cup butter, softened
4 cups confectioners' sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
3 tablespoons milk

You could not frost these, but then you would be making a huge mistake. I don't think you make big mistakes.  Add the frosting.

And preheat your oven to 375. 

Since my conversation didn't go super well with the boys this morning, I have decided we are going in a different direction.  We are going to have a movie marathon to illustrate the point.  I'm thinking of showing Roots, followed by Boyz In The Hood (perhaps not traditional, but Cuba Gooding Junior and Lawrence Fishburne really were fantastic, and anything with Ice Cube should be celebrated.)  I figure we'll pop popcorn and snuggle while we watch The Help to show that white women can be really stupid and mean when required to play bridge all day and wear slips. 

You really do deserve cookies though, let's get those all fixed up. 

First, you need to take out your hand mixer and cream the butter, sugar, vanilla, and egg together. Do you have a hand mixer? 

In a separate bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, and salt.

Slowly add the flour mixture to the butter mixture.  Add approximately 1/2 cup mixture for the time it takes you to say two of your famous quotes....those are really good by the way, even Google used them on their homepage today.  Congratulations!  You've really made it.

Once the flour and butter mixtures are combined, take out your cookie press.  What?  You don't have a cookie press?  After all your mass organization of marches and peaceful protests, no one ever gave you a cookie press thank you gift?  You passed too soon Dr. King.

The truth is, I don't have one either.  The first time I read this recipe all the way through was while I was actually already preparing the cookies.  I bet you were a more thorough sort of person though, more prepared than I. 

There is still hope Dr. King.  If you were to be able to find a cookie press, and I'm confident almost anyone sane that owns one would give it to you immediately upon request, because who could deny a dead human rights activist of your stature and fame, you can choose your cookie shape and begin however that works.

For the less famous of us though, not having a cookie press is just part of the harsh reality we encounter every day.  I was able to simply press the dough with my hands and then use a cookie cutter to cut out my desired shape.  I may be white, but you just can't say I haven't suffered.

I almost hate to tell you this Dr. King, but Cole and Aiden just told me they are going on a hike in the back yard.  It sounds great and imaginative, they even have backpacks and hiking sticks, but Cole informed me that their mission is to kill the Indians.  Apparently my conversation about equality and ethnicity needs even more work than I thought.

In my defense, their only weapons are a wooden sword and an old rake.  The Indians would totally kick their asses if this were actually some sort of a fight...not that I would ever allow them to actually fight a minority in our back yard, what is this, Columbus Day?

How did this become about Christopher Columbus?  Back to the cookies. 

Once you have the shapes you want, put them on an ungreased cookie sheet and put them in the preheated oven for 6-8 minutes.  Remove them when they are set and immediately move them to a cooling rack.

After you make the frosting and the cookies have cooled you can frost them and then eat them because they are so soft, buttery, and racial equality.

Currently Aiden has Stella and Cole sitting next to him on the picnic table and he's pretending to read the Bible.  Maybe there is some good here.

Enjoy your cookies.  We'll keep celebrating you, and you keep doing whatever it is you get to do now. 

Are cookies a big part of your life? I don't see how they could not be.


Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I am making these. For him, because it's the right thing to do. Besides, the small amount of sugar totally makes up for the butter.

lcarp51 said...

I agree. I think we all need to make cookies to celebrate MLK. By the way, have you seen Jello cookies? Those can be made in different colors. Then you would have a visual for your kids. (I had never heard of them until today. Maybe that's a sign.)

Sara said...

Reading this left a smile on my face.

The Sugar Mountain said...

I made cookies today too! xo

alanna rose said...


Mel said...

Nothing better than some MLKJ and warm butter cookies. Mmmmmmm....

momnextdoor said...

Your recipe-ish's never fail to make tears stream down my a good way of course.

Bud informed me that he would never make Martlin Luder King sit inthe back of the bus. I'm pretty sure he meant Martin Luther King. Pretty sure. Either way, I thought it was nice of him.