Monday, January 2, 2012

Complaining About School Is Like Complaining About The Rain...Or Not, It's Late

Due to prior bad experiences I have made a solemn vow to never, ever complain about a few things in particular.  If you have been reading very long, this proclamation might surprise you given my tendency to use this blog as a forum in which to vent and release all my woes of motherhood. 

You should probably just take that first statement as an indicator that it could be worse, I'm trying to be least periodically.

After living in Texas for eleven years now, I will not ever, EVER complain about the cold, or the rain.  I look forward to having to wear a heavy winter coat and rain boots, particularly since I love my rain boots.. 

Also, after experiencing the terror of pooping the first time after giving birth to each child (if you have ever had a baby then you understand that this is a horrific thing,) I won't utter a word of annoyance about my propensity to poop multiple times in a day with ease. 

(That was potentially a huge over share. My apologies, sort-of.  I'm simply someone that can discuss bowel movements without a problem.  Let's embrace it.)

After last summer I made a firm decision that I would never be a Mom complaining about school.  Last summer, aside from my month in Indiana at my parents' house, was boring, unstructured and way too freakin' hot to function.  School gives all of us a schedule, a break, and a purpose. We are happier people in school.

Tonight, on the eve of Aiden's return to kindergarten after more than two weeks off, I'm sticking to my no-complaining rule.  I am, however, thinking this situation might merit a brief pros and cons list. 

I have decided that I am not breaking my rule by writing the cons, but merely giving stronger meaning to the pros.  What is happiness without sadness?  What is cold without hot?  What is big without small? 

Am I blowing your mind?  I assume this brief, yet profound exploration of the meaning of our labels of emotions, weather, and objects is a lot like when you sit and try to think about the world before anything was here and your head starts to hurt from the inability to wrap your brain around it.

Am I off track? 

Fine, back to the pros and cons list of starting school.

  • Eight hours a day with only TWO kids!
  • Waking up at 6:30 skyrockets my productivity.
  • Aiden watching zero TV during school weeks and seeming better for it.
  • Watching Aiden climb on the bus, elated, and get off the same way.
  • Hearing things like this, "Mom, have you heard of this guy, Vincent Van Gogh?"
  • A drastic decrease in sibling fights over fictitious races and awards, who is looking at whom, and whether or not Cole can read Aiden's mind.  (Cole's firm that he can, Aiden is adamant that he can not.  I don't know who's right.)
  • No more leisurely wake ups at 7:30.
  • Aiden taking so long to poop that we are often in a panic getting him to the bus stop gives me a heart attack.
  • Aiden fighting sleep so he can stay up worrying about serious issues like what he's going to pick from the good behavior treasure box or if he's going to have music class.
  • Hearing things like this, "Mom, I learned what it means when you stick your middle finger up at someone, and it isn't very nice."*
  • Keeping track of all of Aiden's stuff...he currently doesn't have shoes to wear to school in the morning.  Details, details.
I think the pros seriously outweigh the cons in this fight. I'm firmly pro school, at least for now.

By the way, I hope everyone had a great new year! 2012 is going to be a fantastic year....especially since one of my kids can read minds! 

*According to Aiden, the middle finger means, "Go Away!" He was right, that is not nice at all.


lcarp51 said...

The world is right again when you post. So glad you're back.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Thoughts of "a finer buddy than the usual regulars' had occurred to me in your absence. I sigh smiling to read that you are still coming to commune with us. Happy 2012 and Happy.Kid.In. School for all days-ies.

Kmama said...

I really like when the kids are in school too. When they are home, they expect to be entertained 24/7, and I just don't have that in me.

After all the festivities were done on Christmas night, we all sat down and my oldest told me he was bored. WHAT???

Missy said...

I love your pros and cons list. And your over-sharing is some of my favorite parts of the blogging world. Thank you for your willingness to do it. ;)

momnextdoor said...

WHY DOES IT TAKE THEM SO LONG TO POOP? I may be a bad mother (please don't comment on that part, just let it go) but since Bud was little, and now with Babe, if they have to poop I sit them on the toilet and then leave the room. In my defense, the bathroom is off the living room so I can see them, and I leave the door open, but seriously, I do NOT want to sit in the bathroom for 17 minutes staring at my children. It was fun when they were babies but now that they are old enough to sit on the pot, staring at them endlessly just isn't that fun anymore.

And I think I don't need to mention the smells that are possible from a kindergartner. What is up with THAT? What am I feeding this kid? Good God!

And with that I wish you a very good afternoon!