Sunday, December 4, 2011

You Know It Was A Good Birthday Party If You Find Lingerie In The Nursery and Smoke Cigarettes From China

It's official, I'm 35.
If you see me this week and you think, "Geez, Leslie looks older than she did last week, " you would be correct.  I definitely am going to look older this week for two reasons.  First, I am older, and second, my overindulgence at my birthday party caused me to seriously age.

Not only was I up until at least 3 am, I went to bed with my makeup still on my face, (I know that was difficult for you to hear Mom, it will probably be the worst part of this recap for you,) shortly after I spent some quality time on my bathroom floor by the toilet. 

(Oops, sorry again Mom.)


Let's back up though.

The party was beautiful.  I unfortunately don't have a photo of the disco ball surrounded by inverted balloons in my skylight.  It was awesome. Sue's image and creativity in designing my house was beyond awesome.  It looked awesome...and tasted even better.

Food table.

The very dangerous bar. 

Desserts - YUMMY!

Good friends were there and it was fun.  Oh so fun. I didn't take nearly enough photos with people since the camera was mostly out at the beginning, but here are a few. 

(Sorry I'm posting the photo while you were eating Amity!)

That's the back of my dress that looks like I have a large mane, which is all the rage in case you don't know.

Please note the two drinks in my hand in the photo above.  That's a problem.  That was a big problem.

It all started with this man pouring the drinks. 

An officer of the law who I basically believe was sabotaging me, just like when I was targeted by law enforcement and unfairly charged with doing something that I did and got that ticket last year.  Remember?  If not, check it out here.

He made the choice to be in charge of making sure my drink was always full, and the drink was always strong.  Sometimes the police are not your friends.  He looks friendly and nice, but he totally sabotaged me. 

Yes, I blame him rather than me because that makes me feel better, and that's what's important.

The real gem though is that my boys spent the night at his house, in fact Cole ended up sleeping in between he and his wife.  His wife even came to get Stella in the morning since Alex and I were both not in any condition to take care of her.  He kept my kids until 1 on Sunday, so I guess, maybe I shouldn't blame him...but I still sort of do.

I think the night started to get a bit odd around midnight.  I believe there is a video floating around somewhere of me dancing like I'm in a rap video, which we all know is the best way to dance, which was filmed around this time.  I'm sure it will appear just as I'm about to be elected to public service in some way. Damn my poor decisions!

I remember thinking doing a tequila shot with Alex's friends and then having some Bailey's sounded like a good idea, so clearly I was very, very confused.   The party moved to the screened in porch and there were cigarettes from China, and I am pretty sure I agreed to be a surrogate for a friend's baby, even generously offering to do it at a third of what I heard someone is paid for such a thing. 

I'm really nice after tequila.

At some point, one of Alex's friends went in to Stella's room to rock here because she was waking up frequently.  Here is proof though that I was in fact trying to take good care of her.

I was clearly concerned about what was going on in that monitor.

For some reason, bringing her out on the porch seemed like fun, so I did.  This feels weird when I think about it now though, especially since I soon after had to give her to Alex so I could go throw up for a bit. Oh wow.

I know that after that I shoved everything off my bed, put on sweatpants and went to bed.  Sometime after that Alex brought Stella to me to go to sleep. I love that he did that instead of just putting her in her bed.  So odd, but fine. 

Almost as odd as the fact that neither or us can explain why his framed diploma is in our bathroom, next to the toilet.  Any answers to that mystery would be welcomed.

Oh, or can anyone tell me who's bra was left in Stella's room? Insanity.
Speaking of Alex though, he looked super cute for my birthday.

Love, love, love my Alex.

All in all, it was a great birthday, a wonderful party. 

Oh, and I cleaned up on ear accessories.  You can feel confident that I will be wearing an array of amazing ear decorations for a while now.  Thank you Jessica (Noonday Collection earrings), Amity (who makes those amazing silver dangles from leather!!!!), and Shanyn!

That was a fun surprise, especially since I specifically asked people to not bring a gift.  I love it when my friends feel that they should break the rules. Can't wait to wear them all.

I loved the party and can not thank Sue enough for this amazing event.  No joke, if you have any catering needs she will blow your mind with awesome.

I am very much ready to get back to normality though.  It's time to do some Christmas decorating, pour out the mixed drink remnants, and vow to never ever drink again.  I think one of the reasons this night was so very fun was that it is not the norm, at all, for our life and it was fun to cut loose and be silly. 

It's also fun to not do it again for years. 

Thank you friends for a great birthday!


Rhenee Berger said...

Hahaaa...that's AWESOME!! Every now and then the momma should break all the rules :D Sounds like a grand party ~ Happy (belated) Birthday!!

lcarp51 said...

The guy pouring the drinks looks like Derek Jeter from here. Maybe you need to send him a recipe...

Emmy said...

Happy Birthday! And glad you can remember most of your party :)

Two Normal Moms said...

The party looks awesome!
However, tequila and Bailey's makes my stomach turn to just read about it.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

that is the best birthday ever. Damn. I can barely get my hubby to buy me a cupcake! Happy belated Birthday!!!!

Shell said...

Looks like a lot of fun!

Mel said...

Okay, the food and decorations look both fancy and beautiful and yummy! And the picture of you holding the two drinks? It appears as if you are defying some laws of physics with the hold. I'm impressed. Glad it was awesome!

Mel said...

Okay, the food and decorations look both fancy and beautiful and yummy! And the picture of you holding the two drinks? It appears as if you are defying some laws of physics with the hold. I'm impressed. Glad it was awesome!

January Dawn said...

That looked like a rockin' partay! Glad you had fun and people showed up! ;) It's good to cut loose sometimes...please tell me you danced to some dirty hip hop. Genuwine?

momnextdoor said...

Yay! People showed up! See! People like you! (Or at least like the parties that Sue throws.) (Can you blame them? WOW!) But I suspect they were there for you as well! :-)

Happy belated birthday!