Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Our House Has Changed

Stella, Cole, and Aiden have been on multiple tractor rides.

M&Ms are delivered in 5 piece increments after dinner to each child willing to give Tractor a hug.

The laundry is folded without sitting in a basket for the regular two day minimum.

The garage and the baby smell like stale cigarettes.

There are six extra large wine bottles on the kitchen counter.

People are calling flip flips "thongs," and overalls "overhauls."

There are tissues filling the guest bathroom trashcan, as well as haphazardly scattered around the house with empty water glasses.

Actual music is coming from the piano.

The kids had their picture taken with Santa.

There is confusion about wi-fi, blu rays, and a different microwave.

The stockings are personally decorated, and hung.

Three Lego sets have been assembled.

Replenishing groceries?  No big deal.

There are five empty cereal boxes from the past three days.

Feet pajamas for a six year old were requested and purchased within 24 hours.

Approximately 30 books have been read in two days.

There has been zero bedtime panic due to lack of help.

Stella wants nothing to do with me, or Alex.

The blog world has been passed over for extra cups of coffee in the morning and a lingering dinner is tough to walk away from for a computer.

Crying for any reason, by any child, elicits immediate sympathy and a willingness to remedy the situation.

Errands have been run in peace.

The Christmas mood is amplified.

Lots and lots of joy abound.

Grandma and Tractor are in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Photos and a cookie recipe-ish to come in the next few days!) 


Dwija {House Unseen} said...

I love you, Grandma and Tractor!

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Blessed are those whose parental-types are loved and enjoyed by the kids; I really am happy for you, Leslie. You just keep feeding and loving and all will be ok with the world... probably.

Jen said...

This sounds absolutely wonderful!! Enjoy your special time with them :)

momnextdoor said...

Awesome!! I am hoping this is a glimpse into my life in the coming days. People start arriving tonight.

Enjoy while you can!! Merry Christmas!

Emmy said...

Yea!! Sounds like grandparents at their finest! Enjoy this time and have a wonderful Christmas

Two Normal Moms said...

Those are my kind of grandparents! Enjoy!