Monday, November 7, 2011

You Hunt, I'll Gather Ear Wax

Yesterday, I found a used q-tip stuffed inside the straw of a sippy cup.  When I write "used," I mean both ends covered in nasty orange-brown wax.  It was in the drawer I fill with clean cups for the kids, which means one of my children found a dirty q-tip and stuffed it inside the straw, then put it back in the drawer. 

Or it means my husband has lost his mind and is now abandoning any attempt to act like the adult along with me around here.

I was lying in bed last night reflecting on finding this q-tip and marveling at the fact that it wasn't even the grossest part of my day, when I feel like something like that clearly should have been. Unfortunately, an unlimited access to a bag of raisins placed too low, and two meals in a row served with corn meant that changing Stella's diaper trumped dirty ear wax in drinking straws. 

Kids are gross.

Alex went hunting this weekend, leaving me with the three kids solo for the weekend.  I genuinely wanted him to go, I really did. I complain about how often he is gone, particularly about having to cover dinner, bath, and bedtime solo every night, but the truth is that he is always working and never, ever does anything enjoyable for himself.  He needed it. 

I however, did not need more time with the kids.

Me wanting him to go, and me hating the fact that I was left with three kids by myself for the weekend are two totally separate things.  I have spent way too much time with my children in the last few days, making my appreciation of them dip a little lower than it should for a loving Mother. 

We need a little "absence makes the heart grow fonder" type of thing around here. 

I'd particularly like a little absence from Cole and his inability to sleep.  He's pushing the whole family to the edge.  I bet Aiden was the one that put that q-tip in the straw because he's so traumatized by the stress of a brother that just won't go to sleep and insists on screaming and crying instead. I'll probably soon find Stella and Aiden in the backyard eating sand or rolling in dog poop. 

I really don't know what either of these things have to do with having a brother that won't sleep, but both seem like fairly insane choices that might be made by someone that is being kept up or frequently awoken by the cries of a sibling. I'm confident this must be in a medical book somewhere.

I'll go look that up, just to be sure I can protect them from things getting to that point.  Meanwhile, here are some photos from our non-stop Mother and children time over the past few days.  They are a bit Stella intense, primarily because she is the most adorable, though definitely not the most easy going, that award goes to Aiden for this weekend. 

Stella has an obsession with finding the moon, even during the day.  Cole earned some serious big brother points by trying to hold her hand to get her to go inside for dinner.  He has some good points.  :)

This is how I wish the whole weekend had gone.  Aiden reading to his siblings and the dog.  Love it.
Turns out Stella really likes pudding and I love seeing her get messy enjoying some chocolate.
Another example of how I wish the whole weekend had gone, but it did not.
Despite her blanket being dropped in poop, Stella was traumatized by having to have it washed.  She spent the entire wash cycle like this and crying hysterically when it all got to be too much.
A little bible reading and stroller pushing.
Watching Aiden's soccer game.  A lot of snack eating to elicit cooperation. 


Mel said...

Girl, kids are freaking gross. How did we not realize how freaking gross they were BEFORE we had them? Luckily, they're freaking adorable a lot of the time too. It helps to balance out the ear was straws!

Lizbeth said...

Oh yeah, I'm with you on your husband needing time to recharge but not wanting to spend a second more with the kids. Sigh. Well at least it's monday and some of the kids are in school. Right? Right??

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

That Q-tips wins hands down over anything I have ever found in a sippy cup. Wow.

Sorry you have had such a run of Ick with the kids. Makes it hard to hold them when you more likely want to fold em...

... in half and stuff em in the front loader for a rinse cycle. How long can they hold their breath at that age?

Emmy said...

Totally get what you are saying about the husbands being away. I like to let him go though, as then I can hold that in reserve for when I want a weekend away.

And the q-tip- yeah that is pretty gross. Stella is o cute eating pudding

Kimberly said...

Kids ARE gross. But those pictures disguise their grossness extremely well. That one of Stella searching for the moon with Cole trying to guide her is precious. And the laundry thing? Happened to me yesterday when Trinity woke up with a rash and I decided it was probably from her favorite blanket being disgusting. She cried outside the laundry room door for an hour or more.

Good luck with the sleep issue! I can completely relate.

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

Aw poor Cole and his sleep problems. I feel bad for him. Hopefully he will grow out of this soon. Or you could just trade him in for another aiden, he seems the most payed back out of the bunch ;)

I love that Stella sat there the whole time and watched her blanket get washed.

Ethan loves finding the moon during the day too. When he can't see it, he'll say "moons sleeping" so cute!

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

Meant layed back above.

Kmama said...

Cute pictures!

I completely understand the lack of sleep pushing the family to the edge. My youngest was such a TERRIBLE sleeper. We even did the sleep study thing. In the end, flonase and zyrtec on a nightly basis helped immensely.

Kelli @ RTSM said...

I totally get needing some absence makes the heart grow fonder time! I feel like that quite often! Kids are really gross...between their poop, snot, and vomit I don't know how us moms handle it!

January Dawn said...

I am with you about the husband being away and needing a break from the spawn (though my husband is away for business AND pleasure for TWO WEEKS - New Zealand and Australia - could I BE anymore jealous and anymore wanting to jump off a cliff right now - no). Alas, it looks as though SOME parts of your husbandless week-end (maybe mere minutes) were pretty freakin' adorable. And yes, kids are SUPER gross.

suzannewilson said...

Great pics - love the commentary, bible reading and stroller - Ellen is into the moon these days too. Maybe she and stella can go to the planatareum some time:)

KSK said...

Kids have to be so cute to hide their true nasty little selves. I remember (pre-child) I was watching a friends kids for minute, while she ran to the store-- and her daughter had a cold with the snottiest nastiest grossest runny nose ever! I nearly gagged.
...but I think a dirty q-tip stuffed in a straw beats it!