Tuesday, November 22, 2011

If I Can Get Off The Bean Bag

I have grossly overestimated my ability to accomplish things today.  It's only 11am and I have basically surrendered.  I'm watching a horrible version of Three Musketeers with Cole and typing about my unfinished tasks rather than trying to do any more of them.

It seems like a reasonable solution to a to-do list.

Cole and Stella both woke up around 5:30 and neither are in the mood to run to the grocery store, refill my skin products at Origins, or play quietly while I bake and cook and launder and pack everything that is sitting still.  I don't get it.

We successfully made it through the grocery store, many thanks to the HEB Bakery for their delicious powdered sugar donuts.  I'm fairly confident I would have left without half of my list if there had not been baked goods to distract them.

Side note:  Is it actually stealing to eat the donut while walking around the store?  I feel like I read an article somewhere about how this is a horrible thing to do, but I'm still doing it.  Sometimes I'm so starving when I get to the store that I have to eat a donut myself, even if the kids aren't with me just to curb my instincts to purchase everything I see.  I always feel guilty and a little dangerous while doing it though, I assume that makes it OK.

We are heading to Houston for Thanksgiving with Alex's family.  It's two days of a lot of people, a lot of food, and mostly a lot of fun.  I have great in-laws.  I genuinely love hanging out with them.  I just hate dragging my kids in to the commotion for two nights and two days of whining as they progressively get more and more sleep deprived, sugar laden, and over stimulated.  I am by far the biggest whiner about this.

Everyone else delights in the joys of seeing all the cousins frolicking together and sharing moments and the whole time I'm yelling in my head, "CALM THE HELL DOWN!"  I don't actually yell it though because I'm such a great person. It is fun to see them develop little relationships, I just wish they all were more inclined to spend their time together coloring, playing jacks (calmly), and reading books. 

Wouldn't it be so fun for all the kids to sit and read stories for two days?  I can't think of a better image. They could form a little cousins' book club and discuss which Skippy John Jones book is the best.  I might try to initiate that this year. Best Aunt EVER? 

Probably not.  There probably will be very minimal book reading or coloring done.  I bet they don't play the Quiet Game once.  That's some fun silence.

I working on my positive attitude though about the holidays because I tend to be a bit like Debbie Downer when it comes to all the festivities and ideas that are "so fun for the kids!"  (Beware of that statement, it usually means trouble for the adults in some capacity.)  Geez, already slipping.

I'm starting my new attitude with embracing the fact that all the things I wanted to make before our trip just might not get made, and that is OK.  My plan is to bake muffins, lots of muffins, two pies, and macaroni and cheese. It doesn't sound horrible when I type it but I'm still sitting on a bean bag, now watching Veggie Tales, and even making the pb&j which Cole is requesting sounds like a very challenging task. 

Everything feels more difficult when you are starting from a bean bag.  Nothing about the bean bag inspires me to get stuff done.  Possibly this is why my children refuse to clean up, come to dinner, get their shoes on, etc. when they are in them?  Maybe I should be more understanding?

I feel like I should confess something.  I'm not like Debbie Downer.  I am Debbie Downer when it comes to the holiday logistics.  Even with my own little family, anything sounding fun can only be done between the hours of 8 am-12 pm or 3 pm -5 pm and can't occur at our house, or involve any more than two additional children. 

It's really a mental condition I have. 

Or a talent, I could totally write Debbie Downer skits for Saturday Night Live all the live long day.  It's just a gift.  I can't deny that God gave me a fantastic talent. It's wrong to not cherish and develop what He gave to me. I'm also really good at picking up things with my toes, which I might have mentioned previously. God really loves me.

It's happening though.  I'm feeling motivated.  I'm mostly motivated to go eat a zucchini muffin, but I have to make them before I can eat them so this might work out to get a few things done.  

If I can get off this bean bag then I am officially challenging myself to be positive all the way through Sunday...even when Alex deserts me again to go kill Bambi, even when Cole is screaming and whining because Aiden ate his piece of bread or doesn't feel like going to the bathroom, even when Stella won't let me put her down or anyone else hold her because she is so exhausted, even when all the kids at Thanksgiving touch all the rolls before choosing the one that they want, even when Alex decides it's a good idea for Cole and Aiden to run through the mud in their only pair of shoes, or even when Aiden tells me he doesn't like me because I won't let him have soda.  Yeah, even then.


I had to get it out.  Nothing but holiday cheer from now on!

Happy Holidays Everyone! 


momnextdoor said...

And a Happy Holidays to you too! I hope you are able to get off the bean bag (perhaps one of the reasons I don't own one) and I would enjoy a Debbie Downer skit from you! I rarely can keep my eyes open long enough to enjoy SNL but I'd read about your skit here! :-)

Just be happy the holiday experience is not occurring at your house! :-)

Kimberly said...

Happy early Thanksgiving to you! My biggest complaint about the holidays is that Josh and I both come from crazy family dynamics, so we're constantly running in order to see everyone. Seriously, between biological, adopted, and step-parents, we have about a half dozen places to visit on any given holiday. It gets to be annoying. And it's worse now that we have kids.

Here's hoping for a quiet, calm holiday for you!

hyzymom said...

I think I might love you! Plus you and I should host Thanksgiving... we would have the bestest, quietest holiday ever! I love Debbie Downer, because mostly she's right!

Sara said...

Our fun times also only occur during said hours!! Naptimes and early bedtimes - so bittersweet.

Two Normal Moms said...

Do you know how much it does my mind good to know I'm not the only one? I mean it's easier now that mine is older, but still - I have felt that way many times. Probably too many times!

The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

I'm with you on the "calm down". Sometimes I think I should've been born back in the day when children were seen and not heard. All of the noise and craziness is a bit (okay, a lot) overwhelming at times!

By the way, I love the pic of you on your home page. BEAUTIFUL!!!

Emmy said...

So how did it all go? I hope it went well. But yea, the chaos of all of the cousins together starts to get to me too.

Shell said...

I wish my boys and their cousins would have that kind of quiet fun together. It's 7 kids under 7... and it's just LOUD.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's stressful.
Good luck! :)
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