Thursday, November 17, 2011

I Brain Storm A Holiday Card and Other Random Events In My Head Today

I finally have a photo of me without any farm animals on here! I can only assume that soon I will be paid gazillions of dollars for writing this blog now that I have upped the professionalism a bit. 

Thank you to my favorite photographer and amazing friend Sara of Sara Morris Photography. 

Check her out here.

Sara took our family photos when we were in Indiana this summer and looking at them all again makes me sort of want to send out Christmas cards. I have never sent them out. 

That's right, never.

Some of you might have thought over the years that I had just been leaving you off the list, and while that could be true if there had been a list, there sadly has been no list to be left off.

It just seems like a lot of work.  I mean, who's going to collect all those addresses?  Who's going to pay for all those cards and stamps?  I can't even afford new skincare products.  Why would I send everyone I know I piece of paper that says Happy Holidays if I can't even protect my face from sun spots?

It's important to keep your priorities straight this time of year.

This might be the year though.  I'm feeling oddly motivated to take on this challenge.

I tried to convince Sara during our photo shoot to take a few photos of Alex and me kissing, because it always seems funny to say in the moment, but she wasn't interested in doing that.  She can be strange.

I like to think that if she had taken me up on my idea, I would forgo the adorable photo of our three children with the word JOY across it and replace it with one of Alex and me making out, like really making out.  You have to admit, it would be gross, but sort of funny. 

I just spent 15 minutes on holiday photo card sites imagining all the sample photos replaced with Alex and me while giggling to myself.

Spread Holiday Cheer?
Warmest Holiday Wishes?
Making Spirits Bright?

They are all funny when paired with an inappropriate photo of a couple making out.

 Why don't I feel like I have time to gather some addresses? 

Maybe I should be employed. 


Speaking of photos.  Here is one of Stella's highlights this week.

I had just turned around to walk to the stove and she climbed onto a chair, then the table and grabbed the jar of peanut butter.  She dripped a large amount on to her foot and then gave me this expression when I confronted her. 

I'm screwed.


I found a gold star sticker on my butt last tonight in the shower.  An actual gold star. I have no clue how it got there.

My mind immediately went to the Max Lucado book, You Are Special in which all the wemmick people are either given gold stars or gray dots.  Gold stars signify you are good and gray dots, nothing special. 

I gotta tell you, I felt an irrational surge of pride as I looked at the sticker and thought about this book . 

Clearly I need to read the full book a few more times because the full message of the tale isn't quite sinking in with me.  I really liked getting that gold star for my ass which is totally undeserving of positive recognition of any kind these days.


Sometimes you think you are really doing a good job teaching your kids about being kind, and then you drive by your neighbor's house and your four year old says, "there's the crazy people's house," and you feel like you may have some work to do, because it really is the crazy people's house and he maybe shouldn't know that.  Oops.


I realized earlier today that I haven't had my hair cut since June and it looks pretty horrid.  My friend Scott told me I think like Laura Ingalls, which is, surprisingly not the look I really want to have right now.

I wonder how often JLo has her haircut?  I want to look like JLo.

I bet she gets lots of gold star stickers on her butt.


Other photo favorites of the week so far. 

I have yet to capture Aiden, but that at least gives me a goal for tomorrow.

Found them watching cartoons like this.  Melted my heart. 
First tights this season.  LOVE them.  Thank you Grandma!

I'm off to clean my house, bake muffins, make a craft, sew a curtain, potty train Stella, and teach Cole to read!

Fine, I'm going to eat leftover spaghetti. 

Right now it feels equally important to all those other things. 


Shell said...

You look fabulous!

I haven't sent out Christmas cards in years. I suck at getting to them.

And then I have this guilt about the cards that I get in the mail- will people be offended if I don't send them one back? And will they be mad when I throw their card w/the pics of their kids in the trash after Christmas is over?

Lorilynne said...

I did Christmas cards for the first time last year. I had been avoiding them forever but decided to finally tackle them when I took a super cute picture of my kids in Santa hats. I got lucky because Shutterfly was doing a promotion for bloggers where if you blogged about them, they would give you 50 free cards. Score! I've been looking for that same deal this year but no such luck yet. I just gathered addresses through facebook. I did have about half my cards left over but since they were free, it wasn't a huge deal.
Love the new picture!

Kimberly said...

You are gorgeous! And so are your kiddos. Too cute. Don't feel bad about not sending out Christmas cards. I've never done it, either. Maybe someday, but right now it's not worth the expense.

Jen said...

LOVE the new pic! (Although I will admit that I have a slight pang of sadness for the pig...that posting was his road to fame!)

momnextdoor said...

I'll admit, I really did love that picture of you and the pig, but hands down your new picture is much more attractive! :-)

That Stella! She's fun! (For me, because I don't have to clean up the peanut butter.)

Crystal said...


Mel said...

You look so trendy in the new picture - I'm not sure I'm qualified to follow your blog anymore!

Two Normal Moms said...

It's a great picture. I send out Christmas cards, but have been dreading it this year. It does seem like a lot of money and trouble, when most people will look at it for 2.5 seconds, throw it in a pile with 40 others and never look at it again! Maybe I'm talking myself out of it!