Thursday, September 29, 2011

You Might Be Looking For A Recipe-Ish

You might be disappointed.

You can be pissed at Stella.  You'd be a total asshole for being angry at an innocent baby, who happens to be the cutest baby EVER, but that is where your anger should rest. 

Or with God.  Your call. 

She's seriously so cute.

Cute baby or God. 

She is seriously cute.  Choose wisely.

Remember in yesterday's post how I mentioned God kept wanting me to post my recipe-ish later in the week because he cares about blog post scheduling?  Well, apparently this week it is simply not happening.  Maybe a weekend recipe-ish?  Maybe God wants weekend recipes?

All of my children are usually up by 7:30.  Cole usually springs from his room around 6:30, fully dressed and ready to go.  So at 9:00, when Stella still wasn't awake today I felt a strange mixture of fear and joy. 

I mean, it was sort of strange so that always sets off all sorts of maternal alarms.  Is she breathing?  Is she gone? Is my monitor broken?  Did I forget about a kid?

But at the same time, I just had Cole and it was sort of fun to just hang out with him and enjoy the quiet house together.  He quickly became enchanted with all the remnants from Craft Night so I engaged him in making flowers and loading the glue gun while I worked on my letter wreath. 

It was fun.

Cole's a blast to hang out with solo.

Around 9:30 I felt a little panicked though and decided to check on Stella.

She was there.  She was breathing.  Sweet.

Cole and I continued to craft, Cole's interest faded ever so slightly and I might have become a little psychotic about finishing my letter wreath.  Maybe.  I possibly gave Cole all sorts of sharp objects, my phone, access to the computer and printer, and free reign on snacks while I glue guned jute twine to a cardboard letter.  Possibly.

But I finished it!

About 11:30 I was done and started thinking, this is really weird that Stella is STILL NOT OUT OF BED.

It's almost noon and my daughter has been asleep since 7 the night before.  Did she sneak out last night and go drinking?  What is going on?

I checked on her again. Breathing, in a different position than before, and peacefully snoozing.

At 12:30 I couldn't let her sleep any longer.  I unfortunately had to take she and Cole to my annual OB/GYN appointment for all sorts of unimportant and boring reasons.  I put her in the car, gave her a sandwich and some water and started the 35 minute drive.

She ate. She drank.  She fell asleep again within 15 minutes.

What the hell?

When we got to my doctor's she woke up easily and we all headed in for the fun.  I had flash backs to Aiden sitting next to my OB during one of my exams, eating Rasinettes, and asking my doctor what he was putting in me and felt overwhelming dread that I had to bring Cole.  Oh well, I hadn't brought Rasinettes.

I put Stella on a wicker love seat in the exam room, put on my pink paper outfit, and immediately began sweating from fear of what Stella and Cole were going to force me to do while I was naked and partially wrapped in bring pink paper.

Stella ate a few crackers.  Cole took out the markers and coloring book and laid on the floor.  Stella hit a few buttons on the Dora phone and then leaned her head back on the bag and my jeans sitting next to her on the love seat.

This is so boring.
By the time my doctor came in to the room she was asleep.

Seriously.  She slept through the whole exam.

She woke up to go to the car and then fell asleep in the car. I started to feel a little nervous.  I mean, I LOVE sleeping children, but this seemed beyond the norm. 

She vomited once on Monday, diarrhea once on Tuesday, diarrhea once on Wednesday and fussy.  Surely those didn't lead to a complete state of exhaustion?  Or yes? 

This never happened to the boys, but is it different with girls?  They are weaker and less intelligent.


After a call to the pediatrician to put my mind at ease they immediately wanted to see her. I was almost home though so you all know what I did. 

Sue already had Aiden from the bus stop so I dropped off Cole with her, she promised to feed them dinner and take them to Cole's soccer practice...moment of extreme gratitude for Sue this week...Amen. 

Soon I was driving to the pediatrician...with a sleeping Stella and a huge knot in my stomach.

Basically they couldn't find anything wrong with her.  Even her blood work looked basically normal. The conclusion is that she must just be fighting something and she's a sleeper when she's sick.  I thankfully haven't had much experience at all with her being sick so I simply don't know. 

We were told to watch her and be sure she's still easily woken up, she'll eat and drink, and she seems able to be engaged.  We're basically checking on her every few hours, because of course she's asleep again.  She pointed to her crib the moment I walked in to her room.

I feel like it's a pretty sweet deal if she really is "fine" and just sleeps when sick, but a small part of me just wants my baby back awake....not between the hours of 7 pm and 6 am though.

So, it's Stella's fault that there is no recipe-ish right now about Leann Rimes's skinny booty eating my sausage and egg casserole. It will come, someday. 

I promise.

Thanks for your patience!


Emmy said...

You do not need to apologize girl! that is crazy- I have had sleepy kids when they are sick before but nothing like that. Glad all the blood work and everything looks okay. Hope she feels totally better soon

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Yowza, Leslie. That’s an awful lot of drowsy/sleeping for a little button like Stella. My worry radar kicked on, too. Hmmm. I’m headed to bed-hope I sleep as well as she’s doing. Please, keep us posted?

momnextdoor said...

(In the hopes of appearing as a thoughtful, caring person who is not self-absorbed I'll start my comment with Stella.)

Holy crap! That's a lot of sleep! I would have been panicky too. My daughter has been known to sleep in but if she was out until noon I would definitely start to worry! Good thinking calling the doctor. I'm glad everything appears normal and hopefully she's back up and at 'em early today (as long as it's after 6am, of course).

Thank you for finishing the jute twine letter so quickly! (I'm convinced you did it just for me.) (Please don't pop my self-absorbed little bubble I've got going on.)It came out amazing! I'm *almost* convinced to try it myself. That's how awesome I think it is! So yay for you! (And yay for me and my impatience!)

I'm looking forward to your recipe-ish. Maybe you'll post it before my 2 year old starts kindergarten? Fingers crossed!


The Random Blogette said...

Poor little Stella! I am a sleeper as well when I don't feel well so I totally get it. I could sleep all day. I totally would've freaked out too, though, if my kids slept that long. My kids never sleep in. I hope that she is back her normal self soon.

Oh and that letter wreath...awesome!

Mel said...

Awwww...poor sweetie! My little one is a sleeper when she is sick too. It does freak you out at first, but then kind of lovely!

Two Normal Moms said...

All that sleeping would have freaked me out, too. Mine was a Cling-On (that's a real label, you know) when not feeling well. Literally stuck to me. So I don't know what I would have done if he'd slept that much in a single day!

Lorilynne said...

Aww, poor little thing. Ethan is a sleeper when he's sick too and I had the same reaction the first time. Hope she feels better soon :)
That letter came out awesome. So awesome that I may have to pick up the supplies to make one for our house...

Desperate Housemommy said...

Glad she's on the mend, poor thing.

Funny how we (I) would usually jump for joy over a little extra sleepy-sleepy. And then the darn radar thingie goes off.

Looking forward to your next recipe-ish...Whenever God tells you to do it.

Keri said...

Oh my goodness! I would have been worried too. If my kids sleep past 8am I wake them with the thermometer because I know they're sick. They never sleep that much though. I hope your Stella is feeling better soon.

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

Okay I forgive you about the recipe-ish only because I'm not an asshole and Stella is really freaking cute. By the way this post didn't dissapoint. Hope Stella is better. Poor cute little thing.

The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

Hope that Stella is up and having fun (between the hours of 7AM-7PM)in no time! So happy that the bloodwork came back normal. My oldest daughter is a complete crab before she gets sick. We always know when some germ is attacking her. Take care of that cutie!

Jen said...

Poor baby...who I think IS the cutest baby ever (except maybe my own) ;)
So glad nothing was wrong! And again with the awesome neighbor!! Seriously, I need to get me some of those!

Missy said...

I hope she's all better soon! No worries about the recipe-ish. We'll live.

KSK said...

I'm glad everything appears to be normal! Poor little girl! (but that is pretty awesome that she sleeps when she's sickly!)

*PS - we have the same carseat :)
*PSS-- I didn't see the GFC follow button before, so I just subscribed through google reader... which I hate. But! Since I found it, I can properly follow you! :)
**Also? Craft Night emails? Hilarious! I wish I was your neighbor! I would love an awesome craft night! I even have my own glue gun! ;)

Amanda | OneMommysThoughts said...

She really is such a cute little peanut! I am sorry to hear that she isn't feeling well. My advice would be to get some cuddling in since I know how little of that you get with the baby (same thing in my house). Hope she is back to herself soon and I suppose we will patiently await your "recipe-ish" ;)

Kimberly said...

She is gorgeous! I definitely can't be mad at her. Especially if she's feeling under the weather. Poor thing. I hope she feels better soon!

I'm a "sick sleeper." I used to get chronic migraines through elementary and high school, and they were so bad I could sleep for 48+ hours straight, waking only to pee or when my mom made me sit up to drink water. It sounds crazy, but I would emerge from these headache sessions still feeling exhausted, even after doing nothing but lie in the dark for 2-3 days.