Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sometimes Just Getting Out of The House is A Joy, But I Mostly Miss Target

Yesterday Cole had the stomach bug, hence my lack of writing.  Every time I sat down to write I was beckoned to his side to rub his head, get him water, clean his puke. 

Kids are so demanding.

He woke up at 11 the night before and was up off and on all night.  I was annoyed.

I do not enjoy getting up every hour or so to talk to my kids about how their fingertips feel weird or how they think they saw something move in their closet.  Not cool.

Around 5 though he walked into our room again and I instructed him to grab a blanket and lay on the floor with the throw pillows, no one was talking to him until at least 6:30. Harsh, but necessary to a healthy kid.

Five minutes later he puked all over the throw pillows. He totally schooled me.

Ohhhhhhh, so you aren't just trying to annoy me?

I always feel so badly when Cole throws up because it terrifies him.

I also feel badly because it's really gross and I have to find effective, non-gagging methods to clean it up while Stella raids my jewelry box and scatters crackers through the house.
This went on until 5:00 when he finally crashed on the couch like this.

Poor kid.

He's all better now though and life is moving forward. 

See how cute he is climbing trees with his sister?

In fact, I decided we could leave the house today.  We hadn't gone anywhere for a few days and it was time.

We went to the gym where a woman in front of me was in full makeup and using a mat with pictures of leopards growling all over it.  I love her. 

Those are the things I miss while I am trapped in the house with a sick kid.

After the gym I started to drive to Target for a birthday gift when I remembered...I am two weeks off the Target.

I banned myself from going. It's been such a part of my life for so long though that I immediately go there when I need something, Target's in my bones.

I am challenging myself to financial reform though because I think I might be happier if I stop spending $150 a week on the things Target convinces me I need.

I also think that it might help since we totally can not afford $150 a week at Target.

It also would be really fun to just have $150 extra every month to support my habit. Should I get a job so I can shop at Target? It sounds totally reasonable when I put it like that, but I probably should just stick to my Target ban.

It's difficult though. I miss Target.

I miss the Starbucks that greets me when I walk in the door. I miss the simple entertainment of walking through the aisles.  I miss the sturdy, never jacked up carts, and I miss that drug they pump through the vents telling me to buy stuff and be happy. I'm having Target withdrawal.

My lack of Target trips is creating a lull in our entertainment because I also am trying to avoid going anywhere other than the gym, grocery and home...with a periodic playground attempt if the temperature is below 90.

See how happy they are to be there?

This is why we don't go to the playground often, it always ends in someone feeling sad.  Sometimes it's the kids, often it's me.

I feel overwhelmed with purchasing wants when I run errands so I'm just not running them.  I have so much self control! 

What online shopping?  Etsy does not count as purchasing anything.  That's charity for the poor artists that are making things so they can feed their starving children.  I'm just being a good citizen of the world with that.

Online Target?  I don't know what you are talking about...I'm ignoring this.

I think Stella is a little bored. This is what I found her doing while I was cleaning the shower.

If you come over to my house and I try to serve you iced tea you should probably decline since there is a good chance the tea bag was rubbed all over my dirty kitchen floor, which may or may not have had throw up on it recently.

And we know I'm not going to Target to get any new tea.

At least Cole is healthy and we are back to functioning in the real world! 

Who am I kidding?  I miss Target.


Emmy said...

I often will go to the evil box store rather than Target as I know I can leave it without giving in nearly as much. Though since we have moved the evil box store is very gehtto and target is nice and way closer. Darn store.

Glad he is feeling better, throw up is the worst

Lorilynne said...

I have not been inside a Target in months and I miss it like crazy. We used to live right down the street from one and the kids and I would take outings there once a week. Then we moved a town over where there is no Target!!! It's insanity and I'm having withdrawals.

Rhenee Berger said...

Great! Now you've convinced me to go get a Starbucks.... wait, are you pumping Starbucks run inducing drugs thru the internets?? ;)
I may try your Target ban - $200 minimun spent every time I go - EVERY TIME!
I totally agree about the Etsy too - thanks for giving me an explanation for the husband!!

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

Soooo I take it you didn't go to the Missoni madness event at Target? You could have sold it on Ebay and supported your Target habit that way. You totally missed out.

I can't go into that store for one thing because a five dollar outing turns into a hundred. Every. Single. Time. I ban myself too.

Glad he is feeling better now. Throw-up sucks. I wil never drink tea at your house. Just sayin.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Oh! don't deny yourself! Go go go! (um fine, I may overspend at target too.)

Desperate Housemommy said...

Glad your lil guy is feeling better. I hate it when they school me with puke.

Also? I love me some Target action somethin' fierce. xo

mich said...

i need to be on a Target ban - the cashiers actually know my kids names now. but if i didn't go I would miss out on buying all the stuff I never knew I needed. Is it sad that I actually meet friends at Target for "playdates" - if it wasn't so freaking hot out we would go to the park. i blame the sun and maybe global warming.

Kristen said...

You had me at Target! Actually I read your guest post today and raced over to your site. You are a riot. I love your writing and your humor. Can't wait to read your blog regularly.

Brittney said...

glad he is feeling better.
target is intoxicating isn't it? I love target. I found you on Shell's blog today btw. Haha I love your excuse/explanation about etsy.. definitely going to use that one for my owl nursery decor addiction!

mama marchand said...

Oh, Target ... he's my other husband. I go there A LOT. In fact, that's the first place my daughter ever went ... five days after birth. Yep. I'm kinda addicted.

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Target is like Crack! I have the same problem at Costco. It is also like Crack!

Stopping by from Shell's!