Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Post For A Mother I Do Not Know

I usually am working on a recipe-ish right now.

I really have been working on the recipe-ish, I swear.  Kate Gosselin and Greek green beans.  It will probably be here tomorrow.

But today I came across something that had me in tears and I can't ignore it.  It felt too real and too important to ignore. 

I was reading one of my regular blogs, Is There Any Mommy Out There?, and I read about another blogger, Anna, that lost her twelve year old son last Thursday in a flash flood.

I clicked over to Anna's site, An Inch of Gray, and was immediately in a trance staring at a picture of this beautiful 12 year old boy who's life had been taken so suddenly.  I instantly felt tears running down my face. I curled further into a ball on my couch and scrolled through the adorable pictures of this little boy and his sister on their first day of school, the day before he passed away.

I do not know this woman, I have never seen her blog before today, I don't know anything about her son, but when I saw those pictures my heart broke.  I felt like I could have been looking at photos of my neighbor's child, my best friend's little boy, my own son. 

I can not fathom a deeper loss than the loss of your child.  The pain and heartache of this tragedy is simply too much.   Regardless of knowing this woman or not, I am shedding tears for her and her family.  I feel so very saddened by the shocking shift in their home and the long journey through their grief that they have ahead of them. 

I want to help, I want to change something for them, but that is not within my power.  So I am writing this brief, so very insignificant post to honor her son and lend my support for what it is worth.

When I went back tonight to link to her site I was surprised to see a new post by Anna.  It was sad, but it was also a beautiful and honest collection of words that Anna had read at the funeral of her son.  It was amazing.

Anna, we do not know one another, but I want you to know that my prayers and thoughts are with you.  I am so very sorry that you are faced with the unthinkable challenge of adjusting to life without your child.  The words on your blog today were heartbreaking, but I admire and respect your honesty so very much.

Your little boy sounds like a very wonderful, faithful, and amazing child. A "normal" little boy, phenomenal in every way to his friends and family for the way he was with them.  

I will pray for your peace, and your continued support.  I pray you are lifted up by the words of so many who know you, and by those that are just meeting you in the face of this tragedy.

Please visit Kate's site, The Big Piece of Cake, for a link up of posts for Anna and information about a donation in the name of Anna's son.


lcarp51 said...

So sad. Thanks for posting.

Anna See said...

thank you, leslie.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

It's not insignificant. It's honest and brave and so very kind. And there can never be enough prayers. Yours matter. Thank you for adding them to mine.

Sommer Howser said...

I never understood how you could love someone so much until Carter came and I can't imagine losing him...good or bad, I am in it. Great post.

Emmy said...

Yes, as I have read her blog and other posts like yours I have cried every time. I cannot even pretend to imagine what it would be like. I have been keeping her family in my prayers.

Ann Imig said...

This is the power of blogging at its best--people coming together in support of another one's tragedy.