Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh Pinterest! Don't Stop, or Do. I'm Not Sure Yet.

I spend most of my "free" time writing, reading other blogs, and reading books.  Until this weekend. 

I have a serious problem.  I have probably spent six hours this weekend on Pinterest.  I don't even have six hours of free time.  I think I've cloned myself and gotten really confused.

What, does that even make sense?

See, I don't know what I'm saying.

Either way, that's beside the point. I have dedicated my life to pinning.

What the hell is going on?

I have become infatuated with the freedom of sorting through thousands of images of beautiful, creative, interesting things, and then putting them in my own spot so I can look at them later...or never, it's yet to be determined.   I keep telling myself, as another hour passes by, that I'm going to be so much more organized with my decorating! My style!  My hair!  My recipes! My crafts! 

(Full disclosure, I did not have any thoughts to organize for my hair, my crafts, or my style prior to the Pinterest obsession.  I thought I was worried about my closet. It does feel good to know that the organizing for such random things is taken care of now though.  It could have been a source of a LOT of stress for me if it ever did happen to pop into my mind somewhere in the future.  Thank you Pinterest.)

Pinterest is like having a huge stack of my favorite magazines, without those pesky words.  I can find pictures and how-to's on every fun aspect of my life, some that I never even knew I cared about, like my mantle or Stella's bedroom ten years from now. 

Even the pins about my kids are for fun things like delicious snacks (that I could eat too) or making Halloween decor so they don't cry to me again this year that we never decorate and we're the only ones that don't care about Halloween and that Mommy is a joy-sucker. 

(They don't really say that.) 

(To my face.) 

(I do say that about them though.) 

(Not often to their face.)

I really don't care about Halloween though.  It isn't a moral issue, I'm simply not that fun.  Dressing up takes way more thought than I care to give to such meaningless things.

What was I talking about?  Oh yeah, spending hours on the computer clicking on pictures....

You know what makes me feel good?  I have yet to see a pin relating to how to handle my child's tantrum, what medicines to always/never give to my kids, or anything about the horror of television to my kid's brain...which we all know isn't true anyway, because sometimes television is all that keeps my children from being permanently motherless. 

Thank you for there being no Mommy guilt included Pinterest!  That is a huge asset for anything I am trying to enjoy. 

(I guess you could count my ignoring my kids to search through Pinterest as something worthy of some guilt, but let's ignore that so I can keep feeling so positive!)

There have been some weird side affects to my Pinterest obsession though, some of them not so healthy.  Like, this new burning in my soul to redecorate my entire house.  I truly believe I am now armed with the visual information I need to transform my house in to the most beautiful oasis one could ever dream of having.  Oh!  And I found the PERFECT tree house for my husband to build in the backyard! 

I bet he never does this.  He's so lazy with home improvement projects.  Ridiculous.

Unfortunately, this burning did not come with any financial backing. No sponsorship.  No giveaway.  I just have to think about it and dream and wish.  Ugh. It's exhausting.

I also have a sudden desire to chop my hair off in to one of the hundreds of adorable short hairstyles I saw this weekend.  Pinterest has tricked me in to thinking that I would be more stylish and feel all sassy if I cut my hair off. 

(They are completely ignoring the fact that where I live it hasn't dipped below 90 during the waking hours in five months and I'm a constant sweaty mess which makes sassy short hair look like tiny strands of wet yuck sticking to my head.  My current ability to twist my hair into a bun for every one's protection is much safer visually.) 

But...this is hard to resist.

I actually have dark brown hair, but I'm confident brunettes could rock this too.

The cruelty of Pinterest though is that while I have discovered all these amazing short hair cuts that I love, I have been equally dazzled by all the informative how-to's about what to do with my long hair. Pinterest has tricked me in to wanting both long and sort hair simultaneously.  Mean! 

Even LC is in on it.

I would never actually have time to do this since I've given my life over to Pinterest now.
You can see the full link here.

I found some like the one below that makes me think I could actually braid my hair and have it look cuter than when Julie Nugent used to french braid my hair before school in the eighth grade.  She was really good.
You can check out the link to do this here.

I was not blessed with a hair-doing Mom.

I take that back, if I wanted a wash and set my Mom would have been on it.  The fancy new braiding methods and fancy foreign braids like the French, that's a little wild.  But now Pinterest is just handing over all the secrets to all things hair.  Girls these days can have it all.  They don't even need their Julie Nugents.

Aside from wasting precious hours that I should be using to do quality things like yelling at playing with my kids, or writing deep, introspective posts like this to make you all weep and laugh and feel that there is good in the world (I think I've accurately nailed down my role in your life, right?) I also am now sorting through tons of emails from Pinterest every time I get done pinning the hours away. 

Pinterest finds the need to tell me about every single person that repinned what I pinned.  Why is this information important to me?  Is this supposed to reaffirm to me that I have in fact made a good choice by liking something? 

Should it erradicate the embarrassement I feel at pinning things like this?

Young girls don't just have braiding instruction, now they have Ke$ha too.
Yes, it killed me to put the $ instead of the S.

Should I then be looking at everything those people pinned to see if I am missing out on something else that is uber fantastic? 

Because all that sort of makes sense because that is exactly how I feel and exactly what I am doing. Unfortunately it's just sucking away more of my precious time though.  I probably can turn this off, but it's much more my style to bitch about it for a few weeks first.

Have you checked out Pinterest?  Do you love it?  Are you following me because I am so interesting?

Is there medication to stop doing it?

I'm linking up to Amanda's Fabulous Weekend Bloggy Reading Link Up Party!  Check it out!

Especially since Amanda is one of the people that got me going with her Pinterest love she wrote about here and here


Kelly said...

I LOVE Pinterest and spend at about an hour a day pinning after work. I have the app on my hubby's iPad and I love it!!! I understand your addiction and I don't think it will get better. Mine hasn't. It also makes me want to buy large amounts of Nutella, because you can put it in anything apparently.

Lorilynne said...

I am also obsessed. The only things I've gotten around to actually trying are recipes and quite a few kids crafts and activities. I have aspirations of redecorating my entire home if I were to ever win the lottery but for now I just pin and pin and pin and then look at how pretty my boards are.

Shell said...

I have a pintrest account, but I haven't tried it yet- I'm afraid to be sucked in.

I love that hairstyle- and the hair color!

Prudently Painted Vintage said...

I think you wrote this post about me! I have about 50 boards and over 1000 pins. I think I may be a little obsessed. A little. I also have a strong desire to chop off my hair and I now feel my entire wardrobe is inadequate. I may need to start selling my things on eBay to fuel this addiction.

alanna rose said...

Oh far the most complicated relationship I am in ;)

My husband is really lazy too, he flat out refused to build me that tree house!

Brooke @ Inside-Out Design said...

Oh my gosh, you just made me laugh so hard!! I'm new to pinterest and love it too. I haven't pinned a whole lot yet though because I feel like I need to get my current pins and categories more organized first. Which is so annoying, because as if I didn't have enough to do, I now have added "organize my pinterest" to my to-do list. But I love it. I wish I was the genius who'd thought of it.

Lady Goo Goo Gaga said...

I cannot get involved with Pinterest because everyone who talks about it describes it as taking over their life!! But I def love that haircut, I def want to know how to do my hair like Lauren Conrad and I too am determined to decorate for Halloween.......damn it...maybe I need to open an account

Sheri said...

omg - this made me laugh so hard. I am totally addicted to Pinterest. Totally! I agree about the hair, food, decor, etc. etc. - you cannot get enough of it. Awesome awesome post!!!!!

Alyssa said...

Ha. I knew I loved you. I AM you. Check me out, writing THIS EXACT POST last month:

Not actually trying to spam up your comments with my own blog links, but seriously, I feel you.

Stephanie Bishop said...

I feel the same way about creating and gathering a new audience for a new blog! I eat, sleep, dream facebook and twitter icons and random strangers ask me what I have been smoking as my eyes are red from lack of sleep!

The more I learn about blog about parenthood, the more I realize I SUCK!

Good luck with finding a medication for PinInterest and when you do I hope it can be transferred to blogging!