Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Don't Need A Chihuahua, But Aiden Has Some Value

I can only assume that most of you have spent the weekend fretting over my decision as to whether or not to add "Boots" the chihuahua to my life, unless you follow me on Twitter and you read my tweet about it.

For those of you that aren't tracking my every move, or tracking the moves I remember to tweet about because I honestly forget about it most of the time, we gave Boots the boot. 

(I have been waiting all weekend to type that because I am that lame.)

The final decision was a result of Boots peeing on my favorite, and most expensive, Greek cookbook, puking all over my shag rug, (yes I have a shag rug, don't judge me,) after Cole fed him his entire breakfast of raisin bread and eggs, and the straw that broke the camel's back...Boots spent hours on Thursday and Friday night trying to sleep in a ball next to my head.  This dog was determined to not only be on the bed, but curled next to my hair. 

(I do have crazy nice hair.) 

(That's a lie.  My hair is very normal.)

So, he's gone back to the wonderful woman that rescues and finds homes for dogs and we are back to normal life.  What's nice about having something around that requires that much cleaning up after, and maintenance in general, is that now I feel like I'm on easy street (not my actual street) with just three kids and one dog to feed, bathe, protect, and deal with their poop and pee. 

No problem.

Other exciting highlights of the weekend? 

I watched a Miley Cyrus movie on my computer while Alex watched football.  I'm so pathetic. It is simply a testament to how much I loathe football. I just don't care.  I wish I did, it looks like a lot of fun, but it's really boring to me and I'm fairly confident my comments insulting "important" players' names and jokes about the commentators aren't going to help save my marriage.

Did you all just get nervous that perhaps my marriage needs to be saved?

It does not.  I just didn't like any other expressions that fit in there and it made me feel more exciting, like someone that has WAY more important things to do on a Saturday night than watch Miley Cyrus pretend to be in a movie and then Google her after to see who she's dating, and if it was the guy from the movie, and what else he's been in....not that I did any of that. 

That, and the construction of that sentence, would be excruciatingly embarassing.

Fine, I did do it.  I pretended I was going to write a recipe-ish to her and I was doing research...but really I was just curious.  Quite similar to how I was curious about what Selena Gomez is actually famous for other than for dating that adorable Justin Bieber. 

Not that I watched an entire two hour special on his rise to fame on Friday, but he's just wonderful.

Also on our wild and crazy weekend itinerary? We grilled hot dogs.

This sounds sort of lame and unhealthy until you remember that we are in a serious burn ban situation here. Any spark could basically ignite our neighborhood.  This on top of the fact that the main water line in front of our house broke, and so we have had to turn off our water for most of the weekend so we wouldn't have been able to turn on our hose to put out a fire, means that we were actually partaking in an extremely dangerous and rebellious activity. 

Oh and we were drinking beer too.

And the hot dogs were actually organic, uncured turkey dogs.  That's sort of how we roll. 


We did go to IKEA today to buy Aiden a new desk for his room.  Parent's magazine told me to, so I had no choice. That sentence would totally make sense if you were inside my head right now.

We only had Stella and Cole because Aiden was at a neighbor's house taking a test of some sort.  My neighbor tests tests for her job and periodically asks my kids to be her subjects and in return they get gift cards to Target or checks for $20. 

I think she just asks them lots of questions, at least when I've seen her do it that's what happens, but she could be testing different shock treatments or a child's response to small doses of whiskey, I don't know.  They seem to want to keep doing it though and we tell them that's how they can earn money for toys now so whatever it is I'm cool with it.  Besides, she took Aiden for two hours!

IKEA with just two children and TWO ADULTS, was even more crazy wonderful than my new found joy of just two kids and me tooling around town during kindergarten hours.  We giggled and looked at options and thought about what we were buying.  Insanity.

It's similar to the Boots versus no-Boots situation. Once you walk around with three kids and try to tame that chaos, taking out the oldest chaos leader feels like a walk in the park.  I thought about getting rid of Aiden permanently, but then I probably wouldn't have this feeling of ease and joy when I had the opportunity to do something without him.  He's invaluable perspective. 

Oh, and I love him.

I wrote this post in a loopy state of random while waiting until 9:00 for my ridiculously easy dinner of Greek green beans and bread to be finished. I had a glass of wine, my husband was busy working and wouldn't talk to me, and I was bored....always a recipe for random from me.  I should hire someone to talk to me during these times because I get ridiculous.  You know, you read the post if you are already reading down here and that was already edited. 

(I used edited in the loosest sense of the word.)

But then I finished that dinner and watched an hour of 9/11 remembrance footage, and stories about loved ones lost, and children that will never know their father, and it basically broke my heart.

I am no longer loopy so I couldn't hit the "publish post" button without at least saying something about the very profound, very meaningful anniversary of today. My prayers are flowing for all those affected, even in the smallest way by this huge tragedy.


Kimberly said...

I'm bummed you booted Boots, but I understand. Dog urine is just yucky. And the sleeping-next-to-your-head thing is my biggest pet peeve. When the weather is nice I make our cats sleep outside because otherwise they sprawl across my face.

I don't know what kind of tests your neighbor does, but if she ever comes to Kentucky, I'll do anything she wants for $20! Well, maybe not ANYthing. But probably a lot.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

Boot the Boots-with my blessing. More than one dog is too many when they are not in sync and house-trained for crying out loud.

Happy Monday, Leslie, may your week be filled with laughter and kisses so slobbery.

Emmy said...

Good decision on the dog- one that pees and poops that much when they are barely bigger than a rat just isn't worth it. I must admit- total football fan here. I get all crazy and nervous and yell- it is pretty fun. But that's okay if you don't- you are still totally awesome in my book as you are awesomingly hilarious.

lcarp51 said...

I think Justin is cute, too. And apparently so does any girl between the ages of 4 and, um, 39ish. I know this because I have the BEST video of my 4 year old dancing to the Biebs which I REALLY want to post. But she didn't have any pants on. Just undies. And that makes me a little uncomfortable. So. There's my random comment for the day. I wanted to match. :)