Friday, September 9, 2011

Five Question Friday, Because Nothing Else Worth Talking To You About Is Going On

I haven't done Five Question Friday in a while, seems like a good day to start again since my brain is totally void of anything interesting to discuss other than locations our new dog has peed and pooped. 

We have until Saturday to decide whether or not to actually keep him and he is totally on the fence....and I might push him off if he poops in my home again.

I don't make up the questions.  I copy them and then read and answer them.  It's like science fair. 

OK, it's nothing like science fair, but I did win a blue ribbon in that in the 4th grade with Amy Rust so I feel I've earned the right to throw the phrase science fair in to random sentences, I'm sure you'll agree.  

If you want to play along you can find the questions and the Five Crooked Halos Blog here.  It is fun. 

Who doesn't like fun?

1. What ringtone do you have on your cell phone?

Usher's "Make Love in This Club."  It's such a beautiful song.  It really moves me the way he wants to do it in a place built for drinking and dancing.

Fine, I just have the old fashion phone ring.  I am so lame. 

Wouldn't it be more fun if I did have a song about making love in a public place? 

I might have to remedy that today. 

2. What is your favorite memory from this summer?

This is an easy question. 

The part where it ended and school began.

It was a long, hot, boring summer with three children and we are all better people for it ending.  We are all more challenged, engaged, and away from each other every now and then.  Praise. The. Lord.

My time in Indiana, where life was pretty near perfect, which you can read about here, was the only exception to my loathing of months June-August.  I vow to never have summer again.  I'm reasonably confident I can pull off cancelling summer from now on, check back next June.

3. Paper books or ebooks?

I don't even get the option of hard back books?  Are we all just forgetting those?  I feel limited.

They wouldn't be my preference anyway I suppose, except for library books for kids. 

I thought I would hate ebooks, but I actually didn't mind too much.  I do think that when it comes down to it I'd rather the paper back.  I can be less gentle with it, use it to kill bugs, leave it out without fear of my children ruining it, throw it at the kids if the situation merited it.....but only if they really deserved it, I'm not mean of course.

Final answer?  ebooks.

4. If you could have one home upgrade what would it be and why?

I would build a room on to my house that replicated a a club where Usher would want to do it...not with me of course, I'm married. 

Since I never go out anymore it might be nice to have something on site that makes me feel like I'm out on the town like JLo, or apparently Usher who is doing it there, but I also could walk a short distance and go to bed at 10:00 when needed. 

I never went to clubs before I had children, but for some reason I really like to discuss it now.  I also like to discuss forming a meth addiction.  I think inappropriate topic infatuation is one of the scars my brain has from having children.  I can't prove it, but I'm confident the two are related.

I'm sure this new room would increase my home value substantially, because who wouldn't want to live in a club, and just think of how much more interesting book club would be? 

5. When was your first serious boyfriend/girlfriend?
I'm going to assume we mean serious, as in a real relationship with talking about things to one another and not through friends and thoughts of the future other than doodles on notebooks, or heavy petting. 
(FYI, heavy petting is my favorite term used to describe intimate behavior because it sounds embarrassing and ridiculous.  I can not wait to talk to my boys about things like this and use that phrase over and over again.)
So, that would be my sophomore year of high school, Mike.  Amazing guy.  All sarcasm aside, when I think about young girls' experiences with boys growing up, I am forver grateful to have had such a wonderful boyfriend in high school and on in to college. 

He was, and I'm pretty sure still is, simply an amazing person. A smart, kind hearted, funny and generous man that was very good at making me feel loved, which I think is impressive at 17. 

He was a huge blessing in my life.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend everyone. 


Emmy said...

My first serious boyfriend was a Mike too- but this Mike was not a good Mike- can't stand the name now.

You book answer cracked me up. I mostly have a regular phone ring- safer for phone calls in public. Though my phone whistles when my husband sends me a text- I have had a few people think I was whistling at them because of this.

Big D and Me said...

I think if I could make one upgrade it would be to my car. I would put one of those sliding windows limos have. Can you imagine how wonderful that would be? Mooooommmm! He's touching me! Push the button. Silence.

Maybe I should try my husband's kindle. I've been reluctant but maybe it would help me take the awful trip to the library with 3 kids.