Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Challenge

I am over it.  I'm done.  Finished.

Actually I am over and done and finished with two things.

Let's take it one thing at a time.  That's how you're supposed to approach things, correct?

1.  Cole Peeing His FREAKIN' PANTS

As much as I love all the traffic I get from people googling the phrase "pee in pants,"  I'm sick of writing about this topic in my life.  I want it out of my life.

For the past year Cole has been periodically just peeing his pants.  It's rather annoying.

I can not believe this is still happening. 

Everyone keeps telling me to relax, it won't be happening when he's in high school, he'll get over it. I find little comfort in the promise that my future year old probably won't be urinating during his calculus final.  I prefer to think there is a solution closer to now.

He usually pees a little in his underwear and then eventually makes it to the bathroom before things get all over. He probably changes his shorts three or four times a day.  If you look at my laundry it might appear that I have four year old triplets.

I don't have triplets.  I do not want to do laundry for triplets.  This pisses me off.

At the Kid Zone at the gym today Cole refused to come down from the playscape. He simply peered at me from the end of the highest tunnel and said, "I can't go"...which actually turned out to be an even bigger lie than I thought.

Yes, he peed in the playscape.  Apparently it was while he was playing Star Wars with "Josh" and he didn't want to leave the spaceship.  This is the usual reason for not making it to the bathroom.  Not wanting to stop playing, not "Josh."  I don't even know who that kid is, but I bet wasn't peeing in the tunnel.

This was embarrassing.  It made me want to exchange Cole for Josh. 

So after the gym I challenged Cole to not pee his pants for seven days.  If he succeeds I promised to buy him any Star Wars toy he wants. I even agree to the light saber he keeps requesting and I keep turning him down, even for his birthday, because he already has THREE and I hate them with every fiber of my being. 

But, not as much as I hate him peeing in his pants.

He accepted the challenge and it starts tomorrow.   It's ON!

2.  Aiden Not Listening, Whining, Complaining, and Being An All Around Self Absorbed Punk

I realize he's only a month shy of six, and I should probably lower my expectations a bit, but I'm over it.

The child complains and is brought to tears at the slightest perceived injustice. 

FYI, he perceives anything outside of his wishes and desires to be a huge injustice. 

Every time I tell him it's time to stop playing the Wii, his brother has the color of marker he wants, he can't have a second squeezable applesauce, whatever, I have to dig deep, very, very deep for the mature, educated mother that I know I need to be in this situation. 

Because the surface me really wants to shout, "stop crying like a little bitch over pureed fruit purchased for your two-teeth-having baby sister, put on your big boy pants, dry your tears on your blankie and get your shit together." 

I realize this would be wrong though. I have a feeling it might not be effective and it might just cost me thousands of dollars in therapy down the road.  So I, at least to date, take the mature route, which is infinitely less gratifying in the moment.

Tonight though, I decided to offer him a challenge also.  One week of obeying without question and I'll buy him any Star Wars toy he wants.  

He was elated.

He accepted the challenge and his starts in the morning also....which is a good thing because after I hung his brand new curtains in his room, he drew a large person in ink on one panel.  I felt a little annoyed.

I do realize this doesn't violate the "obey first" rule of the challenge, but when I tried to talk to him about it he instantly became defiant and rude. 

Then, when I asked him to read books with his sister while I put Cole to bed, he moaned and teared up at how mean I was.  Violation baby.

It's ON!


Kelli @ RTSM said...

The peeing your pants thing does get old...and I think it's only boys who do it too! My 3 yr old {who just decided to finally be potty trained} still pees in his pants at least once {but usually twice} a day! And yeah the laundry SUCKS! Good luck with the challenge.

Lynda Halliger-Otvos said...

How do parents live through these kids and come out on the other side with any mentality or personality intact?

Anonymous said...

Cry me a river, sister. Go sit in the NICU or closest Children's hospital and then you will see what real pain and struggle is for many, many families. What you are dealing with is just such a blink of the eye. Yes, you are allowed to vent. Yes, you are allowed to be frustrated, And yes, you should use your blog to vent such things. BUT always in the back of your mind, I would caution you to remember 2 things: 1. The internet is around forever. I am sure your kids will be thrilled to read about their 4 year old peeing in pants tales and 2. Raising children is hard - it's supposed to be. That's what we signed up to be. And yes, it can suck sometimes. But it can always suck worse. ALWAYS. Remember how blessed you are to have THREE healthy kiddos doing healthy normal things, as annoying as it may be. Try to balance the negative with the positive would be my suggestion.

The Mommy Therapy said...

Oh Anonymous...I hope that whatever you are dealing with improves soon.

Your words are mostly true, but the back of my mind, and the front are just as they should be. This is a post about every day life, for me.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

Emmy said...

Lucas went through a phase where he was peeing all day long- he would usually make it to the bathroom but just constant. I took him into the Dr and they even did an ultrasound- turns out when kids go through fast growth spurts sometimes their organs don't grow as quickly. Eventually it just stopped.

Anonymous said...

I think we can rest assured that if we went back, deep in time, around the Washington administration, that there would be some documentation from your parents, "Anonymous," of how big of a pain-in-the-ass you were. That's just how crotchety and old you sound. If every blogger sugar-coated real life, and wrote to appease Captain Miserable's, such as yourself, we'd have nothing entertaining or informative to read.

Come 20 years from now, if I'm this woman's child, and I look back on what she wrote about me, I'm A) going to most likely be the funniest person ever, due to genetics and B) going to tell this woman, as I did my own parents, that I'm sorry for being such a little shit. Then I'm going to tell her how I've read every other post she wrote, and thank her for not only loving me enough to document my life, but - giving me the best life possible...even if I did pee in my pants.

And last, something clearly made you want to shit on her parade tonight. I'm sure that's simply because you're riddled with your own issues. So, in the morning, I'd turn to the person who has to wake up next to you--and ask him or her to document your daily behavior. I'm fairly certain you'll hate what you read. However, if that doesn't happen, just know that this comment will last for eternity - so visit as often as you'd like.

I'm a newbie to your blog Mommy Therapy...but I'm now a fan.

Love, Anonymous

The Sugar Mountain said...

3 year old and your 6 year old should do lunch. I'm right there with you. And my 3 year old trumps your 4 year old on bathroom in the pants. Here it's a daily #2 in the pants. Annoying!!!!!

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

Parenting is hard, and it is okay to need to vent it out sometimes. We need to know we have some valid reasons to feel the ways we do, and there is nothing wrong with the frustrations of normal parenting! Stay strong!

lcarp51 said...

I have a 4 1/2 yr old that is still in diapers at night. Totally feel ya.

Anyway, why does the Mac and Cheese recipe-ish show up on my Dashboard but not here? I'm confused. Which is nothing new BTW.

Lorilynne said...

We call that "making a deal" in our house, complete with handshake. I made that same deal with Calvin about peeing in his underwear and thankfully, it has stopped. Although it took about a week and a half for us.

Anonymous said...

Try to give them a little treat at the end of the day before the big treat at the end of the week. that way they will stay motivated. even if it's someting really small. my kids can't think one day in advance nevermind a week. :)


shell said...

You saying you want to trade one kid for another and then calling one of your kids a punk: we'd so be friends IRL.

I'm kinda cracking up at the anonymous comments. Lighten up, people.

Molly said...

I am dealing with something similar... my son poops in his pants all day long. The peeing he is a champ with but the pooping, not so much. It is currently the bane of my existence and and #1 power struggle. Perhaps "Anonymous" would want to run me into the ground for being petty and not knowing what real pain and suffering is... and perhaps he/she is right. My kid isn't in pain, isn't suffering, etc. But right now in my life, I have had enough, I am fed up. I don;t think we should judge what pushes people over the edge. Just my 2 cents.

momnextdoor said...

I could have written this! My son NEVER wants to stop playing to go pee and he is ALWAYS changing his pants. He tries to be sneaky about it by making a mad dash to the bathroom knocking over everything in his path, slams the door, (pause for a minute) slams the door OPEN (I'm sure you know it's possible to slam a door open) then at the speed of light runs upstairs to his bedroom to change his pants. He comes back down nice and calm like nothing ever happened. Yeah Bud, I have nooo idea what you did. Nope. You got me!

I'm also lucky enough to have to deal with the whining and perceived injustices. It's super fun. I wake up in the morning hoping that he'll cry over the fly that landed on his arm or the way his sister looked at him.

Oh and you handled "Anonymous" much better than I would have. There would have been colorful name calling, among other things!

I'm your newest follower. I may be in love with you. Just thought you should know.